Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – The master and disciple are simply wolves in sheepskin! (Part 1)

Who would have thought Lin Tianlang would take the side of his master instead of his father’, he solemnly said: “Principal Lin, in Lin Mumu’s matter, you acted unjustly. Don’t think that we don’t know there’s someone playing dirty tricks behind the scenes.

What? Are Yunjia’s members people but the disciples of my SanQing temple are not?

(TN: Adding Jia to a surname means the ancestral home or generally the clan, the Family. Yunjia means the Yun Family/clan. SanQing is the name of their Daoist temple. A so for the expression “are they people but we’re not?” means why do you treat them better, give them face, respect them, but not us.)

In a certain way, my master’s contribution to China isn’t any less from that of general Yu’s. What do you think?”

“What a quick-witted Daoist priest!” Lin Principal finally made up his mind: “How about this, you first let Lin Mumu study hard and make some efforts, as long as she has a single chance to pass the test, I will immediately lower the standard as much as possible for her.”

“Then what if my junior sister actually surpasses those students of yours?” Lin Tianlang squinted his eyes like a fox.

Principal Lin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. This master and disciple duo have been causing a ruckus for half a day, not because they were afraid of Lin Mumu failing the test, but this final sentence was the actual key point!

This whole matter already gave him a big headache, he could only grit his teeth and say: “If Lin Mumu can pass the exam and get admitted into the preparatory class, as a special talent, she will naturally have priority in applying for the school’s scholarship, as it is the school’s honor and main objective to vigorously assist the special talents.”

“Principal Lin is indeed generous. In fact, my master is not short on money. It’s just that my junior sister is being bullied for no reason. If you don’t want to be on the losing side, you need to ask for justice, don’t you think so?” Lin Tianlang smilingly took off his suit, and instantly transformed from an intimidating ruffian to a Daoist disciple with a refined aura.

The master also took of his suit and revealed the traditional short cyan robe underneath and resumed his refined and scholarly temperament.

After Principal Lin witnessed how the master and disciple duo played little tricks like ruffians and then resumed their refined bearings, they both left the school building, and all passing by students and teachers were in awe of their aura.

However, Principal Lin was helpless, he didn’t have the final say in Beijing University. Since Professor Lin Wu came to make trouble and threaten to leave, he just had to do him a little favor.

There were some matters that everyone was aware of.

Everything was now depending on Lin Mumu.

Chapter 25 – The master and disciple are simply wolves in sheepskin! (Part 2)

Principal Lin was also very curious. A girl who grew up at a Daoist temple while reciting scriptures and watering the plants every day, could she be more difficult to deal with than the normal students?

Moreover, these students took the difficult Beijing University entrance examination and are considered the cream of the crop.

If Lin Mumu can do it, that person should have nothing to say. (TN: ‘that person’ as in someone of higher standing, namely the person from Yunjia.)

And the master and disciple really didn’t lie to Lin Jinghe. They actually went to China University on the opposite side and drank a cup of tea in the Principal’s office.

The thing is, Principal An had found the best quality of Dahongpao, and the master and disciple duo were very fond tea and couldn’t resist the temptation. (TN: Dahongpao is an expensive type of oolong tea),

Since the other party was so cordial, they won’t shy away and conveniently freeload at his place to have a cup of tea, as well as give Lin Jinghe some pressure.

Lin Tianlang even unscrupulously sent this text to his own father: “Uncle An is very cordial, and his brewing method is also better than yours. China University is worthy of being China’s first educational establishment, the school is run in a very strict manner, and the students of China University are all very friendly. The forum is also very simple and honest, everything is on order and there are no evil schemes or outrageous scandals.”

This son’s elbow has really turned outward! (TN: idiom, to favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side.)

Did he think he wasn’t troubled enough!

If people didn’t look at them acting profound and mysterious all day, afraid they would be gossiped about by the whole student body for being too idle.

After all, the students all have to take serious classes and learn more than a dozen subjects in a single term, yet this teacher only holds a single class, moreover it’s the same one that he repeats over every year!

Yesterday, when Lin Tianlang and Lin Mumu’s photos were exposed, Principal Lin excitedly texted his son to question him: “Who’s this little girl? She’s looks pretty decent and is also very beautiful! Be honest Tianlang, are you considering marrying her? The family absolutely only cares about your feelings and nothing else!”

Lin Tianlang calmly answered Principal Lin: “You should know that I’m not interested in women.” However, his text sounded a bit wrong, so he added another one:

“I’m also not interested in men, I want to inherit the master’s Daoist teachings, and will I won’t consider children or love.”

Such a pure and devoid of desire Lin Tianlang being schemed into an outrageous scandal by Beijing University’s students was ridiculous.