Chapter 1934

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Chapter 1934: Huge change (2)

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“What’s the matter? I’ve already injected spiritual energy into it, why isn’t it burning? Why couldn’t he activate the power of the Blue Dragon Mountain breaking saber? What the f * ck is this for?”

Jiang Shaodian’s face was filled with bewilderment. His mind was filled with countless question marks, and he was about to short-circuit.

Nbsp; the surrounding heaven dominating sect disciples also became nervous and began to cry out.

Xia Jinlin was so frightened that his face turned pale, and he exclaimed, ” “Senior brother Shaodian! Hurry up and attack! The enemy is already in front of you, why are you still standing there!”

Edina’s brows were also tightly furrowed, and she said in surprise, ” “Senior brother Shaodian! Now was not the time to joke! Once the enemy gets close, you will be in danger!”

“I also want to f * cking help! However, for some reason, the Blue Dragon Mountain breaking saber had completely lost control! I can’t activate my ability … I don’t want this to happen …”

Jiang Shaodian’s face turned green. He raised his saber with both hands, but he could not use his superpower at all.

He stood there like a lightning rod, as awkward as he could get.

Just a second ago, Jiang Shaodian was still acting all high and mighty, telling the crowd not to make a move and to watch him perform alone! She was still fantasizing about crushing Chen Xiaobei and winning menglu’s heart!

At this moment, Jiang Shaodian’s expression was completely ruined. All his fantasies were shattered. He had not been in the limelight but had been humiliated!

If he could do what he said, that was awesome!

He could say it but couldn’t do it, this was bragging!

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Jiang Shaodian. They were all filled with disappointment.

Even the two die-hard fans, Xia Jinlin and Idina, felt very embarrassed and embarrassed.

“Ishiqi Gale! You idiot! Why aren’t you rolling over here to help me!”

Jiang Shaodian’s performance was completely ruined, and he vented all his anger on ishiqi kungfeng.

More importantly, if the power of a three-star earth-god instrument could not be activated, the Blue Dragon Mountain breaking saber would be no different from an ordinary weapon.

If the hundreds of people in the sky concentrated their fire on Jiang Shaodian, he would definitely suffer a great loss.

Jiang Shaodian knew that he was afraid, so he naturally called for ishiqi kungfeng to help.

However, it was very strange!

The hundreds of black-robed demonic cultists did not come crashing down immediately. Instead, they maintained a low altitude of fifty meters.

The strangest thing was … Ishizaki kungfeng’s face was cold, and when he walked over, he was exuding a murderous aura.

This scene made the surrounding people feel that something was wrong.

It must be known that ishiqi Gale was Jiang Shaodian’s Lackey, and he was extremely respectful to Jiang Shaodian. He almost never retaliated when he was hit or scolded. No matter what Jiang Shaodian said, ishiqi Gale just smiled.

But at this moment, Ishizaki kungfeng’s face was cold! His eyes were filled with cold killing intent!

This was unprecedented!

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Ishizaki kungfeng did something that shocked everyone!

The Ninja Blade was suddenly unsheathed, and ishiqi windstorm slashed at the defenseless Jiang Shaodian from behind!

He raised his hand and the blade fell. Without any hesitation, Jiang Shaodian’s head was chopped off!

Shiqi kungfeng held the bloody Ninja Blade in one hand and snatched the Green Dragon Mountain breaker blade in the other. He stared coldly at Jiang Shaodian’s head that was rolling on the ground!

“I’ve been tolerating you for a long time!”

Who dared to think about it! Ishiqi kungfeng raised his foot and stomped down, crushing Jiang Shaodian’s head!

Like a ripe tomato, Jiang Shaodian’s head was stomped on until it burst into blood and splattered all over the ground.

“This … This, this, this …”

Nbsp; in an instant, all the heaven dominating sect disciples were stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes and thought that they were dreaming.

Xia Jinlin and idinaras shrieked even more. Their pupils contracted uncontrollably, and their faces were as pale as paper.

However, at this moment, another Ninja Blade was already in front of them!

Holding the cold Ninja knife, ishiqi Chisha laughed evilly. Quot; Quot; since the two of you like Jiang Shaodian so much, I’ll send the two of you to accompany him now! Quot;

“Don’t hurt my sister!” Xia Longxiang was shocked. He roared and swung his battle axe.

The axe was a two-star earth-god instrument and it was very powerful.

However, Xia Longxiang was unable to activate the special ability of his battle-ax and was unable to unleash the power of a two-star earth-god!

More importantly, Xia Longxiang couldn’t circulate his own quintessential essence!

Xia Longxiang came to a sudden realization and said,”we’ve all been poisoned!” He couldn’t use his true essence! It could not communicate with earth-god instruments! That was why senior brother Shaodian couldn’t control the Blue Dragon Mountain breaking saber! I can’t either …”

“Hehehe … It’s too late for you to react now! I’m going to kill your sister first!” Ishiqi Chisa sneered and directly slashed at the frightened Xia Jinlin.

Ishiqi Chisha was at the two-fire spirit-refining stage, and her combat power was as high as two million. The Ninja Blade in her hand was a two-star earth-god instrument, so killing Xia Jin Lin, who could not use his true energy, was as easy as turning over her hand.

The blade was coming at him, and Xia Jin Lin shrieked in fear. His eyes, heart, and mind were completely filled with despair.

Quot; younger sister!!! Quot;

Xia Longxiang let out a heart-wrenching wail as he fell into the abyss of despair as well.

Nbsp; at this moment, Xia Longxiang was poisoned, and so were the other heaven dominating sect disciples. Their true energy and spirituality were sealed, and no one had the ability to save Xia Jinlin.

They could only watch as Xia Jin Lin was helplessly beheaded by ishiqi Chisa in their endless despair!

At this critical moment, a black shadow appeared beside Xia Jinlin as if it had teleported!

The black Extreme shadow paused for a moment before carrying Xia Jinlin with one hand and Idina with the other. He teleported again and appeared beside Xia Longxiang.

“How come it’s you, kid!”

Ishiqi Chisha’s blade missed its target. She angrily turned her gaze to the person who had saved Xia Jin Lin.

Quot; Childe Chen!!! Quot;

Xia Jinlin and Xia Longxiang exclaimed at the same time. Their eyes turned red instantly, and tears fell like rain. They thanked him with all their might, ” “Thank you … Young master Chen! Thank you for your help …”

Idina was also grateful from the bottom of her heart. Quot; “Young master Chen! I’m so grateful to you … Saving my life is like giving me a new lease of life … I’ll definitely repay you …”

Nbsp; at the same time, the heaven dominating sect disciples all looked at him with shock and respect. Their previous disdainful attitude had completely changed.

It was Chen Xiaobei, who had activated the witch Dragon’s nine transformation!

“Little brat! You’re really cunning!”

Ishizaki kungfeng’s eyes were also locked on Chen Xiaobei.

“I’m cunning?” “I’m an honest man!” Chen Xiaobei said.