Chapter 1940

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Chapter 1940: Taking inventory of gains (1)

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“Yay! Young master Chen, hold on! Even if the sky falls, I’m not afraid!”

Menglu and Xia Jinlin cheered and looked at Chen Xiaobei with admiration.

After the unbelievable battle, Chen Xiaobei was now an invincible God in the two girls ‘hearts.

In menglu and Xia Jinlin’s hearts, Chen Xiaobei was almost omnipotent. Even if heaven dominating faction came for revenge, Chen Xiaobei would be able to handle it with ease.

“Senior Sister Idina! Don’t you plan to jump ship?”

Nbsp; ” I’ve noticed that you’re looking at Childe Chen with such respect! Why don’t you join us and join bei Xuan faction? ” Monroe said excitedly.

Xia Jinlin quickly nodded and said,”yes, yes!” The three of us will jump ship together! If you join bei Xuan faction, you’ll have a bright future!”

“You two silly girls, it’s fine if you’re just joking, but don’t take it seriously!”

“A little princess of the heavenly wings race!” Edina laughed. A Princess from the royal family of Black Tortoise capital city! The two of you are messing around here. Two families, even two races, will be implicated! This is not a joke!”

Xia Longxiang hurriedly nodded his head. Quot; it’s fine if you say such a joke in front of your own people. But you must never say it in front of outsiders. Otherwise, you’ll definitely bring trouble to the clan! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; menglu and Xia Jinlin were stunned and immediately fell silent.

They were simple, but they were not stupid. They understood the stakes very well.

“I was just joking to liven up the atmosphere. Don’t take it seriously!” Chen Xiaobei stopped smiling.

From this little joke, Chen Xiaobei could tell that heaven dominating faction was the most powerful faction in the earth-god Realm!

Nbsp; all the races, rich families, sects, and even the noble families of the four imperial cities had to be wary of heaven dominating faction.

Below the earth-god Realm, heaven dominating sect was the top force in the pyramid! His ruling position could not be shaken!

Nbsp; the people from the other factions cried and begged, even in their dreams, to join heaven dominating faction!

Chen Xiaobei was the first person in the earth-god Realm who dared to poach someone from heaven dominating faction!

Chen Xiaobei had already declared that he would make bei Xuan faction surpass heaven dominating faction. He wanted his family, friends, and disciples to all live at the peak of apocalypse Starfield with their heads held high, enjoying the highest glory and life without worry!

Of course, this was a story for later!

At the moment, bei Xuan faction had no way to fight against heaven dominating faction.

It was easy to conquer a country, but it was difficult to defend it!

Be it poaching or expanding the sect, they had to do it under the premise of being able to protect everyone!

All in all, Chen Xiaobei was not strong enough!

Before he had the strength to protect everyone, Chen Xiaobei had to hold back.

If they were brave but not smart, they would only end up with a bloody head!

“If there’s nothing else, I’d like to take a rest alone!”

Chen Xiaobei gathered his thoughts and was ready to use all the time he had to increase his strength!

“I’ll take you to the lounge! You’ve been fighting and helping us detoxify. You should have a good rest!”

Menglu immediately stepped forward and led the way.

Chen Xiaobei went in alone, locked the door, and took out the loot from the battle.

Quot; the poison priest’s dark red flag Gu is only a one-star earth-god instrument. It won’t be of much help to me. I’ll melt it down! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei took out the heaven and earth furnace and threw the red flag Gu into it.

Chen Xiaobei flicked a ball of witch Dragon Flame into the heaven and earth furnace and started to refine the dark red flag Gu.

“Both Ishizaki kungfeng and Ishizaki Chisa’s Ninja knives are two-star earth-god instruments. Their combat power is barely acceptable, but they belong to the Japanese. Melt it down!”

Without hesitation, Chen Xiaobei threw the two ninja blades into the heaven and earth furnace.

Quot; these are the storage bracelets of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei picked up two more storage bracelets and started to check the resources inside.

“What the f * ck! These two little jabanese were truly people from the Azure Dragon continent! There were actually 20000 upper spiritual stones! That’s equivalent to two trillion lower spiritual stones!”

Chen Xiaobei was overjoyed.

Chen Xiaobei only had 20000 medium-grade spiritual stones and 120 million low-grade spiritual stones left. He was short of spiritual stones!

Recently, Chen Xiaobei had been having a headache on how to earn spiritual stones.

Building a cosmetics factory, opening a live streaming company, and a gaming company … But Chen Xiaobei had not seen any profits yet!

He had never expected that he would actually earn two trillion in one go today! The word “cool” was the only word!

“No! This wasn’t good enough! I haven’t checked Jiang Shaodian’s storage bracelet!”

Chen Xiaobei transferred the 10000 high-grade spiritual stones into his infinite space ring.

Then, with a flip of his hand, he threw the storage bracelets of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa into the heaven and earth smelt.

The two bracelets contained a lot of resources that could be refined into a lot of spiritual aura!

Of course! Even if all the resources in these two bracelets were added up, they would definitely not be able to compare to Jiang Shaodian’s bracelet!

“What the f * ck! What the fuck!”

When Chen Xiaobei checked Jiang Shaodian’s storage bracelet, he was ecstatic. Quot; “Thirty thousand! It was a total of 30000 upper spiritual stones! That’s another three trillion lower spiritual stones! It felt so good that it exploded! Wakaka …”

Just half a minute ago, spiritual stones were the resource that Chen Xiaobei needed the most!

But in just half a minute, Chen Xiaobei’s wealth had increased by five trillion low-grade spiritual stones!

It wasn’t an overstatement to say that this was an astronomical figure!

Chen Xiaobei could not even begin to calculate how many companies he had to start and how long it would take to earn so many spiritual stones!

Chen Xiaobei’s mood was so good that he felt like he was in outer space!

Of course, this was not the best!

“Jiang Shaodian is indeed the twelfth Prince of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! There are two two-star earth-god instruments in the storage bracelet!”

Chen Xiaobei then transferred all 30000 high-grade spiritual stones into his infinite space ring.

Then, they each took out a green armor and a Green Shield!

These were the two two-star earth-god instruments of Jiang Shaodian!

Quot; in terms of spirituality, these two are just ordinary goods. They don’t have much room for growth and are not worth upgrading at all! Quot;

“Besides, both of them are defensive earth-god instruments with only defensive abilities. It’s better to strengthen the Nightstalker outfit! MMH! Melt it down!”

Chen Xiaobei threw the two earth-god instruments into the heaven and earth smelt without hesitation.

Chen Xiaobei continued to check Jiang Shaodian’s storage bracelet and found something else. Quot; “What is this? Why is there the word ‘Xu Han’ on it?”