Chapter 85

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:53:33

Usually, after people finished watching the lantern exhibition, they would go to the square to wait for the fireworks. But Shi Yan said that He Nuo still had lessons the next day, so he wanted to send him home in advance.

Yu Yao saw that it wasn’t even 9pm yet, so she asked He Nuo to go back a little later. Shi Yan insisted that He Nuo hadn’t finished his homework yet and he needed to go home to complete it. Yu Yao was originally angry about how Shi Yan deliberately withheld information from both sides, so this time she took advantage of her status as a girl and held onto He Nuo without letting go, “Stay a little longer?ba, we haven’t seen in each other for long. Do you have something against me, so you want to run away after we only spoke to each other for such a short while? The moment I got home today, I was even thinking of going to your house tomorrow to ask your family about you.”

“I really do need to go back to do my homework. There are still revision papers left incomplete, and it’ll be Sunday the day after tomorrow. Let’s talk again then.”

Shi Yan had already brought his bike over, “Get on, what are you dilly dallying for?!”

He Nuo smiled apologetically to Yu Yao, then walked towards Shi Yan.

“Done sticking to her?” Shi Yan thought that He Nuo’s silence on their way back meant that he was throwing a tantrum, so he was unhappy too.

He Nuo didn’t answer him.

“Don’t you have any questions for me? Why aren’t you asking me any?”

“There’s no need to ask.”

“You don’t like her because she was the cause of our fight. If someone else made us quarrel, I wouldn’t like that person either.”

Shi Yan was quite satisfied with He Nuo’s answer, but He Nuo immediately continued, “But, Yu Yao’s a very good person. She’s the only deskmate of mine who was willing to be my friend.”

“I thought you didn’t like her and had nothing to do with her?”

“Of course it’s not that kind of like, but she’s a really good person.”

“What kind of ‘good’? Why don’t I know about it?”

“She has a very candid personality — just like a guy — and she’s very loyal too. There was once when our classmates……..” He Nuo and Yu Yao were deskmates for a year and got along very well. After he knew that Yu Yao had tried to find him, of course he would hope that this friendship of theirs could continue. He had never been the type to initiate a friendship, so he didn’t really have any friends, so it was rare for someone to take the initiative to befriend him and for them to actually develop a bond. Thus, he naturally only saw the good in Yu Yao.

The purpose behind him describing Yu Yao’s personality was to get Shi Yan to accept her as his friend.

Shi Yan listened to him properly, but didn’t say anything. When they reached He Nuo’s house, he told He Nuo that he would go over that night. He Nuo thought that it would be better for him to come back tomorrow on a Saturday night since he had no classes on Sunday.

“Go in, cut the crap, I’ll definitely come over tonight.”

Shi Yan went back to join his buddies with a bellyful of anger. When he had seen that eyesore Yu Yao disturb the lantern festival they they were enjoying, he had already been quite upset, but after he heard He Nuo’s evaluation of her, she became even more unpleasant to his eyes. So when these two people were watching fireworks, they kept engaging in heated verbal debates and sneered at each other coldly.

Yu Yao had already found out that Shi Yan contacted He Nuo a long time ago from one of his buddies’ girlfriends. Yu Yao thought that Shi Yan was extremely despicable. Although she had dated him for a short period of time before, that couldn’t be considered a relationship at all. Shi Yan must be feeling uncomfortable about that, so he was trying to stop her from developing a relationship with his good friend. When Yu Yao looked back at her past with Shi Yan, the only good thing about it was that it had allowed her to befriend He Nuo. Within the year that they were together as deskmates, she had also seen how bright this unrefined jade could shine, so she began to admire and adore him. Even though there was no love between her and He Nuo, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t become good friends and confidants with each other.

Yu Yao blamed Shi Yan for his underhandedness, while Shi Yan retorted with a clear voice, “He just resumed classes, he has no time for anything aside from his studies. Don’t distract him with all those filthy thoughts. Isn’t it enough for you to have harmed him once? Do you still want him to repeat another year?”

“Shut your crow mouth1, he won’t repeat another year. And don’t malign me, when did I ever harm him?”

