Chapter 1942

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Chapter 1942: Important bait (3)

“Hurry up! Sect leader Chen, quickly take a look at what’s in the box!”

Ying Zheng asked impatiently. This was the only clue about Xu Fu so far, and it was very important.

Chen Xiaobei opened the black box and found a very familiar token!

On the token made of special metal, there were three big words ‘weapon Mystic sect’!

“This is actually a profound weapon token!” Chen Xiaobei could not believe his eyes.

One had to know that the mysterious weapon token was a very special token! Not only did it contain the secrets of the ancient weapon Mystic sect!

Most importantly, goddess nüwa had already made it clear that the weapon Mystic token was the key to finding Daji’s third life!

Getting this token meant that Chen Xiaobei was one step closer to being a little fox!

“Sect leader Chen, what’s a profound weapon token?”

Ying Zheng’s face was filled with puzzlement, and he asked, ” “What’s the relationship between Xu Fu and the weapon Mystic sect? How did the token fall into Jiang Shaodian’s hands through Xu Fu?”

Quot; the mysterious weapon token is the exclusive token of the sect master and the eight core elders of the mysterious weapon sect! Quot;

Quot; I heard that once we gather all of them, we can activate an ancient magical formation in the weapon Mystic sect! Find the earth-god instruments and heaven-God instruments left by the equipment Mystic sect!”

“What? The weapon Mystic sect has a heaven immortal weapon?” Quot; what?! Quot; Ying Zheng was greatly shocked. Quot; if Xu Fu finds us, it will be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for us to take revenge! Quot;

“You can rest assured!”

“With this token, I have two of them!” Chen Xiaobei said. Even if Xu Fu has the other seven pieces, he still can’t find the core ruins of the weapon Mystic sect, let alone lay a finger on the heaven immortal artifacts of the sect!”

Quot; that’s strange … Quot; Ying Zheng was even more puzzled, ” Quot; the token is so important. How could Xu Fu give it to Jiang Shaodian? ”

Quot; according to my speculation, Xu Fu must have lost this black box by accident! Quot;

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” after all, Jiang Shaodian is only the twelfth Prince of the Azure Dragon Imperial City. His talent, status, and personality are all very ordinary! Xu Fu would never entrust the token to such an unreliable guy!”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Ying Zheng nodded and said, ” Xu Fu stored the token in a black box, which shows how precious it is! Quot; He had no reason to hand the black box over to Jiang Shaodian for safekeeping! It should be like what you said, Xu Fu lost the black box by accident!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” “If that’s the case, perhaps I have a way to lure Xu Fu out!”

“What is it?” Ying Zheng was immediately excited.

Quot; I don’t think so! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” spread the news that someone picked up the black box. Xu Fu will definitely come and get it! Quot;

“Yeah!” Ying Zheng’s eyes lit up. Quot; in this case, we don’t need any clues, ” he said in surprise. Quot; we can use the token as bait and fish Xu Fu out! Quot;

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and smiled. Quot; as long as we’re prepared and set up an inescapable trap, Xu Fu will definitely not be able to leave! Quot;

“Wonderful! Wonderful! At that time, Xu Fu will be in the open while we’ll be in the dark. We’ll have a great chance of winning!” “But, I’m trapped in the black coffin now, so I can’t help you much!” Ying Zheng was slightly startled. We’ll have to rely on sect leader Chen now!”

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Chen Xiaobei answered without hesitation, ” Quot; don’t worry, I will put this matter on the agenda. I will start preparing as soon as I have the opportunity. When everything is ready, I will help you take revenge! Quot;

“Sect leader Chen! I, Ying Zheng, will never forget your great kindness!” Ying Zheng was extremely serious and sincere. He bowed deeply to Chen Xiaobei!

“Quickly get up! I’ve already said that you don’t have to be so polite with your brother!” Chen Xiaobei waved his hand.

“Young master Chen! Quot; you’re not asleep, are you? ” at this moment, Monroe came to the door and said, ” “I can hear your voice!”

“Uh … I’m on the phone, what’s up?” he asked. Chen Xiaobei and Ying Zheng exchanged a look, and then kept the black coffin.

Nbsp; ” nothing, ” Monroe said, ” I just wanted to inform you that we will arrive at the top base in ten minutes. Get ready! Quot;

“Alright, I got it!” Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei replied. Quot; is there anything else? ”

“There’s nothing else. It’s fine as long as you’re ready!” Monroe didn’t enter the room. She turned around and left.

Quot; only ten minutes left … Quot; Chen Xiaobei took out Jiang Shaodian’s storage bracelet and threw it into the heaven and earth smelt.

After putting away the token, Chen Xiaobei looked at the broken black box and asked, ” “Waiter, what is this box made of?”

Quot; seven-star earth-god grade, black Luo meteorite metal! Quot; The waiter was drooling. Quot; it’s a pity that it’s all gone. Otherwise, it would be even more delicious! Quot;

“It’s lost its spirituality?” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” Quot; why did the spirituality disappear? ”

Quot; I’m not sure … Quot; the waiter shook his head. Quot; maybe it was sucked away, or maybe it stayed too long in a place where the spiritual energy was exhausted, causing the spiritual energy to slowly dissipate … Quot;

Quot; a place where spiritual energy is exhausted? ” Chen Xiaobei suddenly thought of something and mumbled, ” Quot; I have a vague feeling that … The secret to opening the black coffin might be hidden in the place where Xu Fu obtained the black Rakshasa meteorite metal … Quot;

“What secret?” The waiter asked in confusion.

Quot; I’m not sure … Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head.”It’s just a feeling … But there are no clues or evidence to support this feeling … To be honest, I’m just guessing!”

“Tsk! Stop guessing!” “Let’s think of a plan and share this small box, shall we?” the waiter was extremely greedy.

“You ate it?” “I haven’t used your power to eat in a long time!” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. You’re making me a little greedy!”

The waiter said excitedly,”actions speak louder than words!” You take half, I’ll take half, just eat it!”

“No!” Chen Xiaobei shook his head.

“Why can’t I?” The waiter was extremely disappointed and tried his best to incite, ” “Bro bei! This was a seven-star earth-god material! Even if it had no spirituality, it could still increase your physical strength by more than 100000! It’s such a waste not to eat it!”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t eating! But you can’t eat it now!” Quot; I’ll fall into a deep sleep after using your ability. I’ll sleep for more than ten days. All the things I wanted to do will be delayed! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; the waiter was at a loss for words.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” “I promise, when I have enough time, we’ll eat together!”

“Good! It’s a deal!” When the waiter heard this, he was overjoyed.

Quot; alright, you go back to the ring of ten thousand beasts first. I’ll let you out when the time comes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei kept Xiao ‘er and looked at another item.

Quot; three-star earth-god instrument, Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes and thought,’what if I use it for myself? Or are you going to melt it down?”