Chapter 1937

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Chapter 1937: Here comes the opportunity (2)

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In the air, a hundred black-robed men and a hundred giant bats formed an earth-god level battle formation with the poison priest’s one-star earth-god instrument as the core!

The hundreds of giant bats all had the wind ethereal force, and their cultivation had reached the early stage of the spirit-forging realm.

As they flapped their huge wings wildly, they created a terrifying Hurricane. It was as if a mountain had collapsed, and it suddenly crushed toward the ground.

Quot; what a terrifying Hurricane … We … We can’t withstand it at all … Quot;

Nbsp; the wind was everywhere and completely covered the heaven dominating faction members.

Nbsp; their true energy and spirituality were sealed, so they didn’t have any protective true energy and couldn’t use their earth-god instruments and spiritual instruments.

Nbsp; the mountain-like power descended and pressed down on everyone from heaven covering sect.

Fortunately, their cultivation was not weak, and their physical strength was high enough. If it were an ordinary person, they would have been crushed into meat paste by the wind alone.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang …”

Nbsp; the wind was so strong that the normal disciples of heaven dominating sect were all pushed to the ground, and the ground beneath them cracked. It could be seen how terrifying the wind power of the battle formation in the air was!

Quot; what a terrifying Hurricane … Monroe … Monroe, can you handle it … Quot;

Xia Jinlin and Idina both screamed. If it weren’t for Meng Lu’s support, they would have already fallen!

“Menglu! Take the two of them and escape! Hurry up! Otherwise, it’ll be too late …”

Xia Longxiang’s physical body was the strongest. He gritted his teeth and stood there, but his expression showed that he was struggling. It was only a matter of time before he was completely suppressed.

“No! I definitely won’t escape! I believe that young master Chen will be able to save us!”

Monroe circulated her protective Zhen Yuan, and her 2000000 combat power didn’t hold back at all. She protected Xia Jinlin and Idina with all her might, and she didn’t even take half a step back.

“Ha, it’s already like this, and you still believe that kid can turn the situation around? You’re too naive!”

The poison priest laughed disdainfully and said, ” to tell you the truth, this Hurricane is only the prelude to the ” heavenly Wind Tiger taming formation “! An even more terrifying attack has only just begun!”

Hearing him, people’s faces changed dramatically as their hearts clenched.

All of them looked at Chen Xiaobei anxiously. The last bit of hope they had was slowly disappearing.

Chen Xiaobei had to channel his ethereal force to the limit to stand still!

To the crowd, Chen Xiaobei had no other choice but to defend himself. Once the poison priest launched a real attack, Chen Xiaobei would be defeated!

At the thought of this, the hope in everyone’s hearts was completely destroyed. What replaced it was endless despair!

“Everyone, don’t panic! I haven’t lost yet!”

Even in such a situation, Chen Xiaobei remained calm and collected. His eyes were locked on the sky, looking for a chance to break out of this situation.

“You haven’t lost yet? I’ll make you lose right now!”

The poison priest let out an arrogant shout and led a hundred black-robed men to activate their battle formation ability!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

Streaks of dark red vital essence shot toward the people who were still standing on the ground like venomous snakes!

Quot; ah … What is this … Our physical strength has disappeared … We can’t even use any strength … Help … Help … Quot;

Menglu, Idina, and Xia Jinlin, the three girls screamed at the same time.

The dark red Zhen Yuan, which was like a poisonous snake, directly penetrated through Monroe’s protective Zhen Yuan. The moment it touched the three girls ‘bodies, their physical strength was instantly sealed!

The three girls didn’t even have the slightest bit of strength and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, menglu could still circulate her Zhen Yuan to resist the hurricane. Otherwise, the three of them would have been pressed to the ground and wouldn’t even be able to move a finger!

Xia Longxiang did not have any quintessential essence to protect his body, so he was immediately crushed to the ground by the hurricane. The ground beneath him was also crushed.

“Did you see that? This daddy’s Tiger taming heavenly wind formation is an earth God level battle formation! It’s not as simple as a hurricane!”

The poison priest laughed arrogantly and said,”Tiger of the heavenly wind!” What he meant was that under this battle formation, even a giant barbaric Tiger at the earth God Realm could only lie on the ground and wait to be slaughtered! What do you have to break the formation? Hahaha …”

Nbsp; the moment he said this, everyone from heaven dominating faction was in despair.

No one believed that Chen Xiaobei would be able to break the formation. Many of them closed their eyes and waited for death.

Xia Longxiang was also in despair as he shouted anxiously, ” “Young master Chen, with our current state, it’s impossible for us to break through the heavenly Wind Tiger taming formation … Quickly take the three girls and leave first. Don’t worry about us …”

“Hehehe … I really don’t know if I should call you naive or stupid!”

Quot; I’m the master of the heavenly Wind Tiger taming formation! Quot; the poison priest said arrogantly. Quot; no one can leave without my permission! Quot;

Dozens of dark red ethereal forces surrounded Chen Xiaobei!

Even if Chen Xiaobei moved, he would be attacked by the dark red ethereal force!

The scene in front of him was like a cat catching a mouse. It was not in a hurry to kill it, but to play with it first!

The poison priest did not attack immediately. Instead, he looked down at Chen Xiaobei and provoked, ” “Kid, aren’t you very smart? How are you going to break out of this situation?”

Chen Xiaobei chuckled and said, ” “Heh, don’t say that I’m not being modest. I have at least a hundred ways to break out of this situation!”

“Pretentious! You have a hundred ways to break out of this situation. I can even take your surname!” The poison priest rolled his eyes. He did not believe Chen Xiaobei at all.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not show off!

Blood God’s deity-killing painting! Cloud somersault! It was the Dragon’s edge! The chaos Blood Sword! Nightstalker outfit! With all his other trump cards, Chen Xiaobei could definitely come up with a hundred ways to break out of this situation!

The reason why Chen Xiaobei did not take action was because no matter what he did, he could not guarantee the safety of the heaven dominating faction!

Nbsp; after all, the wind Tiger taming formation was too special. The wind kept pressing down and the heaven covering sect people couldn’t run.

Unless Chen Xiaobei could kill all the black-robed men in one go, any one of them that slipped through the net could cause a lot of casualties to the heaven dominating faction!

At that moment, the hundreds of black-robed men were all in the air. Once Chen Xiaobei launched an attack, the black-robed men could spread out in the air.

It was almost an impossible task to kill them in one wave!

Chen Xiaobei was very clear about this!

But Chen Xiaobei did not plan to give up. He kept his eyes on the sky, waiting for a chance to kill everyone!

Chen Xiaobei knew that this opportunity would come!

According to the prediction of the clay Bodhisattva, Chen Xiaobei would face a calamity, but not a death calamity! Even if it was a dead tribulation, there was a chance of survival, there were ways to resolve ordinary calamities and tribulations!

“Little brat! If you’re so pretentious, why aren’t you making a move?”

“If you don’t make a move, then I’ll!” The poison priest grinned. I also have a hundred ways to toy with you to death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the poison priest took out several small bottles.

Chen Xiaobei was overjoyed. His chance had come!