Chapter 81

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:53:29

The memory that Shi Yan had sealed off was unlocked. When he saw the woman’s physiological organ — that defies common sense — receive the slow, repetitive moments of the men’s penises, the memory that Shi Yan had escaped from out of guilt reappeared. Since he wasn’t used to the feeling of guilt, he had automatically deleted some of his past memories of inflicting harm, as well as the memory of his climax that had made his soul tremble with joy. This scene opened up Pandora’s magic box; the indescribably beautiful experiences he had obtained from that secret place invaded him like a roaring tide as he watched the camera on rewind. Shi Yan’s trembling hands went to take He Nuo’s pants off.

As He Nuo laid in Shi Yan’s embrace, he couldn’t help himself from bobbing up and down on the wave of pleasure that Shi Yan had summoned. He felt like a lost boat as he was manipulated by Shi Yan’s kisses, and his pants and clothes landed on the floor one after the other. It was only when he felt the cool leather surface of the sofa on his back when he was alerted to being held and the state of his nakedness. Shi Yan wasn’t a veteran who had a lot of experiences under his belt, and he didn’t have a plethora of excellent techniques that he could use interchangeably either. Moreover, he was fully applying all the knowledge he had gleaned from his nighttime seminars in college onto He Nuo’s body. However, even though He Nuo was as blank as a sheet of paper, he wouldn’t allow Shi Yan to just write whatever he wanted on him.

Without allowing He Nuo’s rationality to return, Shi Yan had already removed his clothes before pressing down on him with his warm body. He wasn’t just french kissing He Nuo any longer, his hands were also playing with the tiny nipples on his chest. Shi Yan’s fingers seemed to carry an electrical current — all the charges in He Nuo’s body would concentrate at the places they touched. His nipples that were originally a light pink had been pinched into a crimson scarlet, and his hard bulge protruded out like a small and delicate gemstone. Shi Yan kissed him along his neck until he reached this place. He gave love to both sides in turn by biting, rubbing and sucking on them gently. He Nuo’s slightly cool body that was suffused with a rosy glow broke through its ignition point — Shi Yan’s lower abdomen seemed to be poked by something.

He propped himself up with both his hands, then Shi Yan placed his member that was full of vigour between He Nuo’s legs and moved it towards his tight space. He Nuo’s body immediately retreated, and his muscles stiffened up too. His eyes widened in alarm, “No, don’t.”

When he knew what Shi Yan was intending to do, He Nuo’s resistance increased and he anxiously tried to get up. Shi Yan pressed him back down with his body and sucked on his earlobe, then he half pleaded and half cajoled, “I want to do it, let me do it?ma.”

Shi Yan brought all his skills into play as he teased He Nuo: he lovingly caressed He Nuo’s ears, neck, nipples and his source of happiness. He Nuo finally removed his armour and surrendered when Shi Yan sucked on his earlobe again, “I’m scared, it’ll hurt.”

The high-spirited Shi Yan said in a gentle voice, “We’ll just be trying it out. I’ll do it slowly, and I’ll stop if it hurts.”

Shi Yan wouldn’t be so stupid as to wait for He Nuo’s nod, of course. He parted his legs and emulated what was done in the video by smearing the moist fluid on the tip of his and He Nuo’s objects, then he rubbed it into that place before raising his gun to attack. If might have been the fear from his memories or instinct, but the moment Shi Yan’s gun approached that place, He Nuo’s body will move upwards to dodge it. There were a few times when Shi Yan couldn’t even get a good grasp on the target that he wanted to insert his member into. The flames of his desire burned fiercely; He Nuo’s escape had turned into a piranha flower that emitted a seductive saliva — anyone who took a whiff of this scent would no longer be able to escape.

He bent over slightly and hugged him so tight that he couldn’t retreat anymore, then Shi Yan spared no effort in jerking forward . He Nuo uttered a short “ah“, but because Shi Yan kissed him, his movements stopped. The tip had gone in completely, and it was so tight that it was practically suffocating Shi Yan while He Nuo’s body twitched at the same time. Shi Yan kissed him from his eyes, to his nose, then to his lips. He soothed He Nuo with his large hands as he whispered, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore, it doesn’t hurt.”

After He Nuo recovered from the pain and exhaled the breath that had been stuck in his throat, he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Shi Yan’s back. His lower region had been stretched out by a scorching rod, and even though Shi Yan wasn’t moving right now, He Nuo still felt an inexplicable discomfort.

“It’s uncomfortable…come out, will you?” He Nuo was choking back a sob.

“It still hurts?”

“Uncomfortable, the expansion is uncomfortable.” He Nuo’s place shrank a few times as he tried to squeeze the hard object out.

