Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – An Xiaoqin’s rotten peach blossom (Part 1)

(TN: Rotten peach blossom means unhappy love affair.)

After a while, An Xiaoqin really came back. She sat back with a sullen look, and tried to vent her anger by drinking beer in big mouthfuls, and still feeling it wasn’t enough, asked the waiter to add a few more bottles of cold beer.

Even if Lin Mumu hadn’t warned them before, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan were now also aware that An Xiaoqin was in a wrong state.

In the end, Chen Fangya still couldn’t help but open her mouth: “Xiaoqin, if you have anything weighting on your mind, feel free to tell us, don’t drink like that anymore.”

An Xiaoqin suddenly burst into laughter, she smiled while tears rolled down her cheeks:

“I, An Xiaoqin, was truly blind, and unexpectedly have found such a slag man.

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That bastard Duan Hailiang, I treated him truthfully and was single-minded to him, but also asked my eldest brother to find him a job. Yet, it turned out that he was a beast in human clothing, actually dating me while having an affair.

If my appearance wasn’t good enough, I’d still understand where the problem lies, but he found a woman that looks ten times uglier than me!

Men are really scum, as long as they get the body, they don’t care about what the face looks like!

That man was a bastard, and I, An Xiaoqin, was really the king of fools.

I am embarrassed by stupid trusting and loving self, serves me right I was bullied.”

Afterwards, An Xiaoqin said she shouldn’t drink by herself like this, yet she still gulped beer as if it was water.

Beer was bitter, and Lin Mumu wasn’t fond of that taste. But she was aware that An Xiaoqin’s heart was even more bitter, she needed alcohol to act as anesthesia.

Speaking of this matter, Lin Mumu really shouldn’t be blamed for exposing Duan Hailiang’s. She was only assuring her self-protection.

Duan Hailiang was a small police officer who worked at a nearby police station, and he was a handsome and cheerful young man. On the surface, he was daxiaojie An Xiaoqin’s boyfriend, but behind her back, he was continuously being intimate with another female student called Sun Xiaomei, who was considered his childhood sweetheart. (TN: daxiaojie means eldest daughter of and affluent family.)

Chapter 27 – An Xiaoqin’s rotten peach blossom (Part 2)

Their affair was recorded by the hotel and exposed to the outside, but the woman’s face hidden. It’s unknown which crazy person sent out the instruction and incited Duan Hailiang, but he actually tried to frame Lin Mumu by saying it was her.

The last time, this matter made Lin Mumu and An Xiaoqin have a fallout. Lin Mumu suffered a lot of accusations and criticisms. She didn’t even remember how everything was settled in the end.

Although in the end An Xiaoqin realized the truth and apologized verbally to Lin Mumu, it still caused great harm to the both of them.

Since she was granted a second lifetime, how could Lin Mumu not settle debts and sit and wait for death? (TN: idiom meaning resign to one’s fate.)

An Xiaoqin was resolute and upright in character, in a rage, she rushed to expose the adulterous couple with a whole crowd behind her that wanted to watch the show.

An Xiaoqin made a lot of trouble for Duan Hailiang and Sun Xiaomei’s matter, but even when it was exposed, it kept being continuously concealed.

This matter currently didn’t go according to the events of the previous life. Lin Mumu now didn’t know what would happen next, but An Xiaoqin’s complexion didn’t seem good at all.

Lin Mumu always thought that today’s matter was sadly not that simple. An Xiaoqin was indeed the person Duan Hailiang’s depended on for livelihood, and it’s estimated he won’t easily let go.

“It’s late, let’s return earlier.” Lin Mumu forcibly held on An Xiaoqin and pulled her up to stand, and Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan immediately took the initiative to support An Xiaoqin from each side and they left Fei Shang.

As long as they crossed the road and went east for around 300 meters, they would reach the West Gate of Beijing University.

Lin Mumu had a bad feeling and kept urging: “Hurry up, if we’re late the gates will be closed soon.”

“Aren’t the gates closed at 11 o’clock?” Chen Fangya had barely spoke out brainlessly when she found out that someone was blocking their path. Moreover, it was a tall man wearing a police uniform.

“Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin, what’s wrong with you?” The man hurriedly reached out and harshly yanked An Xiaoqin.