Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Litlle Fortune Teller Lin (Part 1)

“What?” Liu Yuanyuan asked curiously.

“I know, you have the most fortune tellers, the ones in the streets are all fake Daoist priests and scammers.” Chen Fangya was sure of what she knew: “Back then, Senior Lin engaged in uprooting all of them.”

Lin Mumu straightened her expression and profoundly asked: “Then, do you know why Senior Lin can uproot them?”

“Because Lin’s brother has real talent.” Lin Mumu answered while keeping a straight face and a profound expression.

“Your meaning is Senior Lin can read fortune? And he also can predict it?” Chen Fangya immediately lost her composure: “I am going to find Senior Lin for fortune telling!”

“Good, then you go and try to find Senior Lin, I’ll just read Xiaoqin and Yuanyuan’s fortunes.”

“You’re really biased! How could you not include me!” Cheng Fangya pretended to be angry and playfully knocked on Lin Mumu’s head.

“I can only do fortune telling once a year at maximum, I also cannot charge a fee, you’ll only have to invite me to dinner, alright?”

“Then I’d better forget about it?” Liu Yuanyuan shook her head and looked at Lin Mumu’s laptop. She clearly understood that to buy such an expensive computer, to invite her for a meal, how could she please her with the cafeteria’s food? It was too expensive for her to treat her outside!

“Then I’ll come and pay for me and Yuanyuan. The matter’s not worth much trouble, a little meal isn’t a big deal, I’ll invite tomorrow for steak.” Although An Xiaoqin was a bit aloof, she was very straightforward.

Steak restaurants in Beijing City weren’t regarded as high-end places, but Western food was considered a novelty and very delicious, especially for the students who mostly eat at the cafeteria every day.

Lin Mumu nodded: “I’ll calculate for Xiaoqin first, the two of you can go out for now. My skills are not very high and I cannot be disturbed by the outside world.”

Liu Yuanyuan and Chen Fangya went out with a smile.

Afterwards, Lin Mumu really a fortune teller’s posture and took out a string of sandalwood beads. She delicately pinched between her fingers and sat cross-legged on the chair in a five-hearted meditation posture.

After breathing in and out for a few times, she really exuded the aura of an able person.

Lin Mumu was used to play a fortune teller by imitating her own master’s way of doing it, so she had no problem using her little act occasionally.

Even An Xiaoqin who had some worldly experience was unconsciously intimidated by Lin Mumu’s expert aura. She was instantly convinced Lin Mumu had real skills and couldn’t help but hold her breath in expectations.

Chapter 21 – Litlle Fortune Teller Lin (Part 2)

Lin Mumu suddenly opened her eyes and stared fixedly at An Xiaoqin before shaking her head:

“Your fate holds unhappy love affairs.”

An Xiaoqin’s expression instantly turned bad. But that’s how people’s hearts worked, the worse their fates appeared, the more they were curious to know the reasons and consequences of such fates.

Fortunately, An Xiaoqin basic manners were of high standards, and although she was impatient to know, she didn’t disturb Lin Mumu.

“Tomorrow evening at nine o’clock.” After a while, Lin Mumu spit out a few words, and immediately shut her eyes afterwards to resume her meditating look.

After keeping silent for another moment, Lin Mumu’s complexion abruptly paled as she said: “Nandu Hotel, 3105. ”

Afterwards, Lin Mumu collapsed on the chair and almost fell off if not for An Xiaoqin who hurriedly supported her.

Lin Mumu lightly swayed on her chair with a deadpan expression (deadly earnest), her complexion was extremely pale and she looked so weak she could collapse at any moment.

Lin Mumu could actually do some fortune-telling, but she wasn’t an expert, so she could only indicate a few hints but couldn’t utter specific information. For example, in her eyes, Yun Ting appeared to be brimming with a purple auspicious aura, and Lin Tianlang’s aura appeared to be green in color.

As for An Xiaoqin, Lin Mumu could at best discern there was some kind of gray lump in her aura at the top of her head, but she couldn’t understand the concrete meaning behind it.

The only reason Lin Mumu dared to confidently predict An Xiaoqin’s fortune was because of her rebirth~~~

She deliberately played her little fortune teller act just to convince An Xiaoqin of her ability and help her solve her problem in order to seize the opportunity and drag her to her side so that those people who tried to kill her through An Xiaoqin in her first life wouldn’t succeed this time around.

“En. Just now, what did you mean by that time and place?” An Xiaoqin was not resigned. In fact, she clearly understood the hints and underlying meaning of what Lin Mumu said, but she didn’t want to believe it.

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At first, I was very confused, I understood Lin Mumu didn’t know shit about fortune telling, but then, she said she actually had the capability to see people’s auras and colors or something, her master also previously mentioned it, but then she predicted An Xiaoqiao’s fortune and I finally understood she could only tell specifics because of her rebirth XD. But still, you guys need to know she does have special eyesight???

What do you think An Xiaoqin will find out when she goes to the hotel?