“O.” Shi Yan had actually been enduring it all this while; his heart really ached for He Nuo, so he had forced himself not to move. But now, he couldn’t control himself anymore because of what He Nuo had just done. He hugged his body tight, then charged into battle. After this hit that went all the way in, Shi Yan couldn’t stop himself from moving any longer. No matter how much He Nuo was moaning about the pain, Shi Yan couldn’t hear him as he was dominated by the fatal pleasure he felt. It was not until he reached the summit before Shi Yan sounded his retreat.

“I like you, I like you………” Shi Yan didn’t know when he began to repeat these words. The pale-faced He Nuo who revealed a painful look on his face along with Shi Yan’s gallops gradually heard his words, then he wrapped his arms around Shi Yan. His insides no longer felt a pain that he couldn’t endure; being expanded and getting pounded into vigorously which triggered a displacement of his internal organs was what really made him uncomfortable. This ordeal finally ended in a truce after a warm current shot into He Nuo’s body.

He landed on He Nuo’s body and gasped for breath. By then, Shi Yan’s head had cleared up and he anxiously looked at He Nuo.

“He Nuo.”

He Nuo almost shed tears just a moment ago, but now the corners of his mouth merely twitched.

“It hurts?” Shi Yan saw his mouth twitch.

“I’ll come out now?”

He Nuo nodded. Shi Yan retreated cautiously. At the moment his entire object slid out, He Nuo uttered a moan, which was accompanied by his exhalation. Right afterwards, a cloudy liquid entangled with red threads of silk leaked out. Shi Yan grabbed his clothes and took his handkerchief to place it underneath, then he walked over to a cabinet to open one of its drawers and took a roll of toilet paper out. After he scrubbed off all the traces on He Nuo’s body, Shi Yan covered him with some clothes first before he started cleaning himself up.

He Nuo’s eyes had always been following him. He was really puzzled as to how this naked Shi Yan could move around in front of him in such a calm manner without any clothes on.

After he put on his shirt and pants, Shi Yan went back to the sofa and held He Nuo up. Once he moved, He Nuo quivered a few times. Shi Yan asked, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“It’s okay.”

Shi Yan let him lie in his embrace and kissed him, “That felt great. He Nuo, I really like you.”

He Nuo leaned his head close to Shi Yan. Shi Yan was in a drunken mood after his release, so he didn’t see the conflicted tears that trickled down He Nuo’s cheeks.

He Nuo took a longer time to rest this time, and afterwards it was Shi Yan who helped He Nuo put his clothes on since he couldn’t really move about. After he dressed He Nuo, Shi Yan removed all their traces in the office. By the time he sent He Nuo back home, it was already 11pm.

He Nuo couldn’t sleep well that night. Part of the reason was because of his body’s discomfort — that forbidden area always seemed to contain Shi Yan’s thick object as it throbbed with a dull pain from being expanded. But the main reason was because his mind was in a mess. He Nuo couldn’t figure out why things were like this. There was no sharp pain, but Shi Yan’s pounding movements had made him feel deeply humiliated. Yet when he wanted to push him away, he heard the words ‘I like you’ next to his ear and his hands changed from a push to a wrap around his body, solely because of the warmth that surged through his heart from hearing those words.

“You can do something like this as long as you like someone? Then what will happen in the future? Isn’t this something you do with girls? Is Shi Yan using me as a replacement for a girl? To use me until he gets a girlfriend?” While he was thinking of all these, the person lying on another bed was ruminating over the same problems. Of course Shi Yan knew what the normal situation should be, about how he should be embracing a girl to practice those theories, but why did he like to hold He Nuo in his arms? And to enter that kind of place? Shi Yan imagined how it would be like if the other party was one of his other buddies instead, and he immediately felt an urge to vomit and didn’t dare to imagine it any further — it was too disgusting. When he changed it to one of the college girls who was trying to ingratiate herself with him, he could somewhat accept the front part, but the moment he tried to

imagine the latter part, he immediately stopped. He thought it would be too dirty.

But the moment he imagined the other party to be He Nuo, Shi Yan could feel the blood in his body start to boil again restlessly; he really wanted to hold him in his arms forever, and especially liked the feeling when he was inside him — tight, warm, and it would even wriggle by itself. He was reluctant to come out?ah. If it wasn’t because He Nuo’s face looked so pale that it seemed like all colour had been drained from it, Shi Yan wouldn’t have withdrawn from him so early. If he could always hold him in his arms like he did tonight, he would want to sleep inside him every night. His affection for He Nuo really did come from the bottom of his heart, and Shi Yan was holding his feelings for He Nuo carefully in both his hands.

When he thought of this, Shi Yan felt particularly excited: that’s right, he likes him, so he definitely needs to get into a college in the same city as him. Then they can be together every day. (Never mind his own college, Shi Yan knows that it’s a lousy school too so it’ll just be a waste of He Nuo’s excellent results)