Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Gathering intelligence (Part 1)

Room 405 in the female dormitory.

After an intense afternoon of preparation, the four girls were finally set up and determined to take the test.

Lin Mumu was obviously their key protection target.

She didn’t tell them that she had actually finished her high school curriculum in the SanQing temple. Although her admission to university was through the back door, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have any strength.

Even if she lived cut off from the rest of the world in a Daoist temple, she also had television and internet, and wasn’t completely secluded from everything.

Furthermore, Lin Mumu had an advantage of ten years and was far ahead the others. Even the English that she always struggled with in the past was already mastered by her in this life.

In the afternoon, someone knocked on the door of their dormitory room to borrow a book from An Xiaoqin, but she was readily rejected by the aloof older sister Xiaoqin: “We don’t have enough books in this bedroom, how could we lend you any.”

The girl deliberately glanced at the pile of books on top of Lin Mumu’s desk, and then left perfectly satisfied.

Liu Yuanyuan slammed the door shut and her face was a bit unsightly. (TN: she was angry.)

An Xiaoqin sneered: “From what I can see, borrowing a book is a lie, her true purpose is gathering intelligence.”

Apparently, everyone had seen it as well.

“Mumu, by all means, add oil, ah! You can’t let the bad guys prevail, I’m also still waiting for you to read my fortune!” (TN: ah is an interjection used for many meanings, this one is anger, asserting and encouraging)

Lin Mumu smiled harmlessly and said: “En, don’t worry, my master said I am a genius.”

“Lin Mumu, do you still have any questions? Should we postpone tonight’s steak?” An Xiaoqin remembered that Lin Mumu read her fortune teller last night and she promised to treat her, but eating steak is just done in passing, while the exam matter was the most important thing.

Chapter 26 – Gathering intelligence (Part 2)

“Of course not, it’s important to feed the stomach. The genius I, Lin Mumu, is confident I certainly won’t lose face for the religious studies department tomorrow.”

“You just bragging, you’re merely a genius foodie! Your husband is really good to you, not only sending you to school and helping you settle down, he also brought you a cupboardful of snacks. When can I also have such a loyal dog-like boyfriend!” Chen Fangya was really envious of Lin Mumu.

“I am destined to be with him, the envy of others won’t affect us in any way.” Lin Mumu scattered dog food smugly. (TN: Original expression is ‘in a needs a spanking way’ meaning bragging till makes you annoyed. Also, dog food is also called PDA or public display of affection. The dogs refer to the single people XD)

“Let’s go, striking a balance between work and rest is the right way (allusion to Buddhism). Someone is treating to dinner, we’d be fools not to go.”

The few girls went out of the school and headed directly to the FeiShang western-style restaurant outside Campus. The location was picked by An Xiaoqin, and it was just beside the Nandu Hotel.

Lin Mumu was omnivorous. She loved eating snacks, eating fruits, eating vegetables and eating meat. To put it bluntly, she was the standard foodie…

Although Lin Mumu had no special affection for Western food, but a pure meat steak was to her taste.

An Xiaoqin’s family was obviously well off, so they didn’t need to be reserved and save money for her.

After eating the steak, An Xiaoqin looked at the time and found it still early, so she took the initiative to treat everyone to dessert while chatting together. The few young girls talked and ate until 8:45.

An Xiaoqin finally couldn’t sit still anymore, and asked them to stay and wait for her, and hurriedly left the restaurant.

“She won’t likely leave to sneakily study, right?” Chen Fangya feebly asked.

“Xiaoqin is not that kind of person.” Lin Mumu shook her head helplessly: “Xiaoqin’s character is very good, she’s just not very good at communication. Just now, when she was seated, she already settled the bill.”

“So why did she go out then? ”

The few of them were sitting at a table by the window and could see An Xiaoqin’s tall figure walking towards the nearby Nandu Hotel.

Lin Mumu laughed but didn’t answer.

“Lin Mumu, tell us honestly, did you say anything to An Xiaoqin yesterday?”

“Wait for Xiaoqin to come back, you can ask her then.” Lin Mumu abruptly opened her mouth, and seriously replied.