Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – She’s very fierce (Part 1)

Lin Mumu and the other four ate and laughed heatedly. Liu Yuanyuan’s even joked: “There’s delicious food to eat, and a handsome guy to see! We really made a profit.”

Su Xinlan and Yun Ruoshan were also having dinner together, but the mood was somewhat bleak.

Su Xinlan’s grades were actually really good, and her achievement as the national top student in liberal arts was also due to her real ability. If it wasn’t for Lin Mumu, she would still be ranked first this time again.

“Ruoshan, I have never taken second place in my whole life.” Su Xinlan for the first time: “I thought that if I always took first place and got admitted into Beijing University, I could get closer to him.

Who knew that bitch would not only rob my brother Tianlang, she’d also steal my first place?

Ruoshan, I’m not reconciled.”

(TN: You might have already known, he’s obviously not her actual brother, but in Chinese you can refer to a man you like as brother to show intimate relationship, or just a friend you’re on good terms with.)

“Believe me, Lin Mumu’s results this time must be fake. How can a village girl that came from the mountains like her compare with you? Su Xinlan, you are the top talented woman in Beijing! Who doesn’t know how much hardship you’ve been through in your studies?

Just listen to me, when she arrives at the liberal arts class, you can talk to her in English. Do you believe that a village girl like her can speak English?”

“As long as her spoken English is not good, we will expose her cheating in front of everyone! I have inquired about it, it seems she’s the illegitimate daughter of Professor Lin from the religious studies department. She actually got admitted into university using his connections.

I also heard that the people from the religious studies have very strange and dishonest practices, and also know sorcery. Maybe Professor Lin secretly helped her change the score.” Yun Ruoshan arbitrarily asserted her view.

“My brother Tianlang is excluded.”

“Alright, alright, your Lin Tianlang is excluded.”

There were obviously only a few steps from the hotpot restaurant to their school, yet, An Mingxuan still insisted on sending them back, his reason being:

“There are this many beautiful women that are so pretty I can only reluctantly be a flower-guarding envoy to prevent the wild wolves from attacking you again.”

Chapter 42 – She’s very fierce (Part 2)

“What? Only your sister is beautiful. She’s very fierce.” Lin Mumu looked at An Xiaoqin and mischievously curled her lips.

“Very fierce?” An Mingxuan didn’t understand at first, but when followed Lin Mumu’s gaze, he instantly understood. Still, he didn’t reveal any unnatural behavior. He was a mature man, and not a little boy, so he didn’t feel ashamed about admiring a woman’s body.

His sister belonged to the well-developed category.

Then, An Mingxuan’s gaze unconsciously landed on Lin Mumu’s chest. She didn’t have An Xiaoqin’s size nor ‘fierceness’, but she still enjoyed a different kind of characteristics.

Lin Mumu belonged to the ‘fresh and delicate type, and made people feel very natural and comfortable, especially when she was in a good mood.

Her body was not as enchanting as An Xiaoqin’s, but she had the tenderness of a little woman. She had some softness on her slender waist that must be very comfortable to hold. Her chest wasn’t very large, but it was light and lovely, enough for your whole hand to be filled in a full grip. For a moment, he couldn’t help but think about the feeling of holding her softness in his palm.

Lin Mumu seemed to not be particularly fond of dressing up. Today, she was casually wearing a white t-shirt and a floral skirt. She was dressed in a clean and refreshing way, which accentuated her youthful college student aura, and made her body seem full of vigor. An Mingxuan unconsciously threw a few more glances her way.

Lin Mumu was unaware that she was being observed in such a way, and was cheerfully sending text messages while walking.

“Yun Ting, today, I ranked first in the examination, aren’t I very powerful?”

“En, my Xiao Mutou is the most powerful.”

“You’re no fun, why don’t you show any pleasant surprise, shock, or horror?”

“Eh, little girl, you’re so powerful, does your family know that?” (TN: He’s playing surprised.)

“Master already knows, then, do you know?”

Lin Mumu didn’t wait for his reply, but rather expected a certain someone’s phone call.

“You guys go back first, I’ll go to the bamboo house.”

Lin Mumu said her goodbyes then busily talked on the phone as she walked towards the Yan Shui lake bamboo house instead of the dormitory with An Xiaoqin and the others.

Aytise’s corner: “Eh, little girl, you’re so powerful, does your family know that?” “Master already knows, then, do you know?” Alright, this is what I call subtle flirting XD