Chapter 1938

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Chapter 1938: An absolute counterattack (3)

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“Which one should I choose?”

The poison priest held the colorful bottles and said with a sinister smile, ” “Choose the intestine severing powder and let your intestines rot? Or should I choose ‘plagued rat water’ to make you all covered in abscesses? Or should I use ‘corpse powder’ to turn you into a pool of blood?”

It was obvious that the poison priest was a poison master. The small bottles were filled with all kinds of poisons.

At this moment, the hurricane was like a mountain, crushing everyone. The poison priest only needed to sprinkle a handful of poison and everyone would be poisoned!

“I still have a lot of poisons in my hands, and I don’t even know which one to choose! Why don’t you guys choose one?”

The poison priest looked down at the crowd with a smug smile.

Chen Xiaobei immediately tried to goad her into action, ” “Ishizaki kungfeng should have told you that I know how to detoxify poison. If you don’t have a poison more powerful than the demon spirit heart-burning poison, don’t bring it out and embarrass yourself!”

Nbsp; the moment he said this, everyone from heaven dominating sect was stunned.

Xia Longxiang’s face was filled with anxiety as he said,”young master Chen!” Are you kidding me? We can’t move now, so how are you going to detoxify us? You’re provoking the enemy like this … We’ll only die more miserably …”

Edina’s face was pale and she said in despair, ” “In my opinion, young master Chen knows that he can’t break out of this situation, so he might as well seek a quick death … Come! We’ll choose the most powerful poison! Now that things have come to this, death is also a form of release!”

Quot; I don’t want to die yet … Brother … I don’t want to die yet … Quot; Xia Jinlin’s eyes turned red and he started crying.

“Senior Sister Jin Lin! Don’t cry! Believe in young master Chen!”

Everyone was in despair, but Monroe was still determined. Quot; “Childe Chen is the smartest person I’ve ever seen! If he wasn’t confident in breaking out of this situation, he would never have let the situation develop to this point! Young master Chen was a person who could change everything! We must believe in him!”

“Ha, you little girl, you’re so beautiful but so stupid!”

“Things have already come to this, and you still believe that Chen brat?” the poison priest laughed arrogantly. You’re so stupid that you can’t be saved!”

“You’re the stupid one! Your whole family is stupid!” Meng Lu glared at the poison priest and said angrily, ” “All talk and no action! You only know how to talk, but when you get serious, young master Chen can defeat you in minutes!”

The poison priest was so angry that he roared with killing intent, ” “I’ve killed at least eight thousand people with poison! Since you all want to die so much, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

The poison priest took out a small black bottle.

In an instant, the expressions of the hundreds of black-robed men around him changed at the same time, revealing a look of awe. It was clear that they were all very afraid of the poison in the small black bottle!

“What … What is that …”

Menglu swallowed her saliva as an ominous premonition shrouded her heart, and she became nervous!

“Hmph Hmph! This was the improved version of the demon spirit heart-burning poison! Even the body of a three-star earth-god was not immune to this poison! It’s even more impossible for small fries like you to be immune to it!”

Quot; of course! Quot; the poison priest laughed arrogantly. Quot; if you want to detoxify the poison, you must use a specific three-star earth-god medicine and follow a specific prescription! Even I can’t cure it, so I don’t believe that brat can cure it!”

Quot; it’s over, it’s over … It’s really over this time … Quot; hearing this, everyone from heaven dominating faction, including menglu, let out a cry of despair.

However, Chen Xiaobei laughed and said, ” “Hehe, I was wondering what it was! You have the nerve to show off such a small poison? I can guarantee that you won’t be able to hurt anyone!”

“Numbing! You’re an out-and-out poser! This poison is even more powerful than the demon spirit heart-burning poison!”

“Once you’re poisoned, your skin will immediately be filled with poisonous blisters and ooze with pus and blood!” The poison priest roared. Your skin and muscles will fester along the poisonous blisters, and your bones will also be corroded. In less than three minutes, everyone will turn into pus and blood!”

Nbsp; the moment he said this, the heaven dominating faction members ‘faces all turned ugly.

If what the poison priest said was true, everyone would die a terrible death.

“All of you, go to hell!”

The poison priest opened the small black bottle and sprinkled the poison powder inside. He cursed, ” “Brat, even if you can cure the poison, you won’t be able to save everyone in time! You said I can’t hurt anyone, so I’ll let you get struck by lightning for acting tough!”

Whoosh … Whoosh … Whoosh …

Hundreds of bats were still flapping their huge wings, and the poisonous powder scattered in the strong wind, covering everyone on the ground from 360 degrees without any blind spots!

“We’re dead … None of us are going to survive …”

Nbsp; Xia Longxiang, Xia Jinlin, Idina, and every ordinary disciple of heaven dominating faction all let out their final cries.

Even menglu’s face was pale, and she said in a trembling voice, ” Quot; young master Chen … I thought you wouldn’t let me down … I didn’t expect this to be the result … Quot;

“Hmph Hmph! Fight with me! All of you will die without an intact corpse!”

The poison priest grinned and called out to the black-robed men around him, ” “Brothers, we’ve already won this battle! When I take their earth-god instruments later, the demon Lord will definitely reward me heavily! When it’s time, we’ll have a good time! Drink spicy! She slept soundly! It was only one word! Cool!”

As soon as he said that, the hundred black-robed men were all excited and laughed, ” “Good food! Drink spicy! She slept soundly! Hahaha …”

However, at this moment, a terrifying storm suddenly rose up from the ground below!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him!

He saw that Chen Xiaobei was holding a burning talisman in his hand!

All of a sudden, it was as if the god of wind had descended!

With Chen Xiaobei as the center, a strong wind started to blow. It was as if thousands of horses and soldiers were charging up from the ground into the sky!

This vast and unparalleled might was thousands of times more powerful than the flapping of the hundred bats ‘wings!

Quot; go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei roared, and the violent Holy Wind around him flew up and pushed back the poisonous Hurricane!

The poison priest and the hundreds of black-robed men were all dumbfounded. They let out a scream of fear.

As the wind was too strong, the one hundred black-robed men and the one hundred giant-winged bats were like sand and dust in the wind. They were swept up uncontrollably and flew all over the sky!

At the same time, each of their bodies was stained with deadly poison!

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei stepped on the somersault cloud and burst out with the speed of a two-star earth-god, and used the cleansing Bodhi to save the poison priest’s life!

Chen Xiaobei held the half-dead poison priest in one hand and took out the heavenly dog biscuit in the other.