Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – How big was her hatred to punish her this way (Part 1)

Chen Fangya was so already so anxious the rim of her eyes turned red. She angrily turned around and said: “Don’t you have any sympathy? Lin Mumu has already been standing in this posture for three hours. Have you never heard that standing in the military posture was actually the most tortuous exercise? After standing for so long, her legs must definitely be very close to giving out. She’s just a young female student, not a soldier. No, this won’t do! I have to go look for senior Lin for help!”

“I advise you not to go, we’re currently in military training and instructors hold the authority. The teachers can’t interfere in military training, you’re only be able to see your head teacher in the evening.”

“Bastards! But what if he makes Lin Mumu keep standing until evening?” An Xiaoqin was also anxious: “This is excessive, they also won’t allow us to keep our mobile phones!”

Liu Yuanyuan came up with an idea: “In any case, they can’t stop people from going to the toilet, right?”

Who knew the instructor would immediately hear and instantly criticized her solemnly: “The resting time is for you to handle your personal matters, the rest of the time, it’s not allowed.”

“What about Lin Mumu?” This time, many people began to support Lin Mumu. The instructor’s punishment was too harsh for a girl. More importantly, Lin Mumu was also actually really capable of maintaining the military posture for so long and was still firmly standing straight.

What’s more, instructor Wang Chong was so ruthless he let her stand in the scorching sun while everyone else when to have lunch and she was punished. She wasn’t allowed to eat or take a break, and she was constantly strictly supervised by soldiers like Wang Chong to make sure she was maintaining the standing posture.

The instructor also righteously told Lin Mumu: “However long you will keep the station, I will also be accompanying you.”

When Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin came back from their lunch break, they cried out: “Teacher, you’re too much. She’s only a little female student. Besides, she didn’t even make any mistake. Why are you this harsh on her? She’s already been standing for 7 hours, her legs must have completely gone numb.”

“The sun is scorching, yet, you won’t even her wear a cap. Is what you’re doing military training? You’re just mistreating people!”

Chen Fangya flung her arm: “If you want to deduct points, just deduct them. I’m going out to give a call to senior Lin!”

Chapter 51 – How big was his hatred to punish her this way (Part 2)

“You don’t need to, I’m fine.” Lin Mumu still stopped Chen Fangya’s impulse. Military training was considered the first course in their college lives, and its marks were very important. She didn’t want Chen Fangya to get her points deducted points for her. Although this military posture was too tiring, Lin Mumu could still keep up with it temporarily.

An Xiaoqin was unwilling to be left out and also shouted: “All the fellow classmate, come take a look, a military instructor is mistreating students! He not only made a little female student stand in military posture in the sun for 7 hours, he also didn’t let eat, take a break or even go to the toilet!”

“Lin Mumu hasn’t gone to the bathroom for 7 hours, can’t she go at least once?” Liu Yuanyuan also fought with them to help her.

Many people started surrounding them. 7 hours of punishment was really too much, let alone girls, even boys wouldn’t bear it. This instructor was nothing good. (TN: nothing good, bad news.)

There were naturally many voices of support for Lin Mumu that emerged in the crowd, but Wang Chong was determined to properly sort out Lin Mumu this time. He shouted loudly: “This is the army, not the school, do you all have no discipline anymore?”

When they started mentioning going to the toilet, Lin Mumu could actually really feel something hot and humid running down her tight.

What bad luck, her period came at such a moment!

“Reporting to senior officer, I request to go to the toilet.” Lin Mumu stated in a loud voice, “I can’t hold it anymore. I have to go.”

“Not allowed.” Wang Chong was particularly strict with Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu was now really annoyed. She glanced at Wang Chong and said: “I’m already fed up with your excessive punishment. I’m now going to the toilet! If you have the ability, you can stop me.”

Lin Mumu said her piece and turned around to walk away.

The instructor’s dignity was provoked and he instantly got angry. Like a tiger, he abruptly rushed towards Lin Mumu and threw a kick at her legs.

Because she had been inactive for too long, Lin Mumu’s legs had become numb and felt as if they were filled with lead.

Lin Mumu didn’t expect a big military instructor like himself would go as far as to make such a ruthless move on a little frail girl like her. Did he want to break her legs with this kick? How big was his hatred?

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