Chapter 1935

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Chapter 1935: The perfect plan (3)

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“Heh, if you were an honest man, then there would be no cunning man in this world!”

“You knew that there was poison in the wind, so you sneaked menglu away from the crowd to avoid being poisoned!” But you didn’t tell the others that it was poisonous. This directly caused Jiang Shaodian’s death!”

“I didn’t tell anyone that it was poisonous because I wanted to lure the mole out!”

Quot; if I had warned Jiang Shaodian about the poison, he would have taken precautions. How would you and your sister have come out to kill me and steal my treasure? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

“If the two of you stay in hiding, everyone’s safety will be threatened! Jiang Shaodian’s life in exchange for everyone’s safety! This is a good deal!”

“Besides, it’s normal for Jiang Shaodian to be struck by lightning when he was so arrogant! This is called “one can’t live with one’s own sins!”” Chen Xiaobei shrugged, his tone calm.

“Right! You’re absolutely right!”

“Jiang Shaodian, that bastard!” Ishiqi kuangfeng said viciously. He’s been barking at me like a dog every day, I’ve wanted to kill him for a long time!”

“Is this the only thing I’m right about?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“I have to admit! You’re really smart! You’ve guessed my motive correctly!”

“My goal is to kill and steal!” Ishiqi kungfeng admitted. If you didn’t meddle in my business, the demonic spirit heart-burning poison in the day would have taken care of everyone here, and I could have at least gotten ten earth-god instruments!”

Ishizaki kungfeng held the two-star earth-god Ninja Blade in one hand and the three-star earth-god Green Dragon Mountain breaking blade in the other.

After Jiang Shaodian’s death, the Green Dragon Mountain breaker saber lost its owner. After it recognized its owner again, it became the weapon of ishiqi storm.

By the same logic, as long as everyone died, all the earth-god instruments would fall into the hands of ishiqi kungfeng.

As soon as he said that, everyone around him came to a sudden realization.

Quot; no wonder we were inexplicably poisoned by the demon spirit heart-burning poison on the high slope, ” said Idina angrily. Quot; it turns out that you were the one behind this, you b * tch. You exposed our location and let the demonic sect poison us! Quot;

Xia Longxiang was also furious,”ishiqi Gale!” You’re simply too sinister! Back in the sect, you’ve been playing us together for missions. So you’ve been eyeing our earth-god instruments for a long time!”

“Earth-god instruments are what we lack the most!” Ishiqi kungfeng laughed arrogantly. This time, spies like me will all take action!”

Quot; on devil earth, many of heaven dominating faction’s teams will be wiped out. Many earth-god instruments will fall into the hands of the demonic sect! Quot;

Ishizaki kungfeng seemed to have been injected with chicken blood, and he said excitedly,”This was designed by Sir demon commander long ago. This great plan is perfect, and as long as it succeeds in the end, it’ll be enough to change the world! Hahaha …”

As soon as he said that, everyone was even more shocked.

Xia Jinlin’s face turned pale. Quot; you mean that there are spies from the demonic sect in many of the teams that came to carry out missions? they would kill the team members and snatch the earth-god instruments from the dead! Quot;

“Hehe, I didn’t think that a silly girl like you would have an epiphany!” Ishiqi kungfeng laughed sinisterly. Congratulations, you’re right!”

Xia Jinlin did not argue and quickly took out his phone. Quot; Quot; I must inform the other disciples immediately. We must not let the demonic sect’s plot succeed! Quot;

Obviously, this girl was only infatuated with Jiang Shaodian. In fact, she was not a bad person. At such a critical moment, she even thought of informing her fellow disciples to minimize the casualties.

At this moment, ishiqi Chisa flicked her finger and released a beam of ethereal force, which directly blew up Xia Jin Lin’s phone. She grinned hideously and said, ” “Silly girl! You’re too naive! How can we give you the chance to tell us?”

“Tonight, all of you will die. The first one to take out his phone will be the first to die!” I’d like to see who would dare to disclose the information.”

Nbsp; it was obvious that at this moment, the heaven dominating faction members ‘true Yuan and spirituality had been sealed. They were like fish on an anvil, waiting to be slaughtered by ishiqi Qian Sha and ishiqi Feng.

Even if someone took out their phone, they would not have the time to call the police.

Nbsp; at that moment, everyone from heaven dominating faction was stunned. They didn’t know whether to take out their phones or not. They were in a dilemma and had no choice.

“Young master Chen! Young master Chen! Your plan has succeeded!”

At this moment, Monroe ran over with her phone held high.

As soon as he said that, everyone at the scene, including ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa, was shocked.

Menglu stopped not far away and smiled playfully. Quot; “Didn’t you find it strange that I didn’t show up just now?”

Quot; this … Quot; Ishizaki kunge and Ishizaki Chisa’s hearts trembled, and they had a bad feeling about this.

Nbsp; the heaven dominating faction members asked impatiently, ” “Menglu! Hurry up and tell me! What was young master Chen’s plan? How did you succeed?”

“Have you seen my phone?”

Monroe raised her little hand and said excitedly, ” Quot; Childe Chen told me to hide in the distance and turn on the hands-free function of my phone. Your conversation just now has been completely heard by the higher-ups of the sect! Quot;

Nbsp; ” the higher-ups and core elders have already used group messaging to inform all heaven dominating sect disciples who came to devil earth for the mission! Quot;

“Now, everyone has to be on guard against the mole and give up on the mission. We’ll head directly to heaven dominating faction’s highest base! This way, the demonic sect will lose all chances to attack!”

Quot; the demonic sect’s plot to kill and steal the treasures has been completely destroyed! Quot;

Menglu quickly explained the situation to Chen Xiaobei with a big smile on her face. Her sapphire-like eyes were staring at Chen Xiaobei, full of admiration.

“Really? that’s great …”

The heaven dominating faction members were overjoyed. They looked at Chen Xiaobei with respect and admiration.

Quot; this is impossible … This is absolutely impossible … Quot;

Ishiqi kunge and ishiqi Chisa felt as if they had been electrocuted. Their faces turned pale, their scalps went numb, and cold sweat poured down like rain!

“I never lie. Young master Chen is definitely the calmest I’ve ever seen! The smartest! The most invincible person!”

Quot; yes! Quot; menglu said in admiration, ” Childe Chen noticed that there was poison in the wind and secretly led me away from the crowd! Then, he came out to attract attention and lured the two of you into revealing the conspiracy so that I would have the opportunity to secretly use my mobile phone to inform you!”

“This plan was perfect. It was like flowing water and completely disintegrated the demonic sect’s plot! If you don’t believe me, you can check your phone. The message must have arrived!”

Hearing this, Ishizaki kungfeng and Ishizaki Chisa trembled at the same time. They took out their mobile phones and indeed, they received a group message!

“Ishiqi Gale! Ishiqi Chisa!”

At the same time, the leader of the black-robed men in the sky suddenly opened his mouth and roared, ” “You two idiots! He had seriously ruined the devil Emperor’s plan! Ten thousand deaths can’t absolve you of the blame!”