Chapter 1941

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Chapter 1941: The box opens (2)

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“What is this thing?”

Chen Xiaobei quickly took out a black metal box from Jiang Shaodian’s storage bracelet.

The front of the box was carved with an ancient character ‘Xu’!

More importantly, the material of the box reminded Chen Xiaobei of something!

Chen Xiaobei then took out Ying Zheng’s Black coffin.

After taking a closer look, Chen Xiaobei said with certainty, ” “I really didn’t misjudge! The material of this black box is exactly the same as the material of the black coffin!”

It was strange that this black metal had no spirituality and was not an earth-god material.

However, the hardness of this black metal could withstand the powerful attacks of a high-rank earth immortal. It was very, very special.

Soon, a dark demonic shadow rose from the black coffin, and Ying Zheng’s voice rang out, ” “Sect leader Chen, what is this place? Do we need to borrow the Black Dragon cavalry again?”

“No, no need to fight! Take a look at this, do you recognize it?” Chen Xiaobei said as he picked up the black box.

“I don’t know what this is …”

Ying Zheng shook his head at first, but after taking a closer look, he immediately exclaimed, ” “The material of this box is exactly the same as the material of my black coffin! And … The word ‘Xu’ on it! It’s our Qin country’s calligraphy!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” Quot; it seems that this should be Xu Fu’s! Quot;

“Xu Fu’s dog stuff? Where was he? Where is he?” Ying Zheng was instantly enraged, and a terrifying Imperial pressure emanated from him.

It was as if in a fit of anger, he would turn the world into mountains of corpses and rivers of blood!

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; I got the box from a man named Jiang Shaodian. But he’s already dead. I can’t get any details from him. Quot;

“Jiang Shaodian? Jiang …”

Ying Zheng suppressed his anger, carefully calculated and said, ” “When I was still alive, the Jiang family was a large family to the East of Hangu Pass! But they never had a grudge against me …”

“Moreover, this is a top-tier Starfield, which is extremely far from earth! Even if this box was Xu Fu’s, it should have been made after he left earth. By chance, it ended up in Jiang Shaodian’s hands!”

Quot; but, Jiang Shaodian is already dead. The clues have been cut off here … Quot; Ying Zheng heaved a long sigh, feeling very unwilling to give up.

Chen Xiaobei had another idea. Quot; “Maybe we can find some new clues by opening this black box!”

“Open the black box? How is this possible?”

Ying Zheng couldn’t believe it. Quot; the black box is sealed by a secret magic. More importantly, this black metal can withstand the attack of a high-stage earth immortal. How did you manage to open it? ”

“Since I’ve said so, I naturally have a way!” Chen Xiaobei grinned and took out Xiao ‘er from his ring.

“What … What is this?” Ying Zheng asked, puzzled.

“That’s not right! Sect leader Chen!”

Quot; you have such a powerful spirit beast? ” Ying Zheng was greatly shocked. Quot; why didn’t you just bite open the black coffin and let me out? ”

“It’s not that I don’t want to do this, but I don’t dare to!”

Quot; first of all, there’s a formation hidden inside the black coffin. I can’t see what’s inside even with my golden gaze fiery eyes! Quot; I have reason to suspect that Xu Fu has set up a ‘self-destruction array’ in the pass to prevent you from escaping!”

“If you use brute force to break the coffin, you will definitely activate the ‘self-destruction array’, which will directly destroy your soul and completely destroy you! At that time, even the gods can’t save you!”

Ying Zheng’s heart skipped a beat as he sighed and said,’sect leader Chen is really thoughtful! Xu Fu, that bastard, is a schemer. Since he left behind the black coffin, he must have a backup plan!”

“There’s a second reason!” Quot; you destroyed the Six Nations and unified the world. You quelled the wars in the world. There must be a huge amount of merit recorded in the merit book! Quot;

“Back then, the reason why Xu Fu left you with a remnant soul was probably because he was worried that you would be protected by a huge amount of merit! If I kill you, I will be punished by the heavens!”

Quot; however, Xu Fu wanted to report to the Jade Emperor, so he used a secret technique to seal you away from the Three Realms and let the Jade Emperor think that your soul had been destroyed! Quot;

“If I were to break open the coffin now, even if there is no ‘self-destruction array’, your soul would still appear in the Three Realms, and the Jade Emperor might be able to discover it!”

“The Jade Emperor has poisoned the Emperor of the human world who has a huge amount of merit added to his body! This was a serious crime of defying the heavenly Dao! He will never allow you to exist!”

Chen Xiaobei said seriously, ” Quot; at that time, endless pursuit will befall you. The Jade Emperor will never stop until you’ve been turned into ashes! Quot;

Quot; hiss … Quot; Ying Zheng gasped and exclaimed, ” “Faction leader Chen is really far-sighted … Now is really not the time to break the coffin!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; don’t worry. I promised to help you regain your freedom. I will keep my promise! Quot; However, you still need to wait a little longer!”

“Wait? How long do we have to wait?” Ying Zheng asked impatiently.

Quot; when I have 90 million merit points, I will help you exchange for an earth level deity! Quot;

“As long as you can become an earth level deity, you will be a living being in the human world! The nether soldiers in the earth realm can’t capture you, and the heavenly soldiers in the heaven realm can’t descend to the mortal world as they please. At least, it’s much safer than you, a ghost, right now!”

“Faction leader Chen is far-sighted! Ying Zheng is impressed!”

Quot; thank you! Quot; Ying Zheng said gratefully from the bottom of his heart, ” it’s Ying Zheng’s great fortune to have received sect leader Chen’s help! Quot; When Ying Zheng stepped into the earth level deity realm, he would definitely give his life to repay faction Master Chen’s great kindness! Die! Force!”

Chen Xiaobei’s blood was boiling. He pointed at his heart and said, ” “We’re brothers, and we trust each other with our lives! It’s all here!”

“Good brother!” Ying Zheng’s shadow also raised his finger and pointed at his heart, ” “It’s all here!”

“Hmm … Hmm? Bro bei … Why did you bring me out again? I was sleeping soundly …”

At this moment, the waiter woke up from his sleep in a daze.

Chen Xiaobei picked up the black box and laughed, ” “You brat, you better think clearly! Was it sleeping fragrance? Or is the smell of heavenly treasures more fragrant?”

Quot; hiss … My God … Quot; the waiter took a deep breath, jumped up, and pounced at the black box as if he was crazy from hunger.

“Take it easy!” Quot; don’t eat it! Quot; Chen Xiaobei quickly warned, ” you’re only allowed to open the box with your teeth! You’re not allowed to eat it all! Quot; This box is very useful!”

Xiao ‘er was a God-tier glutton. If Chen Xiaobei did not warn him, the box would be gone in less than ten seconds.

Of course, even though Xiao ‘er loved to eat and sleep, he still listened to Chen Xiaobei.

The waiter soon stopped and said reluctantly, ” “Bro bei, the box is open …”