Chapter 86

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:53:34

When Shi Yan shot in, He Nuo’s body that was leaning on Shi Yan had to rely on Shi Yan’s tight grip around him to not collapse. Shi Yan didn’t press him down, and instead leaned on one side while they were still connected and allowed He Nuo to lean into his embrace. After He Nuo finished gasping for breath, he instantly fell silent as if he had drifted off into a deep sleep. One of Shi Yan’s arms acted as He Nuo’s pillow while his other hand was still caressing his body tenderly. Shi Yan kissed the back of his neck with ardent love, and the half-asleep He Nuo wriggled in discomfort as he wanted to leave the place where they were linked up.

Shi Yan pressed down on his belly so that he would move backwards, while he jerked slightly forward at the same time. He said next to He Nuo’s ear, “We fought because of Yu Yao; you had to resume classes because of Yu Yao too. You’re not allowed to see her anymore, got that?”

He Nuo was so exhausted he almost collapsed, yet Shi Yan was like a starving beast tonight and seemed to have stayed inside him for an indefinite period of time. He still wasn’t willing to let go of his body right now, and his behind hurt with a scorching pain, so he couldn’t hear what Shi Yan was saying and ended up just uttering “un“s to placate him.

After Shi Yan finished saying what he wanted to say, he asked He Nuo, “Who made us fight?”

He Nuo was completely silent and had long gone to meet Zhou gong.

How could Shi Yan be willing to be neglected? He blamed all of the resentment that had piled up within him this evening and Yu Yao’s challenge before she left on He Nuo. It was obviously Yu Yao who had harmed He Nuo, yet He Nuo still treated her like the good person, and said she was his friend. He even said that he liked her! Shi Yan had already sentenced Yu Yao to death, so how could he allow He Nuo to remember her good points?

The flames of anger that began blazing again in Shi Yan raged as strongly as his flames of desire. He laid He Nuo flat and raised both his legs, then slid into the small hole where semen was still leaking from. The He Nuo who had barely entered dreamland for an hour was flung up into the air while he was still in a deep slumber; he was pushed to the tip of the waves before instantly plunging into the bottom of a ravine. His heart was in a trance as he couldn’t find a good footing. The huge and thick iron rod in the opening below was scorching hot as it pounded him time and time again, and each time it drove in a pain would pierce through his heart.

“Don’t, it hurts, don’t.” He Nuo waved his hands around as he tried to grab the figure on top of him that was moving up and down.

Shi Yan held his hand and pulled him close — this way, the position they were in would make the impacts faster, stronger and deeper. Underneath the series of impacts that felt like thousands of waves were crashing down on him, He Nuo sobbed, “Don’t, Shi Yan, don’t,?ah!?Ahh!”

“Ah, don’t.”

“Wuwu, it’s uncomfortable,?ah!”

“Tell me. It won’t be uncomfortable once you tell me.” Shi Yan stubbornly refused to let go of him.

“Say, say what?” Tears were trickling out of He Nuo’s eyes.

“Who? Who made us fight? I, I don’t know. We, we’re not fighting.”

“Yu Yao made us fight, got it?”

“Yu Yao made us fight, got it.”

“Do you remember that?”

“Remember, I remember,?ah!” He Nuo suddenly cried out, “Please, I’m begging you, Shi Yan, it hurts,?ahh! Shi Yan, Shi Yan…….”

After Shi Yan got what he wanted, of course he was satisfied. He embraced He Nuo up and patted his back with both his hands, “He Nuo, He Nuo.”

He Nuo placed both his arms around Shi Yan’s neck. He couldn’t even support his head as he leaned on his collarbones and sobbed, “Shi Yan, Shi Yan……..”

The dampness he felt on his collarbone made Shi Yan’s heart ache. He kissed He Nuo and put his arms around his waist, then laid him back down when he was about to climax. He shot into the depths of He Nuo’s body for the third time; He Nuo’s whole body trembled as if he had just been drenched in hot water and he looked like he was about to fall apart.

