Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – What are you doing? Meeting a handsome guy.

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Chen Fangya had a lively character. As once as she arrived to the bamboo house, she started shouting from downstairs: “Senior Lin, I found Lin Mumu and brought her here.”

As expected of Chen Fangya, any communication basically relied on shouting.

“Thank you, classmate Chen.” The man who came down from upstairs wore a real silk embroidered blue traditional type of casual shirt that combined both modern and ancient clothing.

He felt like a fleeting immortal that didn’t belong to the world of mortals, unconcerned with worldly affairs, and gave an especially comfortable feeling.

“Don’t mention it, I only did what I was supposed to.” Chen Fangya’s face turned a little red, and her eyes were full of small stars and looked ready to brave any danger.

Lin Tianlang nodded politely: “Classmate Chen can go back first, ok? I still have small other matters to settle with junior sister Lin.”

“Oh.” Chen Fangya took a few steps back before thinking about it. Sure enough, beautiful women had different treatment! She was called classmate Chen, yet Lin Mumu was called junior sister Lin?

“Wrong, ah! I heard that Lin Tianlang may look warm on the surface but he’s actually cold to the bones. Even if everyone calls him senior, he rarely calls anyone a younger brother or sister. They all call their names. Could it be they’re familiar with each other? But it didn’t look like it. Chen Fangya struggled thinking about it for a while before returning to the dormitory.

Lin Tianlang and Lin Mumu quietly went up the stairs to a room on the second floor of the bamboo building. Lin Tianlang opened the door and signaled her to enter without uttering a word.

Lin Mumu magnanimously entered the room and took a seat.

Lin Tianlang courteously gave her a cup of tea, and Lin Mumu didn’t refuse and silently sipped on her cup.

Among the two people, there was practically no verbal exchange, but there was some kind of unspoken tacit understanding.

The harmony was only broken when Lin Mumu’s phone rang as notification of new received text messages.

She didn’t heed Lin Tianlang and directly opened her phone to read the message.

“Xiao Mutou, what are you doing?” Without looking at the sender’s name, she knew it was Yun Ting. Also, currently, only Yun Ting had her phone number.

“Meeting a handsome guy.”

Lin Mumu’s fingertips flew at the phone’s keyboard. She unexpectedly wanted to go back.

At that moment, Yun Ting, who was hurriedly driving towards Huadu Hotel, clicked the message open and almost dropped the phone when he saw her answer.

“Am I handsome?” Yun Ting helplessly shook his head, whether he was or not, there was too little time to accompany her. In fact, he was pretty attractive, at least Lin Mumu liked his face, but he did not have much time to accompany her.

Lin Mumu was only 18 years old, and the little girl likes wind, flower, snow and moon (language without substance, romantic moods). He might really be unable to give her what she wanted. He wanted to, but he didn’t have the time.

However, she was the only woman he ever wanted, and he never wanted to ever let go.

Lin Tianlang was very good at cultivation. Lin Mumu kept exchanging text messages, while he continued to boil water and make tea on the side. His movement was like moving clouds and flowing water (idiom: very natural, gentle, harmonious), and the room was so quiet the only sound that could be heard was Lin Mumu’s texts being sent or water being boiled.

This room was supposed to be Professor Lin’s office, but since the professors were always busy, they would usually be helped out by graduate students.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Professor Lin was the head professor of the religious studies department. Unlike ordinary professors, his office’s decoration was more like that of a living room for receiving guests.

“I’ll introduce myself. Lian Tianlang, resident of Beijing, 24 years old. Coincidently, at 17 years old, I had the opportunity to be enlightened in the way of Daoism at a Daoist temple and was fortunate enough to be accepted as a disciple by the master. I heard that junior sister Lin is the only direct disciple of the master?”

Chen Fangya’s questions actually had very simple answers. Lin Tianlang was really Lin Mumu’s senior brother because they had the same master!

In modern society, a Taoist master who had true ability like Taoist priest Ling Wu was extremely rare, and he was already considered a living fossil.

Lin Tianlang’s greatest pride was being able to worship Daoist priest Ling Wu as his master. He would naturally be curious about his master’s other disciples.

“Lin Mumu, 18 years old, married.” In the same manner, Lin Mumu gave Lin Tianlang a simple self-introduction.

“Junio sister is really humorous. I’ve heard from the master you’ve just come down from the mountain. How could you be married?” Lin Tianlang laughed lightly like a spring breeze, and casually refilled Lin Mumu’s cup with tea.