Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Xiao Daogu (The Little Daoist Nun)

Lin Mumu was originally an orphan.

When she was a child, she was picked up by Lin Guan, the master of Yu Qing Temple. She paid her respects and acknowledged him as her master, and henceforth started living with him in the temple on the mountain, to practice a Daoist’s life, isolated and far away from the modern society.

Time passed by in a flash and she quickly turned 18.

Speaking of Lin Mumu’s talent in Taoism, it was very average. Her studies were very lacking and she could only learn less than 10% of what her master taught her. Her level at fortune telling, observing the constellations, and catching ghosts was worse than that of street swindlers.

However, Lin Mumu is innately sensitive to plants, and naturally gifted at raising them, growing flowers and planting trees. In her previous life, she was able to win the championship of the Flower God Competition with her ability.

Now, thinking about it, it could be assumed that in the dirty scheming and muddled waters of the competition, without Yun Ting protecting her, let alone winning the championship, she may not necessarily have been able to keep her little life.

Yun Ting was obviously not accustomed to such a docile and tame Lin Mumu. She not only accepted the amulet he gifted her, she also allowed him to hold her hand.

Was she really no angry at him for being forcefully married to him?

Yun Ting was a professional soldier of the military’s special forces. Although Lin Mumu’s eyes were closed, he knew she wasn’t unconscious, her breathing couldn’t deceive him.

However, he unexplainedly didn’t expose her, and quietly took advantage of her tacit approval to hold onto her little soft and boneless?hand for a while, and stare intently at her fresh and pure face that emitted a warmth and brightness similar to that of the morning sunshine.

Even layers of thick fabric couldn’t cover Lin Mumu’s radiance in Yun Ting’s heart.

He knew her for longer than she knew. He’s been observing her for countless days and nights, but she didn’t even know.

“Yun Ge, did sister-in-law wake up? When are leaving back to Beijing?”

Someone knocked on the door, finally interrupting Lin Mumu’s reminiscing and Yun Ting’s staring.

Lin Mumu was embarrassed to keep acting asleep. She opened her eyes and sweetly smiled at Yun Ting.

Her smile was so warm that it seemed it could melt both ice and snow away, and appeared so bright that Yun Ting felt like he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“Come in, have you bought everything?” Yun Ting started talking, without turning his head away from Lin Mumu.

“Bought them.” A short soldier in camouflage clothing came in the room, carrying a large military bag on his back and holding several paper bags and boxes in his hands.

Lin Mumu doesn’t even need to look to know that the military bag is full of daily necessities, including a set of high-quality skincare products, but also potato chips, snacks, light refreshments and drinks.?As for those paper bags and boxes, they were containing all kinds of women’s clothes and shoes.

Yun Ting, for Lin Mumu, was never reluctant to do anything.

The little soldier proudly put the bags and boxes next to Lin Mumu, as if taking credit for his achievement. He then performed the standard military salute and said to Lin Mumu:?“Sister-in-law, Xiao Duxiang reporting to you for duty!”

Lin Mumu kindly smiled at him, and Xiao Duxiang immediately opened a box to show her: “Sister-in-law, these are the clothes that Yun Ge instructed me to buy for you. Dang, you don’t know how aggressive Yun Ge can be, He’s too much! He told me: [Go to Hainan’s department store, don’t come back until you buy all the most expensive clothes!] “

The little soldier was specialized in imitation, so he spoke Yun Ting’s sentence while imitating his overbearing voice.

“Yun Ge later called me again, and ordered supplementary orders, he even added: [Simple and elegant clothes and low-heeled shoes, before what you buy is satisfactory, don’t come back!] I had to run five trips! Sister-in-law, you should be satisfied now, right?”?Xiao Duxiang was desperately taking credit for his errand.

Lin Mumu remembered that in her previous life, this little soldier had also bought this much things and brought them back. He seemed to want to talk but was intimidated by Yun Ting’s fierce gaze and didn’t dare say half a sentence.

Consequently, Lin Mumu, who grew up in the temple and didn’t understand the human emotions and social relationships, didn’t realize how much Yun Ting was spoiling her.

But in this lifetime, everything was a bit different to what she recalled??Yun Ting unexpectedly deliberately didn’t interrupt Xiao Duxiang?