Chapter 1933

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Chapter 1933: Already defeated (1)

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“The people from the demonic sect are here? Where is it?”

Jiang Shaodian’s expression froze for a moment before he quickly looked around.

The surrounding people were also shocked and became nervous. However, there was no one in the surroundings.

“You little brat! Do you think we’re fools?”

“There’s not even a ghost around here,” Jiang Shaodian said angrily.”How can there be people from the demonic sect?” If I don’t show my might, do you think I’m a sick cat?”

“Don’t be noisy! Listen carefully!” Chen Xiaobei pointed at the sky and pulled Monroe behind him.

Everyone quieted down. Immediately, they heard the whistling of strong winds coming from the sky.

“Everyone, be on guard! Someone’s really coming!”

Xia Longxiang shouted loudly and drew out a battleaxe, ready to fight at any moment.

The surrounding people naturally did not dare to be careless. They also took out their weapons and were on full alert.

“Hehe, what’s there to be afraid of?”

However, at that moment, Jiang Shaodian smiled pretentiously and said, ” “I, Jiang Shaodian, am here. Don’t worry, everyone! As long as the demonic people from the demonic sect dare to come, I will definitely make sure that they will not be able to return! Everyone, don’t make a move! Just watch me perform!”

“Senior brother Shaodian! I’m afraid this is not appropriate!” Quot; judging from the commotion in the sky, there should be quite a number of enemies. Let’s fight them together! Quot; Xia Longxiang reminded.

“No! Everyone, listen to me! Don’t attack!”

Jiang Shaodian looked at Chen Xiaobei arrogantly and said, ” “Didn’t someone want to see my performance? I’m going to open his eyes today! I’ll let him know that I, Jiang Shaodian’s strength, is something he will never be able to achieve in his life!”

“Wow! Senior brother Shaodian! You’re so domineering! He’s so manly!” Xia Jin Lin was infatuated and immediately screamed.

Idina and ishiqi Chisa were also Jiang Shaodian’s die-hard fans. They praised, ” “Senior brother Shaodian is indeed the Prince of the Azure Dragon Capital city! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction core disciple! The leader of the seventy-two earthly fiends on the minor heavenly fate ranking! He’s so handsome!”

Jiang Shaodian raised his chin and said proudly, ” “Everyone, just enjoy my performance!”

As he spoke, Jiang Shaodian even threw menglu a flirtatious look.

It was obvious that Jiang Shaodian wanted to fight alone not only to suppress Chen Xiaobei, but also to show off in front of the dream face and win Monroe’s heart.

“Senior brother Shaodian!”

Xia Longxiang’s brows furrowed and he said worriedly, ” “I still think that it’s too risky for you to fight alone …”

“Brother! Stop nagging!”

“Senior brother Shaodian’s cultivation base has already reached the three fire spirit-refining stage, and his combat power is 2.5 million!” Xia Jinlin said with a face full of infatuation. Furthermore, there was a three-star earth-god instrument and two two-star earth-god instruments! There’s no way he’ll be defeated!”

“That’s right!” “Senior brother Xia, do you not have confidence in senior brother Shaodian?” He really doesn’t give face to senior brother Shaodian!”

Quot; alright, I won’t say anything more … Quot; Xia Longxiang did not want to embarrass Jiang Shaodian, so he could only remain silent.

The wind howled and became stronger and stronger. Dark red Shadows began to appear in the sky like meteors, rushing over at extreme speed.

In terms of numbers, there were about a hundred dark red Extreme shadows.

In terms of numbers, these dark red Shadows all had a combat power of one million, and they were extremely fast.

“Hmph Hmph! There are only a hundred of them, not even enough to fill the gaps between my teeth!”

Jiang Shaodian was very confident. He immediately took out a long green saber. On the blade, there was a Green Dragon Shadow floating. The spiritual light was dazzling. One look and one could tell that it was not an ordinary item!

“Blue Dragon Mountain breaking saber!”

“This is one of the ten great treasured sabers of the Azure Dragon Imperial City!” Xia Jinlin shrieked in a daze. A three-star earth-god instrument! The blade slashed out like a Green Dragon! It’s so powerful that it can cut through mountains!”

Edina’s eyes were also full of stars, and she praised, ” Quot; with the Blue Dragon Mountain-breaking saber in hand and senior brother Shaodian’s two-star earth-god instruments, it’s easy to deal with these 100 people! Quot;

Quot; that’s right … You’re absolutely right … Quot; this time, Ishizaki Chisa did not praise him too much. Instead, she secretly exchanged a look with Ishizaki kungfeng, as if there was a deeper meaning behind it.

In the sky, hundreds of dark red Shadows had already charged to a low altitude of about 50 meters from the crowd!

They were huge dark red bats, and on the back of each bat sat a demon from the demonic sect!

However, these hundreds of demonic cultivators all looked a little strange!

They didn’t have any armor or weapons. All of them were wearing black robes and black hats. Their thin bodies didn’t seem to have any combat power. Instead, they gave off a lifeless feeling!

“Hmph! They were just a bunch of old and weak soldiers! How dare you attack us! He’s simply looking for death!”

Jiang Shaodian’s eyes were filled with disdain. He was not afraid of the hundreds of people surrounding him. In fact, he did not even take them seriously.

Of course, Jiang Shaodian had the three-star earth-god instrument, the Azure Dragon Mountain breaking saber, in his hand. He was qualified to look down on them! They also had the confidence to not put these hundreds of people in their eyes!

There were trillions of people in apocalypse Starfield, and there were only a few thousand earth-god instruments in total!

Three-star earth-god artifacts were even rarer!

Other than the higher-ups of heaven dominating faction, the four imperial cities, and a few top-tier wealthy families, it was almost impossible for other forces to have a three-star earth-god instrument!

Of course, the demonic sect had three-star earth-god instruments, but they were very few in number!

None of these people were high-ranking members of the demonic sect, so it was impossible for them to have three-star earth-god instruments!

In this way, Jiang Shaodian would be able to stand on an undefeatable ground. Naturally, he would not care about these enemies!

Jiang Shaodian waved his hand and threw out 10000 medium spiritual stones!

Crushing the spiritual stones with his vital essence would release 100 million low-grade spiritual Qi, which was enough to activate a three-star earth-god instrument to launch an attack!

“Menglu, let’s retreat!”

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei held onto Monroe’s hand and quickly backed away from the crowd!

“Young master Chen? What are you doing?”

Quot; senior brother Shaodian is about to use his ultimate skill. The enemies will be wiped out soon. We don’t have to retreat! Quot; menglu said with a puzzled expression.

“No! Jiang Shaodian has been defeated!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“He was defeated? How … How is this possible?!”

Monroe’s expression froze, unable to understand what Chen Xiaobei meant. Quot; Quot; senior brother Shaodian has a three-star earth-god instrument in his hand. There’s no reason for him to lose! Quot;

“Trust me! Hurry up and retreat!” Chen Xiaobei did not have the time to explain and quickly pulled menglu away.

“Green Dragon breaks the mountains!”

At the same time, Jiang Shaodian raised his saber with both hands and let out a powerful battle roar.

Upon seeing this, everyone’s expression relaxed and they were certain that Jiang Shaodian would win.

However, in the next moment, everyone’s faces revealed a strange expression!

“Green Dragon breaks the mountains! Broken mountain! Break … Break it … Why isn’t there any reaction?”

Jiang Shaodian was dumbfounded. He could not activate the power of the green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber!