Chapter 1932

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Chapter 1932: Waiting for a rabbit by a tree stump (4)

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This worm was very special. As long as Chen Xiaobei held it, he would be able to communicate with it spiritually, allowing him to hear another person’s voice!

This worm was the mother Gu of the intimate Gu!

The person Chen Xiaobei was eavesdropping on was none other than Qin Wuxin, who had been poisoned by the knowing mind Gu!

Ever since the last time he planted the Voodoo, Chen Xiaobei would eavesdrop on Qin Wuxin whenever he had time!

However, Chen Xiaobei had been cultivating in seclusion for the past 13 days and did not manage to get any useful information.

Chen Xiaobei finally managed to eavesdrop on Qin Wuxin’s conversation at sunset.

The gist of his words was that the clay Bodhisattva had predicted that Chen Xiaobei might encounter a disaster tonight. If Chen Xiaobei kept going west, he would be safe. However, if Chen Xiaobei did not move, a disaster was bound to happen!

Although intimate Gu was profound, it had its own limitations!

The biggest limitation was that Chen Xiaobei could only hear Qin Wuxin’s voice and not anyone else’s.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei did not know what the clay Bodhisattva had calculated. He also did not know that the clay Bodhisattva and mu chenfeng had become the canopy great country’s loyal dogs.

However, Chen Xiaobei was a man with the heart of a scholar!

With his intelligence, he had already guessed what kind of disaster would happen tonight!

Nbsp; first of all, if he used the somersault cloud to head west, he would be able to reach heaven dominating faction’s base before dawn. That way, he would be able to avoid the disaster!

Secondly, if they didn’t move, the spies from the demonic sect would expose the location of this team again, and the demonic sect would attack them again!

One had to know that during the day, this small team was almost wiped out by the demon spirit heart-burning poison!

This was enough to show that the demonic sect had already set their eyes on this team, and they must get rid of this team!

Nbsp; if they allowed this team to return to heaven covering sect’s base, the demon sect would lose their chance!

Therefore, the demonic sect would definitely come tonight. They would definitely be ruthless to ensure that they could completely eliminate this team!

That was why Chen Xiaobei had listened to Jiang Shaodian’s arrangement and set up camp with the rest. They were waiting for the demonic sect to attack them!

If they could capture the important figures of the demonic sect, it would be a great help in finding the spies!

Night fell, and the sky was completely dark.

Nbsp; everyone from heaven dominating faction sat around the fire, eating barbecued meat and drinking wine. They didn’t look like they were here for a mission at all, but more like they were out for a picnic.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei would not hang out with them. He found a place with an open view and stood there quietly, watching everything around him.

“Young master Chen! Come over and drink some wine to warm your body!” Monroe shouted and ran toward Chen Xiaobei.

The temperature on devil earth was-30 to-40 degrees Celsius all year round.

Although it was not enough to harm the body of a spirit-forging stage cultivator, it would still make them feel extremely cold!

Especially on a night without sunlight, it was bone-piercingly cold and unbearable.

“I’m not going,” Quot; don’t worry! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; just go. Don’t worry about me. Quot;

Menglu went up to Chen and whispered, ” “Childe Chen, are you worried that the people from the demonic sect will suddenly attack?”

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; they’ll definitely come tonight. You have to be on your guard! Quot;

Menglu clenched her fists and said, ” “It’s good that they’re here! I’m going to beat them up until their teeth are all over the ground!”

“Menglu! Don’t be silly! You believe whatever that kid says? Do you think he’s a clay Buddha?”

At that moment, Jiang Shaodian walked over with a look of disdain.

Nbsp; the others from heaven dominating faction also followed. It was the middle of the night and everyone was really bored. They just wanted to watch the fun.

“Senior brother Shaodian! Why are you eavesdropping?” Monroe was a little displeased.

“I’m just concerned about you!” Jiang Shaodian said with a serious face. I’m afraid you’ll be deceived! That brat said that the devil’s religion would come, obviously to scare you, to trick you into throwing yourself into his arms!”

Menglu frowned and said, Master Chen is not that kind of person! He really wanted to deal with the demonic sect! To uphold justice!”

“Him? Pfft! Hahaha …”

Quot; hahahaha! Quot; Jiang Shaodian laughed disdainfully. Quot; it’s already very brave of a hotheaded young man like him to not wet his pants in fear of the demonic sect Army! Quot; They still wanted to deal with the demonic sect? You still want to uphold justice? This is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard!”

“Senior brother Shaodian! How can you say that!”

Menglu said angrily, ” Childe Chen has a giant barbaric Tiger. That’s a one-star earth-god level beast! Your mounts are all inferior, aren’t they?”

“Right! We can’t beat him in terms of mounts!”

Jiang Shaodian suddenly changed the topic and said,”however, in a real battle, who would win by riding a Mount?” That giant barbaric Tiger is only a one-star earth-god instrument. Which one of us doesn’t have a two-star earth-god instrument? Who would be afraid of it?”

Quot; this … Quot; menglu was stunned and speechless.

Nbsp; it must be known that everyone here came from the Azure Dragon continent. They were all disciples of heaven dominating faction. They were all the most elite young people from various races and forces!

Especially Jiang Shaodian, ishiqi Gale, and the others, they were the princes, princesses, and princes of the top forces!

If these people did not have one or two two-star earth-god instruments, they would be too embarrassed to go out!

In terms of mounts, the giant barbaric Tiger was indeed very cool! No one present could compare!

However, in terms of combat power, the giant barbaric Tiger was actually not that strong. Even Monroe could easily crush the giant barbaric Tiger!

This was also the basis of Jiang Shaodian’s arrogance. Quot; “Menglu, to tell you the truth, I still have a three-star earth-god instrument! If we really start a war, I’ll destroy this kid in minutes!”

Monroe’s heart tightened, and she quickly tried to mediate, ” “Senior brother Shaodian! There’s only a small misunderstanding between you and young master Chen. Please don’t fight!”

Jiang Shaodian laughed arrogantly and said, ” “I’m not that narrow-minded! Otherwise, I could have made my move during the day and directly exterminated this stinky brat and that stinky Tiger!”

Upon hearing that, menglu heaved a sigh of relief. Xia Longxiang also nodded slightly, praising Jiang Shaodian’s magnanimity!

To the crowd, Chen Xiaobei was no match for Jiang Shaodian. It was all thanks to Jiang Shaodian’s magnanimity that he did not lower himself to Chen Xiaobei’s level. Otherwise, Chen Xiaobei would have been dead!

However, no one knew that Jiang Shaodian was actually an extremely hypocritical person.

On the surface, Jiang Shaodian did not bother to argue with Chen Xiaobei. He was very magnanimous!

Jiang Shaodian had secretly colluded with ishiqi Gale to plot against Chen Xiaobei!

This was a typical two-faced man! Two-faced!

This kind of person was the most despicable and sinister!

“Young master Jiang, the people from the demonic sect are here!”

Chen Xiaobei pointed at the sky and said, ” “Since you’re so awesome, we’ll all watch your performance in tonight’s battle!”