Shi Yan gently turned him over to lay on his chest; his thin body was trembling nonstop in his embrace. That was when Shi Yan felt like he had gone a bit too far. He had a weak body, so it probably couldn’t withstand doing it this many times.

When he was cleaning up, Shi Yan admitted that he didn’t just go a bit too far, but he had gone way too far. He Nuo didn’t even have enough strength to close his legs back, his two jade white legs would convulse from time to time so he could see the gap that had swallowed his member at one glance. The delicate flesh that was turned out glistened and swelled up so much it was protruding out; the secret hole was like a baby’s mouth — tender and pursed with a bulge. Because of the blockage of the swelling, not a lot of semen flowed out, but it did have a lot of bright red bloodstains.

When Shi Yan was wiping him down, He Nuo frowned and tried to stifle his groans — or rather, he was squeezing his eyes shut while he bit down on his lips. Under the illumination of the table lamp, endless tears could be seen hanging from his eyelashes. His face was ghastly pale and his forehead, face and body was drenched in sweat. Luckily, the twins weren’t at home so He Nuo was the only one on this side, thus Shi Yan could go to the yard’s kitchen to get a bottle of hot water for He Nuo and wipe him down twice with it.

He Nuo was drenched in cold sweat at first. After Shi Yan cleaned him up with hot water, goosebumps immediately raised up on his exposed skin and He Nuo shivered a few times. Soon after, he raised his head slightly and sneezed, then fell back onto his pillow. Shi Yan’s eyes were already bloodshot, his baby doll had been maltreated until it broke into pieces. A stream of cloudy liquid mixed with blood flowed out again from the place between He Nuo’s spread out legs because of his sneeze. Shi Yan felt both shame and guilt as he covered him with his blanket, then he continued to clean him up underneath this blanket.

When Shi Yan went back to the bed to hug this person to his chest, the body in his embrace was still icy cold. He Nuo had to rely on Shi Yan’s hands to close his legs, then he shrunk into Shi Yan’s embrace to seek its warmth. Shi Yan rubbed He Nuo’s hands as well, and he got a start when his feet touched the two blocks of ice below. Shi Yan got up and placed He Nuo’s legs on his own calves — they could only be described with the term “icy”!

Shi Yan was both heartbroken and remorseful this time, but the person before his eyes was in urgent need of some rest. When he looked at his watch just now, he saw that it was already about 4am, so this wasn’t the right time to say anything. The most important thing at hand was to let He Nuo sleep first. After Shi Yan felt like his breathing turned regular again, he gradually became sleepy. Shi Yan didn’t know how long he slept before he was startled awake; he felt like he was hugging a heating stove which baked Shi Yan into sweating all over. The breaths that He Nuo exhaled was burning Shi Yan’s chest.

Shi Yan jumped off the bed and found He Nuo’s medications with ease. He took out all the fever and inflammation medication, then boiled some water and filled two cups with it while he anxiously looked at the crimson-faced He Nuo on the bed. After he tested the temperature of the water and deemed it okay, Shi Yan went to prop He Nuo up and cradled him gently, “He Nuo, He Nuo.”

He Nuo opened his eyes in a daze, but before he could see his surroundings clearly, he closed them shut again. Shi Yan could only let him lean on his body while he took the water and medication over, “You have a fever. Sleep after you take your medicine,?un, take these.”

He Nuo himself felt suffocated by the heat, but Shi Yan’s body was cool and pleasant so he grabbed Shi Yan and stuck close to him as he nudged into his embrace. Shi Yan struggled to balance the cup in his hand and looked at him with an amused expression — his face looked both gentle and distressed. In the end, he put the cup back down first to restrain him, “Take your medicine first,?un, after you take your medicine I’ll hug you to sleep. Once you have a good rest it won’t be uncomfortable anymore.”