Chapter 1939

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Chapter 1939: Pot full, basin full (4)

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Flying high in the sky, the poison priest, who was already half-dead from the poison, instinctively opened his mouth.

Chen Xiaobei did not say anything and immediately stuffed a piece of dog food into her mouth.

Soon, the poison priest had become Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog.

But Chen Xiaobei did not land. Instead, he brought the poison priest deep into the clouds so that no one on the ground could see them.

“Master … Why are you taking me to the sky?” The poison priest asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Quot; you have a very special identity. There are demonic sect spies in heaven dominating faction. If people find out that you’re still alive, it’ll cause a lot of trouble! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; yes! Quot; the poison priest nodded and said, ” if the demonic sect finds out that I’ve become your subordinate, they’ll definitely seek revenge! Quot;

Nbsp; ” what? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” do you know who the demonic sect spy that infiltrated heaven dominating faction is? ”

Quot; No. Quot; the poison priest shook his head. Quot; I’m only a middle and lower-level elder in the demonic sect. Only the higher-ups and core elders can know the spy’s identity! Quot;

“Well, that’s not strange.” Quot; the top spy in heaven dominating faction has a very high position. He is directly related to the success of the demonic sect’s plot. Perhaps only the demon himself knows the spy’s true identity! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; yes … Quot; the poison priest said awkwardly, ” “I’m useless. I can’t help you with this …”

“Master, please wait!”

The poison priest asked curiously,”just now, how did you stir up that terrifying Gale?” It’s simply too outrageous …”

Obviously, the red envelope that he had just won was from Princess Iron Fan, who he had won in the food competition.

Even if Chen Xiaobei had explained to the poison priest that it was a treasure from the Three Realms red envelope group, he would not have been able to understand or believe it.

Chen Xiaobei was not in the mood to explain.

[ding! You have eliminated the third generation villain. You have been rewarded with 30000 merit points!]

[ding! You have eliminated a second generation villain. You have obtained …]

[eliminate the evildoers of a lifetime …]

[your current merit points are 69000000. You need another 21000000 merit points to proceed to the next level.(Charm: 6900000, luck: 6900000)!

The netherspirit battlescouter kept sending him messages about the merit points he had gained from killing the 100 Black-robed men!

“Hahaha! This battle has earned me three million merit points! The word “cool” is the only word in the sentence!”

Chen Xiaobei was overjoyed when he saw the results.

The time left for King Yama to sort out the ‘list of Yin ghosts’ was getting shorter and shorter, and the merit points were what Chen Xiaobei needed the most!

Every merit point that entered his account meant a lot to Chen Xiaobei.

If the merit points continued to increase at this rate, it would not take long for Chen Xiaobei to accumulate 90 million merit points and help Ying Zheng exchange for an earth-god position.

Next, he would be able to use Ying Zheng’s merits to exchange for more earth immortal companions!

At that time, a series of plans and setups could be carried out in full swing, which would be of the greatest help to sect leader Tongtian when the immeasurable cultivation tribulation came!

Chen Xiaobei was already overjoyed just thinking about this perfect ending!

After obtaining the dark red flag Gu, a loyal dog, and three million merit points, Chen Xiaobei flew back to the ground in high spirits!

He continued to harvest!

Jiang Shaodian’s Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber had been taken!

The two Ninja knives of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa were taken!

The storage bracelets of these three people, take them!

These three people’s spirit beast bracelets, take them!

In just a few minutes, Chen Xiaobei had earned a lot of money.

The surrounding heaven dominating faction members saw all of this, but no one interfered with Chen Xiaobei’s actions. This was what Chen Xiaobei deserved!

Jiang Shaodian, Shiqi kungfeng, and Shiqi Chisa had been killed by the demonic sect, and their belongings had become ownerless!

From another perspective, Chen Xiaobei had also taken revenge for the three of them by killing the demonic cultists! At the same time, it also protected everyone around it!

It was only natural for Chen Xiaobei to take those ownerless items!

Chen Xiaobei was not in a hurry to do an inventory check after he had packed his things.

Nbsp; instead, he took out a flying device and had everyone board it. They headed to heaven dominating faction’s highest base at full speed.

On the aircraft, Chen Xiaobei helped them detoxify the poison.

Everyone was very grateful to Chen Xiaobei. Of course, they were also very curious about Chen Xiaobei, and they all asked him about the defiant Divine Wind.

Chen Xiaobei could not explain, so he used the word ‘secret’ to shut everyone up.

Still curious, Monroe asked, ” “Young master Chen, in the end, you suddenly flew high up in the sky, what was that about?”

“Idiot, of course I’m going to retrieve the poison priest’s banner!”

Chen Xiaobei held the flag in his hand and laughed, ” Quot; it’s a one-star earth-god instrument. It’d be a pity if it was blown away by the wind. Quot;

Quot; Oh, right … Quot; Meng Lu nodded and then shook her head.”Something’s wrong! The main point was not the banner! The main point is, why can you fly!”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei laughed. Quot; because I have a flying spiritual item! It’s that cloud! Quot;

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Heavens! It’s really a flying spiritual artifact!”

As soon as he said that, everyone at the scene let out a cry of disbelief.

“What’s wrong? Are you all making a fuss?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Young master Chen, don’t you know?” Quot; flying spiritual weapons are the rarest spiritual weapons! Quot; Xia Jinlin said excitedly, ” I’m afraid there are less than ten of them in the entire apocalypse Starfield! Quot;

Idina’s eyes were full of admiration as she said,”young master Chen!” Who exactly are you? A giant barbaric Tiger as a Mount! Heaven-defying Divine Wind! He even had a flying spirit tool! You can’t be the Crown Prince of a major force in the earth-god Realm, right?”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; I’ve told you before. I’m the leader of bei Xuan faction. If you want to change your position, you can be my Disciple Now! Quot;

“I want to jump ship! I also want to jump ship!”

Menglu and Xia Jinlin were two ignorant fools. They immediately raised their little hands and were extremely excited!

“You two! Don’t mess around!”

Xia Longxiang stretched out his two large hands and pressed down on the heads of the two girls, forcing them to quiet down.

Quot; there are many sects in apocalypse Starfield, but none of them dare to steal from heaven dominating sect! Quot;

“If the two of you jump ship, it’ll be equivalent to slapping heaven dominating sect in the face!” Xia Longxiang said in a deep voice. At that time, heaven dominating faction will definitely take revenge on young master Chen!”

Menglu and Xia Jinlin were stunned for a moment before they shook their heads.”Then we’d better not jump ship …”

Who knew that Chen Xiaobei would say, ” “What are you afraid of? If the sky falls, I’ll hold it up for you!”