Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Rather than thanks, give money (Part 1)

After finishing the exam, it was Sunday, and the students could rest for a day. The day after, the results will be announced and their life or death will be decided.

On this day of rest, An Mingxuan took the initiative to invite Lin Mumu and her dormitory roommates to a barbecue buffet.

Lin Mumu was the ‘no meat, no joy’ type of person, and completely upheld the foodie character. From beginning to end, her mouth didn’t stop for a moment, and An Mingxuan quite gentlemanly took the initiative to look after the grill, mainly to help Lin Mumu barbecue her meat.

One barbecued while the other ate in a very synchronized manner, and they both appeared somehow well-matched. Even An Xiaoqin couldn’t help but stare at the both of them.

An Mingxuan was famous for his ‘ice block’ character. Taking the initiative to invite them out for a meal was already unusual. But during the last time’s matter, they hurriedly offered a big help to An Xiaoqin, so the big brother should indeed invite them to dinner.

An Xiaoqin thought that her older brother would once more have the ‘give dinner money and walk away’ kind of attitude. But she didn’t expect that he would not only accompany them for the meal, but also help barbecue meat for them.

In their dormitory room, Lin Mumu was the one who could eat the most. The remaining three people’s food added up couldn’t even compare to what Lin Mumu ate in a single sitting.

Therefore, even though An Mingxuan was at the beginning very gentlemanly grilling meat for the four people, after a while, he ended up becoming Lin Mumu’s personal service assistant.

Waiting until Lin Mumu was almost done eating, An Mingxuan once again took the initiative to get up to bring her some ice cream and several small and exquisite snacks and pastries.

Lin Mumu was the type that was happy as long as long as she could eat, and simple mindedly and solely engrossed herself in eating without even lifting her head during the whole meal.

The other two roommates were obviously focused on looking at the handsome guy, but she was solely focused on looking at her food! She might even have already forgotten there was such a big and handsome guy next to her!

“Duan Hailiang has already been sentenced to three years of prison for rape attempt. For this time’s matter, I really want to address my thanks to you.” An Mingxuan looked the girls that were more or less done eating, and then fixed his gaze on Lin Mumu who was still fighting with her ice cream while saying.

He was expressing his thanks, but he mainly targeted Lin Mumu.

Chapter 38 – Rather than thanks, give money (Part 2)

Who would have thought Lin Mumu would merely let out an ‘oh’ of agreement before putting down her ice cream and saying with a serious expression: “What do you mean by merely saying thanks? I heard that you were called young master An, your family must be very rich, right? You should then directly use more practical means to express your gratitude. ”

For a moment, the remaining four people at the table didn’t know how to follow up to that.

After all, doing somebody a favor without expecting rewards was a virtue. Yet, the moment Lin Mumu started talking, she asked for money, couldn’t she act according to convention??

“What’s wrong? I came from the mountains and don’t understand the usual practices of outside. In the last events, since Yuanyuan protected Xiaoqin, you should give her three or five thousand if you want to express your gratitude.”

“Alright.” An Mingxuan was also an open-minded and generous person. He instantly asked Liu Yuanyuan for her bank account number.

Lin Mumu added: “Since gifts were given as thanks, we won’t mention this matter anymore in the future, and no one will owe anything to anyone. Xiao Nigu, what do you say?”

(TN: In case you forgot, Xiao Nigu means little Buddhist nun, it’s Cheng Fangya’s nickname, Lin Mumu’s nicknames is Xiao Daogu, which means little Daoist nun.)

“I have no objection. For the time being, I’m not short on money. Yuanyuan’s grandmother is sick, giving her the money is just right.”

Liu Yuanyuan wanted to decline at first, but her expression appeared to be struggling for a while, before she finally nodded.

An Mingxuan used his telephone to wire the money from his bank account, and quickly received it a notification that the transaction was complete. Without finishing her meal, Liu Yuanyuan immediately stood up to busy herself with transferring the money back to her family in her hometown.

“Since Liu Yuanyuan’s family had some problems, why didn’t she tell us?” An Xiaoqin also knew not to blame Lin Mumu wrongly. She merely wanted to help Liu Yuanyuan by using this way.

“Yuanyuan has a very strong ego.” Lin Mumu said a few words, then bowed her head to continue fighting with her ice cream.

Lin Mumu had long been concerned with Liu Yuanyuan’s grandmother’s illness, but she couldn’t directly give her money. This time’s opportunity was just perfect.

Who said that a hero standing bravely for the truth shouldn’t be rewarded by material things? In order to protect An Xiaoqin, Liu Yuanyuan not only risked being accused of a crime, but also got her arm injured, and the wound hadn’t even healed yet.

Lin Mumu finished eating her small bowl of ice cream, and found that someone had already prepared another one for her.

Since someone was willing to help her get her food, she’ll just eat for now and put off the discussion until later ~~

“This ice cream is really delicious. In the mountains, we only had our own frozen popsicles. There were no such soft and smooth ice creams.” Lin Mumu happily ate while reminiscing.