Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – The big brother whose elbow turned outwards (Part 1)

(TN: ‘Elbow turning outward’ or ‘turning in the wrong way’ is an idiom meaning to favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side.)

At the moment, it was estimated that the more than 3000 freshmen were all discussing the military training.

Military training was a nightmare for others but it meant nothing for Lin Mumu.

Merely Standing in the sun, walking in square-shaped formations, understanding and learning how to fire a gun, and such things. It’ wasn’t as hard as they imagined.

Especially for Lin Mumu who had been trained in those kinds of things by her master since childhood, it was a piece of cake. At least, military training didn’t require making high-difficulty movements or spilling blood.

In the evening, the female dormitory was full of plaintive whines of geese. (TN: It means land swarming with disaster victims or starving people, in this context, it’s said mockingly at the girls’ exaggerated complaints.)

Because the military training materials have already been distributed, they have each been preparing a large luggage since the afternoon, constantly filling it as if afraid it would be too empty.

The military already knew about the female students’ many possessions, so the soldier that came also delivered on military bag for every person to limit what they could bring with them, and no more than one bag was allowed.

Furthermore, it was really a small bag. If you put in your toothbrush, rinsing cup, towel, soap, and underwear, it was basically full.

The female students all continuously chattered in protest, but facing a strong military trained man, no protest was effective.

Not to mention they wouldn’t be wearing their beautiful clothes at the camp but the military training uniform, which were a camouflage suit, a common military cap, and a pair of military boots.

What high-heels and shoulder straps? Dream on.

“I’d rather die than live this way. What about my countenance of a flower and face like the moon, ah!” An Xiaoqin was so angry she quickly broke into tears and exaggeratedly let out aggrieved howls in their dormitory room.

(TN: Idiom exaggerating the beauty of a woman, there are many of this kind in Chinese.)

“I think you look good no matter what you wear. You must also look beautiful in camouflage clothes.” Lin Mumu kindly comforted her, “You have a good figure, if you wear the military uniform, you’ll look very valiant. Take it as playing cosplay. “

Chapter 48 – The big brother whose elbow turned outwards (Part 2)

“Right, ah, this young lady was naturally born beautiful, even camouflage clothes can’t conceal my radiance. Come here, help me take a picture, I want to send it to my big brother.” An Xiaoqin quickly regained her vitality and changed into her camouflage suit to take pictures.

“I also want to do it!” Chen Fangya instantly joined in the fun.

“Mumu, please take pictures of me as well, I want to show them to my grandmother.” Even the introverted Liu Yuanyuan didn’t want to lag behind.

Having a mobile phone capable of taking pictures was really convenient. One person in the room continuously took pictures of the other, and finally took a group photo.

An Xiaoqin sent photos of her and her roommates wearing the military uniform to her big brother An Mingxuan. Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan also sent the photos to their relatives by QQ.

Lin Mumu gave in to her playful hearts, and also sent Yun Ting two pictures.

“Am I good-looking wearing a military uniform?” Lin Mumu proudly asked Yun Ting on QQ.

“Good-looking, my wife looks good in everything she wears.” Yun Ting was unexpectedly instantly appeared online.

“You’re begin perfunctory, humph! I’ve never seen you wearing a military uniform.”

“You’ll be able to see it very soon.”

“You’re deceiving me, the earliest we’ll meet is November!” When she sent out her message, Lin Mumu regretted it somewhat. She knew Yun Ting had a mission, so she shouldn’t be so impatient just because she wanted to see him and missed him very much.

On a chair nearby, An Xiaoqin was even more annoyed and angrily muttered: “I’ve never seen such a big brother whose elbow turned outwards. He actually said Lin Mumu looked better than this young lady!”

“How can it be possible for us lowly mortals to compare with the prettiest female student of our school?” Lin Mumu burst in laughter.

“Look for yourself!” An Xiaoqin effortlessly sold out her big brother, and showed his text message to Lin Mumu, which said:

“Lin Mumu looks more elegant and graceful than you.”

“Big Brother An has good taste!” Chen Fangya seconded his opinion.

“Even you are biased towards Lin Mumu!”

“I think each has its own merits, if Xiaoqin’s chest was a little smaller, it would look better in the military uniform.” Liu Yuanyuan also added in a sentence.

“You’re all just banding together to annoy me! You’re just jealous!”

Lin Mumu’s dormitory room was especially lively. Just a while earlier, they were all somewhat nervous about the military training, but now they were even more curious about it, and were even somewhat looking forwards the exciting new things they’ll experience there.