Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – My big brother is being used like pothole (Part 1)

The place where Lin Mumu invited her roommates for dinner was a small hot pot restaurant. The four people happily cooked their meat and ate in a lively mood.

“Lin Mumu, you’re no fun. I really didn’t expect you to be hiding your skills so well. How did such a high score come out?” Chen Fangya was the first to ridicule her.

“The examination paper was very simple.” Lin Mumu replied in a few words and then focused her whole attention on ordering the dishes.

“Simple? You monster! Do you know just how many people were stumped by this examination paper? There was clearly a big gap in difficulty between this test and the college entrance exam!”

“Didn’t you say you never attended high school?”

“I told you, I’m self-taught.”

“Alright, we will never understand the way top students view the world.”

“True, when I was in high school, people also called me a top student. But when I arrived at Beijing University, I finally knew that in the wider world, there are always more talented people than you.”

The four people each happily spoke in turns about the day’s events.

“This won’t do! Today, I have to be the one treating you!” An Xiaoqin suddenly shouted agitatedly: “Did you see how the face of that little bitch Su Xinlan almost cramped from embarrassment today? What a satisfying slap! Lin Mumu, you’re practically my little lucky star.”

“Since the female local tyrant insists, I have no objection. Anyway, the bigger the responsibility, the bigger the responsibility.” Lin Mumu agreed with a deadpan expression and immediately called over the waiter.

(TN: Local tyrant is a slang for nouveau rich or little influential person, a joking/mocking way to say she’s the wealthiest among them. Also, a deadpan expression means deadly earnest, very serious, a straight face.)

“Give us a few more dishes, two more plates of mutton, one more plate of beef, one more plate of meatballs, two more plates of tripe.”

“Sure enough, since it’s not your money you’re spending you don’t feel bad about it, do you?”

Lin Mumu had barely finished her sentence when a deep and magnetic voice sounded:

“Classmate Lin, did you prepare the food for me?”

“Of course not! You can join if you want, but you can’t rob my food.” Lin Mumu activated the food-protection mode.

“It’s fine, the female local tyrant Xiaoqin has money, I can order some more.”

“En, this is more reasonable! You can rest assured, If you can’t finish it, I’ll be glad to help you.” Lin Mumu laughed happily while holding her stomach.

The person who just came was actually An Mingxuan.

Even An Xiaoqin wondered why he came when she actually didn’t even invite him.

Aytise’s corner: I wonder if Lin Mumu realizes she’s the actual local tyrant? The whole city will soon tremble anywhere she goes as she causes chaos! XD Also, I absolutely love how she activates her little modes, I should start counting how many of them there are! The curious 1000 whys mode, the little fortune teller mode, the foodie mode, food protection mode, haha. I can’t wait for the seducing mode and acting aggrieved while angering everybody else to death mode

Chapter 41 – My big brother is being used like pothole (Part 2)

Before the meal, An Mingxuan called her and casually asked her about her plans that evening. She simply said that she would be eating hot pot at the East Gate of Beijing University. She didn’t expect he would actually come to look for her?

An Xiaoqin looked at her big brother who took the initiative and gentlemanly offered to help Lin Mumu cook her meat and was flabbergasted. Even her, his own little sister, didn’t enjoy this kind of treatment!

So, did her big brother come for Lin Mumu? But he didn’t seem to have anything he needed her for to actually come for her, did he?

“Big Brother, were you looking for me?” An Xiaoqin deliberately asked.

“I was passing by after getting off work. I saw you guys eat in a lively mood and came to tag along.”

Passing by? Ha ha! (TN: Mocking laughter.)

You work in the south of the city, and our home is also located in the south of the city. How did you get off work and pass by Beijing University in the north of the city?

An Xiaoqin didn’t expose his lie, but when her brother wasn’t looking, she took out her mobile phone and took a picture of her big brother naturally picking vegetables for Lin Mumu. She put the picture in a new message and sent it to her mother along a sentence:

My brother is being used like a pothole.

(TN: pothole means an idiot who has a hole in his head/a screw loose and is being cheated like a fool, or used like a tool.)

In his mind An Mingxuan was thinking about his meeting with Lin Tianlang today. The later had said that Lin Mumu was his junior sister and fellow disciple, however there was a certain difference between them. While he was an entrance-door, Lin Mumu was actually an inner-door disciple.

The ancient Chinese culture was a very subtle thing. In ancient times, the master would accept many disciples. They were all taught at home before and once they entered the door of the temple to be disciples, they would be called entrance-door disciples.

Only one or two students who can attend to the master and enter the inner hall to learn more are called inner-door disciples.

Such a little girl turned out to be an inner-door disciple Professor Lin personally accepted.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

What’s even more amazing is that Lin Tianlang had a lot of cherished potted plants. However, his old master, who was known as a flower-raising expert who couldn’t keep anything alive, suddenly had the 13 extravagant pots transferred in a high-profile manner into the official business area belonging to Lin Tianlang and Professor Lin.

An Mingxuan was a special policeman with strong analytical skills. Lin Tianlang didn’t have those things before, which means neither he or his teacher had the talent to raise flowers. So why now? The only factor of difference was the arrival of Lin Mumu.

The moment he met this Lin Mumu, he knew she wasn’t that simple. It seemed the more he found out about her, the more interesting he felt she was.

Aytise’s corner: Bad news, our dear Mingxuan is showing signs of falling in love…