Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Threw up on his face (Part 1)

He was very strong and burly, also his sudden appearance made Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan completely unprepared, and An Xiaoqin was rudely taken away.

An Xiaoqin had drank too much and was a little muddleheaded. She was brutally yanked by the man which made her stomach uncomfortable for a while until she couldn’t bear it anymore and threw up.

An Xiaoqin was nearly 1m80 tall, and the policeman was almost the same height, so the two were face to face when standing side by side. Whatever she threw up immediately landed on his face.

This scene shocked everyone, but Lin Mumu reacted quickly and took advantage of the man’s distraction to use her martial arts and immediately pull An Xiaoqin back in Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan’s arms, and then took An Xiaoqin’s bag.

An Xiaoqin was feeling very uncomfortable and crouched on the ground.

The man was only stunned for a while before he started frowning at the disgusting smell. He casually wiped the filth off his face and, as if it was a matter of course, once again tried pulling An Xiaoqin. He still offered a sentence as explanation to them:

“I am An Xiaoqin’s boyfriend, there’s a little misunderstanding between us, you can leave her to me.”

“Why should we?” Chen Fangya instantly got angry. An Xiaoqin was a mess when she was drinking, but she could still understand what she said about the man two-timing her.

It’s really a wonder this man still had the face to come.

This man was indeed An Xiaoqin’s boyfriend, Duan Hailiang, but Lin Mumu didn’t expect him to have the courage to find her again after being caught in the act.

But looking at his cloudy expression, and then looking at An Xiaoqin, Lin Mumu suddenly had a revelation. This man wanted to loot a burning house (profit from somebody’s misfortune), and take advantage of An Xiaoqin while she was drunk so that their relationship could continue.

As for why he would do this, 80% of the reason must be because of the power of An Xiaoqin’s family.

Duan Hailiang came from the countryside. It wasn’t easy to climb to his current position from being a little soldier at the army. Even when he had military meritorious deeds before, he was merely a small traffic police officer. He could only be transferred to the local police station thanks to An Xiaoqin’s connections.

Chapter 28 – Threw up on his face (Part 2)

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If An Xiaoqin really wants to take revenge, it is estimated that this man would really be beaten back into his original shape, let alone keeping his current position, he would likely find even hard to stay in Beijing city.

He obviously wanted to make a final struggle by setting his hands on An Xiaoqin’s body. As long as he could marry her, his life will be smooth sailing and he will rise to even higher positions.

Duan Hailiang tried taking An Xiaoqin away, and although Lin Mumu couldn’t be sure of what he had in mind, she definitely couldn’t let him take her away.

Lin Mumu blinked her eyes and harmlessly asked the man: “How come I never heard Xiaoqin say that she had a boyfriend? Do you have any evidence? Do you have a marriage certificate?”

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“This classmate, are you kidding? We haven’t got the license yet, but this is my work permit. Do you want to have a look?” Duan Hailiang forced a smile but his expression was extremely solemn and grave, he was still trying to scare Lin Mumu with his military air.

Unfortunately, Lin Mumu wasn’t affected in the least. His little intimidation wasn’t even worth one percent of Yun Ting’s. A normal passerby would still be scared with his arrogance, but Yun Ting was a real soldier trained in the special forces, and his military aura was ingrained in his bones.

Lin Mumu wasn’t even afraid of Yun Ting, how could she be afraid of him?

However, Lin Mumu didn’t reveal her thoughts, she just bit her lips and insisted: “I don’t care about your work permit, since you can’t prove that you are Xiaoqin’s relative, we can’t give her to you. Xiaoqin looks very beautiful, and there are too many bad guys in the streets.”

“But I’m a police officer!” Duan Hailiang was really anxious.

“Who knows whether it’s the truth, I could also buy a costume and props and say that I’m a police officer.”

Duan Hailiang was confused by Lin Mumu’s momentum. He could only ignore this thorn and start by other people, so he looked at Chen Fangya who didn’t seem to know how to speak very well.Aytise’s corner: I really laughed out loud when she asked about their certificate, as if, since she’s got one with her Yun Ting, everybody elese should do the same, hahaha