Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Is English more difficult than Chinese? (Part 1)

Because of the crowd, Lin Mumu could only reluctantly turn around. Se helplessly looked at Su Xinlan:

“First of all, languages exist for the purpose of helping with our academic research. Because I have to read more documents and materials, I will learn English, but I will not regard it as a major achievement in itself. What’s the use of such thinking?

You’re from the Foreign Languages department, so you want me to talk to you in English. Since I’m from the religious studies department, should I have you use Taoist scriptures to talk to me?

Should I feel like the mundane English can’t possibly compare to Taoist scriptures?

“Lin Mumu, you cheated on the exam, and now you’re guilty, right? You can’t speak English at all!” Su Xinlan arrogantly denounced Lin Mumu in English.

However, Lin Mumu merely replied by saying a few words Su Xinlan didn’t understand at all.

“I asked you to speak English, not to babble nonsense.” Su Xinlan got somewhat anxious from waiting.

Lin Mumu sneered at her, and then simply walked away.

When Lin Mumu was already quite far from them, Yun Ruoshan wanted to work up the crowd with Su Xinlan in order to denounce Lin Mumu and expose her cheating. However, a girl of majoring in Chinese language in the liberal arts preparatory class kindly remind Su Xinlan:

“Just now, Lin Mumu spoke in ancient Chinese. She said that if you can understand it, you can talk to her in ancient Chinese, and in her turn, she’ll accompany you in English. In the end, you didn’t understand her ancient Chinese. But since she was able to answer you so accurately, she must have definitely understood what you said in English.

Su Xinlan’s face became more and more unsightly. Her Chinese language marks were also good, however, she didn’t dabble in such tricky things like ancient Chinese.

“Classmate xia is right. When we learn, we must first be modest and open-minded, and know how to respect our classmates, instead of being blinded by jealousy and seeking trouble all the time.” The head teacher of the preparatory class for the liberal arts students also added his thoughts as a final comment.

After the student’s explanation and the teacher’s affirmation, the crowd started viewing Su Xinlan and Yun Ruoshan differently. They actually wanted to make other look bad, yet ended up digging their own graves. From now onwards, would they still have the face to stay in the preparatory class?

Chapter 46 – Is English more difficult than Chinese? (Part 2)

After hearing that Lin Mumu had quit the preparatory class because she was sure of the major she had chosen, the girl surnamed Xia also chose to quit for a simple reason:

“The History Department had always been my dream. Now that I have chosen it, I also have no plans on changing my major. I’d rather concentrate on my subject from the beginning of my freshman year.”

Then, another boy also opted out. The liberal arts preparatory class lost three people in one breath. In the end, the school informed the three people who were on the waiting list to fill the empty slots, and the class still had 20 people.

At the same time, in the religious studies department.

This year’s Beijing University Religious Studies department would be led by graduate student Lin Tianlang as an internship head teacher. Being able to get such a capable and handsome class teacher, everyone was a little excited.

However, religious studies were really an unpopular subject. In the whole class, there were only 12 people, 10 boys and 2 girls.

In the curiosity and nature of young people, the two girls of their own profession still have to secretly understand.

Curiosity was in young people’s nature. Having two new girls in their class, the students naturally wanted to secretly inquire about them.

Originally, Lin Mumu had a sweet smile on her face and treated everyone politely, so she had quite the favorable impression in the class. Unfortunately, her grades were so good she instantly soared to higher skies.

Chen Fangya grumbled in a depressed mood: “Xiao Daogu went to the preparatory class and left me alone.”

“Don’t worry, since there’s only one girl in the class, we’ll let you be the class monitor.” A tall boy opened his mouth to talk, and seemed to have high prestige among the rest of the male students. Everyone instantly supported his idea.

“That wouldn’t be so fair, would it?” Chen Fangya cutely blinked and showed a reluctant expression, however her eyes clearly showed that she was actually considering it.

“There were originally only two girls in our class. We had already decided that we would let you choose a class monitor. But you’re the only one here now.” The boy spoke seriously with an earnest face.

“Alright then, I will certainly lead our religious studies department to glory!” Chen Fangya declared righteously while patting her chest as If she was swearing her loyalty.