Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Was she eliminated? (Part 1)

When Liu Yuanyuan came back, she was determined to express her thanks, but Chen Fangya seamlessly changed the topic and didn’t give her the opportunity.

“Mumu, in the end, how did you do in the exam? It’s unlikely we’ll have to prepare a farewell party for you, right?”

“I should be able to pass, master said I was a genius.” Lin Mumu replied subconsciously, she naturally could! She just didn’t know how wonderful Yun Ruoshan’s expression would be when she’ll learn she did.

“What genius! Which student who got into Beijing University isn’t a genius?!” Chen Fangya was really worried about Lin Mumu.

“I don’t really care, ah. Anyway, my learning of religious studies doesn’t depend on the school. As long as I follow my master, I can study anywhere. Professor Lin said that if Beijing University doesn’t want me, we will immediately go to China University.”

“You’ll take the professor away with you? You’re awesome!” Chen Fangya gave Lin Mumu a thumb up.

An Mingxuan’s expression brightened: “Professor Lin? You mean Lin Tianlang’s master Professor Lin Wu?”

“Yes, ah.” Lin Mumu unconcernedly continued to eat her ice cream.

“It turns out you are the junior sister Lin Tianlang had mentioned before. Sure enough, a famous teacher trains a fine student.” (TN: Idiom meaning a cultured man will have a deep influence on his successors.)

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“En, I suppose my master’s ultimate regret would be accepting me, this unworthy disciple.” Lin Mumu smiled while bending her eyebrows in beautiful arc, “I heard senior brother Lin has a very intimate male friend, it couldn’t possibly be you right?”

“it might really be me.” An Mingxuan shook his head helplessly: “The both of us are just friends, not the kind of thing you’re thinking of. I’m a normal man and I like women.”

An Xiaoqin raised her head one more time to stare doubtfully at her older brother. Regarding the rumors circulating around his ambiguous relationship with Lin Tianlang, he had never denied or defended himself. He merely kept silent since he felt this could keep women away and stop bothering him so he could be saved from a lot of troublesome situations.

What does he mean by suddenly explaining himself now?

One day later, the test results were finally announced, and the number of places available for the preparatory class was also publicized.

Chapter 39 – Was she eliminated? (Part 2)

For the predatory class of the three departments of liberal arts, science, and engineering, there was a total of 60 slots, with 20 people in each class. For the 3 000 freshmen of Beijing University, 60 slots were basically the same as many monks and not much gruel. (TN: idiom meaning demand exceeds supply.)

The biggest news today would be the reveal of those 60 people who could stand at the top of Beijing University.

In the end, liberal arts also got 20 places. Chen Fangya wasn’t really care who got into the preparatory classes, she was more concerned about whether Lin Mumu would be eliminated or not due to her results in the exam.

Unfortunately, people were crowded in front of the results and they couldn’t even get in!

Chen Fangya was also struggling with tremendous strength in vain before finally forcefully pulling a boy at the front to ask him anxiously:

“Is there anyone who was eliminated?”

“Classmate, are you joking? This is Beijing University.”

“I’m only asking you if there is!”

“Of course there’s none.”

“Hu.” (TN: exhale, as in breath out in relief.)

Chen Fangya immediately squeezed herself out of the surrounding crowd and rushed to the back. She excitedly pulled Lin Mumu: “It’s great! Lin Mumu, congratulations, you weren’t eliminated! Xiao Daogu, we can now spend the next four years together!”

“You are Lin Mumu!?!” The boy who answered Chen Fangya before looked at Lin Mumu as if she was a monster.

Unfortunately, Lin Mumu’s side was busting with noise and excitement and she didn’t have the time to answer him.

Yun Ruoshan and another female student also walked by Lin Mumu, and said in a salty tone: “You can get this excited merely by not being eliminated, how unsophisticated. This classmate, did you just see the list? Is the person who ranked first on the liberal arts list Su Xinlan?”

“Ruoshan, I’m also not too certain. You shouldn’t ask in such a loud voice.” The girl next to Yun Ruoshan seemed embarrassed and spoke timidly, but her eyes betrayed her strong feeling of superiority.

“Why are you so proud of yourself? Isn’t it just being a top-scorer in the liberal arts department?” An Xiaoqin unhappily retorted. She could clearly see what Su Xinlan and Yun Ruoshan were playing at. Even fools could see Yun Ruoshan’s hostility to Lin Mumu, and Su Xinlan always liked to play the self-proclaimed talented woman who looked down on everybody else.