Chapter 1943

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Chapter 1943: Minor heavenly fate ranking (4)

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Quot; this Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber is a three-star earth-god instrument. It’s not weak, but its actual combat effect is not as good as the black saber, demonic dragon apocalypse. It can be recycled … Quot;

‘Besides, this saber is one of the top ten most treasured sabers in the Azure Dragon Imperial City. I can’t return it to them. I might as well refine it and completely cut off their thoughts!”

Chen Xiaobei then threw the Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber into the furnace.

“There are only three spirit beast bracelets left!”

Chen Xiaobei thought for a moment and said, ” Quot; Jiang Shaodian’s fire cloud celestial Lion is a spirit beast at the peak of the nine flames refinement. It can fight against the powerhouses on the heavenly fate ranking. I have to tame it. That way, whether I bring it with me or leave it with bei Xuan faction, it will be a great help! Quot;

Quot; as for the two Japanese’s golden-horned wind-seeking deer and silver-horned wind-seeking deer, they’re only at the three-fire spirit-refining stage. They’re neither good nor bad. It’s a waste of dog food to subdue them, but it’s a pity to let them go … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei kept the three spiritual beast bracelets and said, ” “Forget it, I’ll keep it first. It’s not too late to deal with it later!”

Chen Xiaobei was now counting his gains from the battle.

Once all the resources in the heaven and earth smelt were refined, he could then choose to strengthen his trump cards or raise his own cultivation.

Of course, no matter what he chose, the spiritual aura of heaven and earth this time would give Chen Xiaobei a huge boost.

Chen Xiaobei walked out of the resting room after he was done packing.

The aircraft also began to descend quickly and landed steadily in a huge base.

“Young master Chen! We’re here! This is our heaven dominating sect’s highest base on the devil earth continent!”

The door of the aircraft opened, and Monroe ran down excitedly.

Chen Xiaobei followed behind and looked around. He was surprised.”This base is really big …”

As far as the eye could see, it was a huge base with no end in sight.

Judging from the height of the buildings in the base, it could probably accommodate more than 100000 people at the same time.

One could see the whole picture with just a glimpse!

Nbsp; from the size of the base, one could also see how large heaven dominating faction’s headquarters was!

It was the number one sect under the earth immortal realm!

The scale, the number of people, the foundation, everything was top-notch!

It was no exaggeration to say that heaven dominating sect was the biggest power in the earth-god Realm!

Nbsp; no power could be compared to heaven dominating faction!

Just look at this base, let’s not talk about things far away! The land within a radius of a thousand miles was an inviolable forbidden zone!

Nbsp; even the crazy demon sect members didn’t dare to challenge heaven dominating sect’s dignity!

“One day … Our bei Xuan faction will have the same prestige … No matter who it is! Any force! “Those who offend bei Xuan faction … Will be killed!”

Chen Xiaobei looked at the base and felt his blood boiling. Quot; “I want to become stronger! I want to become stronger! Only with enough strength can one have enough ambition!”

“Young master Chen? What are you doing there?” Menglu grabbed Chen’s hand and said, ” “Let’s go! I’ll take you to eat something good!”

Chen Xiaobei retracted his hand and said, ” “Someone’s already coming! Get away from me! Go away! Hurry up!”

“Why? Childe Chen, why do you want to chase me away?” Monroe’s face was full of surprise. She did not understand why Chen Xiaobei was suddenly so cold to her.

“Men! Surround that kid!”

Suddenly, a man in his late twenties strode towards Chen and pointed at him.

There were dozens of people behind the man, and they surrounded Chen Xiaobei.

Menglu suddenly realized, young master Chen! So, you asked me to leave to protect me … Don’t worry! I won’t leave you behind!”

Quot; silly girl … Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s head hurt.

Monroe had already taken a step forward and cupped her hands in salute. Quot; “Senior brother he Qing! You brought so many brothers to surround young master Chen, what do you want to do?”

“Cassidy menglu! This is none of your business! Get out of the way immediately, or you’ll have to bear the consequences!”

The man was very arrogant and exuded an overbearing aura. He was also very cold and would even attack menglu if they didn’t agree!

“He’s from the Jiang family, right?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Young master Chen is so smart!”

“That person’s name is Jiang Heqing!” Xia Jinlin whispered. It was the ninth Prince of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction core disciple! Of the thirty-six heavenly stars on the minor heavenly fate ranking, he is ranked thirty-third!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; I’ve always heard you guys talk about the minor heavenly fate ranking. How do you guys calculate the rankings? ”

Xia Jinlin said,”pass the myriad tribulations above the nine territories, strive for the heavenly destiny, and become an earth immortal!” The heavenly fate ranking was the ranking of the strongest powerhouses in apocalypse Starfield! The people on the list are all super experts who have the highest chance of becoming earth Immortals!”

“Jiang Heqing is one of the thirty-six heavenly stars, ranked thirty-third! This means that Jiang Heqing is ranked 33rd among billions of young people under the age of 30 in the earth-god Realm!”

Chen Xiaobei was shocked.

There were billions of young people in the earth-god Realm, but only 108 of them could be considered famous!

This was even rarer than Phoenix Feathers and Qilin horns! It could be said that he was the proud son of the heavens!

[ding Yingying’s cultivation base: four fire god-refining, lifespan: Year 2251, physique: 3000000, combat power: 3000000!

With a sweep of his netherspirit battlescouter, he immediately saw through Jiang Heqing’s strength.

At the age of 28 or 29, he had 3000000 combat power!

With such a cultivation speed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in less than a hundred years, he would be able to refine a spirit with nine flames and even become an earth God!

“I’ll say it for the last time! Unrelated people, step back!”

Jiang Heqing suddenly roared. His voice was like a mountain roar, causing the surrounding people to tremble in fear.

The ordinary disciples who came down from the same aircraft immediately ran away with their tails between their legs. They did not dare to get involved in this matter.

Even Xia Jin Lin was so shocked that he shut his mouth tightly and did not dare to make a sound.

Xia Longxiang’s brows were furrowed tightly, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

In this world, the strong were respected!

They were both aristocrats, but it was clear that Jiang Heqing, who had a higher cultivation level, had a higher status than the Xia siblings in heaven dominating faction!

Edina was not a noble, so she did not dare to speak. She pursed her lips, and her face was full of fear.

“Senior brother he Qing! What are you trying to do!”

At this time, only Monroe refused to give in and insisted on getting to the bottom of it.

“Stinky girl! What I want to do is none of your business! Dodge!”

Jiang Heqing walked over and raised his hand to slap menglu’s face!

Chen Xiaobei stomped on the ground, and a terrifying aura burst out of him. It was like a tsunami crashing down on Jiang Heqing.