Shi Yan had just mentioned it in passing, but now that Yu Yao asked about it, he began to think that if he hadn’t seen this slut at He Nuo’s house last year, he wouldn’t have treated He Nuo so forcefully, then he wouldn’t have fallen sick, and wouldn’t have failed, or become a temporary worker…when he thought of all the suffering that He Nuo had to endure, the phrase ‘new grievances rose before old grievances could end’ came true here — the root cause of all these problems was this scourge. The consequences of that incident were too severe; Shi Yan couldn’t bear them so he chose to escape, but now he could transfer it someplace else. Shi Yan had finally found the perpetrator — Yu Yao! She not only harmed He Nuo, even what he had done to He Nuo…was all because of her.

The fact that he had personally hurt He Nuo and caused a grave aftermath was a responsibility that he couldn’t face. Today, this guilt and self-reproach had found a high-sounding but flagrant reason, so he immediately felt like stopping them from contacting each other was definitely the right choice. When he spoke, he no longer felt guilty either, “He’s in his third year, he doesn’t have the time for an early relationship2. Don’t harass him.”

Yu Yao felt both embarrassed and resentful. She glared at Shi Yan, “Who said that looking for him constitutes as an early relationship?! He’s my deskmate, and my good friend! Do you think everyone is like you who only has such dirty thoughts on your mind?”

“You didn’t pursue him? Then where did the love beans come from?”

“You,” Yu Yao was angered to the extremes, even the colour of her face had changed, “You can’t care about that!”

“He’s under my care!”

“Shi Yan you bastard, if it wasn’t because I had trusted you, I would have asked someone else about his whereabouts a long time ago, hen I would have been able to find him much sooner. I’ll go to He Nuo’s school tomorrow and tell him how despicable you really are!”

Yu Yao stomped off in anger. Shi Yan’s buddies were thoroughly amused after they heard their conversation. Someone walked up to him and asked, “You still like her? And you’re still teasing her like this?”

Shi Yan pretended to puke, “Don’t disgust me, will you? Even if you gave that bitch to me for free I still wouldn’t want her.”

“Then why are you so angry at her? I thought you wanted to get back with her again.”

“I don’t want her to seduce He Nuo. That guy’s in his third year, it’ll influence his studies.”

After Shi Yan took He Nuo once at night, He Nuo waited for him to clean up as usual. Shi Yan refused to come out for a long while, so He Nuo drowsily fell asleep. At this moment, Shi Yan asked him, “Do you like Yu Yao?”

“Like her.” He said wearily. Of course he liked her, or else they wouldn’t be friends.

But when Shi Yan heard those two words, that wasn’t what he was thinking. He abruptly flipped over the He Nuo whose back was resting against him and pressed him underneath his body, then he pulled out.

He Nuo thought that he wanted to come out, but right when his large and round moist tip was about to leave, he pounded right back in like he was a charging vanguard; He Nuo cried out uncontrollably.

He hadn’t even spoke when Shi Yan’s offense had swayed the boat on the huge waves in He Nuo’s body; the winds blew harshly and the waves were massive, like a tsunami that could sweep away everything in its way — and He Nuo was thus swallowed up just like this. He didn’t know how much time had passed — all He Nuo could see was a silhouette in the darkness in front of him. He lost control of his body as he was taken by Shi Yan in this downpour while they drifted amongst the fierce gales and stormy seas.

“No, no more…….”

“Un?” Actually his short-circuited brain didn’t know what he had heard, or what his answer was.

“Do you like Yu Yao?” Even though this was such an intimate moment for them, that voice sounded like it had just crawled out of hell and brought with it a frosty chill on this cold night.

His mind was in a chaotic mess, but because of this chill, he instinctively replied, “Don’t like her.”

“Hng.” Shi Yan exhaled angrily. His hands went underneath He Nuo’s waist and pulled him up, which made He Nuo bend his knees and raise his hips — this way, he could enter even deeper into He Nuo which made He Nuo cry out, “No, no more, no more…..”

“Don’t like, don’t like her…” He Nuo kept shaking his head.