Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Yun Ting, Goodnight! (Part 1)

Lin Mumu was fully aware of the saying ‘If you say too much, you’re bound to slip up at some point’, so she merely shook her head at An Xiaoqin’s queries, “My technique can’t reveal any specifics, I can only figure out this much and I don’t know any concrete details.

Tomorrow, you should secretly sneak to the designated place at the appointed time, and you will shall then have the answer to your questions, alright?”

“Alright. Please keep this secret for me.”

As for Liu Yuanyuan, in order to carry on her plan, Lin Mumu also had some useful information.

She again assumed the same “pale complexion after strenuous effort” state before telling Liu Yuanyuan: “Recently, a blood-relation of yours has been harmed. It shouldn’t be your parents but rather your grandparents. Is there a sick grandparent in your family?”

“There is, my granny (in accent) is constantly coughing nowadays. Granny means grandmother in my original region’s dialect.”

“I know, I’m also from the Hainan Island.” Lin Mumu nodded: “in that case, your grandma’s illness may not be as simple as you think. You should request a lot of snacks from home. “

At this moment, Lin Mumu didn’t have to act any more convincing, Liu Yuanyuan’s head was already bowed in sadness and her eyes quickly reddened. Her family didn’t have much money to pay for medical expenses, and her grandma had repeatedly said that she wasn’t seriously ill and that she didn’t need to see a doctor, moreover Li Yuanyuan was merely a student who’s just enrolled into college.

Lin Mumu still remembered that in her past life, when Liu Yuanyuan was in her third year of university, her grandmother passed away.

Originally, her grandmother wasn’t afflicted by a terminal illness, and she wasn’t supposed to die so early. She just kept concealing her condition and was unwilling to spend money on treatment until her condition deteriorated to the point it cost her life.

For this reason, Liu Yuanyuan had been blaming herself for a long time, and her relationship with her parents gradually deteriorated.

Liu Yuanyuan was always kind enough to help Lin Mumu, so she hopes that in this life, she can also return Liu Yuanyuan’s kind help. It would be best if she could avoid her grandmother’s tragedy, but she didn’t know how to help her further, and was also afraid of the consequences of altering the natural order too much. Of course, Lin Mumu also had some selfish motives. If the fate of the people around her changed, would her and Yun Ting’s tragic ending change as well?

Chapter 22 – Yun Ting, Goodnight. (Part 2)

Moreover, if she can predict future disasters, could she prevent her master from dying?

By the time Liu Yuanyuan opened her red eyes, Chen Fangya, who also thought that Lin Mumu was very mysterious and was convinced by her little expert act, was already pestering her noisily by the door, “What about me? What about Me? Xiao Daogu, you cannot favor one and discriminate against the other!”

However, Lin Mumu simply did not heed her little play: “That won’t do, this great fairy’s spiritual powers are exhausted today, and won’t be usable in the whole next year.

Also, don’t make my talents public, otherwise don’t even try looking for me again. I’m merely an apprentice at the doors of the practice and still in training.”

Lin Mumu was really afraid Chen Fangya would find any flaws and see through her act!

“That’s alright! You can get Lin Tianlang to call you junior sister, it is estimated in all of Beijing University, if not in all of China, you’re the only one.” Chen Fangya didn’t want to force her.

Lin Mumu touched her nose in embarrassment but still didn’t offer any explanation. Thankfully, Yun Ting’s phone call just came at the right time.

“I’m leaving earlier tomorrow morning.”

“When are you coming back?”

“One month later, I might get a day off then.”

“Only a single day, sigh.” Lin Mumu was a little despondent, she had completely forgotten Yun Ting was a busy man. Moreover, he wasn’t going on a mission but for training the new recruits of the squadron.

The soldiers’ bodies are as strong as iron, especially those in the special forces. Besides the new year’s festival’s big holiday, he would be working almost every day.

At the moment, Lin Mumu was a bit regretful to have entered Beijing University. Her constitution was also pretty good, she could enroll to become a female soldier!

“Yun Ting, I could also report to the national defense as a student? I heard national defense students can later join the army.”

“Out of the question!” Yun Ting instantly refused: “The hardships of the army aren’t something that a girl like you can endure.”

“If you don’t want me to go, I won’t go, I rarely get to see you anyways.” Lin Mumu angrily hung up the phone.

Serves the last life’s Yun Ting right, he couldn’t reach her because his EQ was just too lacking!

Also, she just wanted to see him, humph!

Lin Mumu was lying on the bed, while thinking whether her tone was too heavy? Yun Ting was also only afraid she would face too much hardships and be exhausted.

Lin Mumu refused to yield and call back but she still sent him a text: “Yun Ting, goodnight.”

“Xiao Mutou, goodnight.” Yun Ting’s text message was sent almost at the same time. He obviously had been staring at the phone attentively.

Getting Lin Mumu’s goodnight, he could finally go to sleep with peace of mind.

No, he couldn’t be at ease.

What if something to Lin Mumu while he was away? What should be done if Lin Mumu missed him? What if Lin Mumu was bullied?

Yun Ting deeply pondered these questions in his mind and couldn’t sleep. But at the end, he finally thought of a solution.