Chapter 1944

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Chapter 1944: The Big Shot appears (1)

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Jiang Heqing took a deep breath and his pupils contracted. He felt as if a huge rock was pressing down on his chest. He was almost suffocating and his heart felt like it was going to burst.

“You … Who are you …”

Jiang Heqing did not think much of Chen Xiaobei.

But now, Jiang Heqing was observing Chen Xiaobei with a serious look in his eyes.

When Jiang Heqing saw Chen Xiaobei’s dark eyes, he gasped again. His face turned pale as if he had been struck by lightning!

That pair of deep black eyes were as sharp as a sword, as if hiding a terrifying thing that could make people lose! It was as if a terrifying bloody disaster would erupt at any moment!

“You … No… Who are you, Sir …”

Jiang Heqing’s body trembled as he gulped and tried to guess Chen Xiaobei’s identity.

He was the ninth Prince of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction core disciple! One of the thirty-six heavenly stars of the minor heavenly fate ranking! This was the first time in Jiang Heqing’s life that he had been intimidated by someone younger than him!

There was no direct confrontation! He didn’t even show his trump card!

Chen Xiaobei’s roar alone had suppressed Jiang Heqing on the spot!

In Jiang Heqing’s eyes, Chen Xiaobei was not a young man in his early twenties. The terrifying aura that he exuded was like that of an old monster who had lived for hundreds of years!

At the same time, gasps of shock could be heard from the crowd.

Although Chen Xiaobei’s aura was only directed at Jiang Heqing, it was still enough to make everyone’s heart race and their breathing Quicken. Cold sweat poured down their faces like rain!

It was as if the entire space was filled with the violent Qi of an ancient fierce beast, and everyone was about to be swallowed alive! Not even a corpse was left!

“Young master Chen …”

While everyone was still in shock, menglu ran away from Jiang Heqing and returned to Chen Xiaobei’s side. She looked at the overbearing young man with a dazed expression.

Seeing that Monroe was fine, Chen Xiaobei’s terrifying aura slowly dissipated.

In an instant, the hostile aura that enveloped the surroundings disappeared. Everyone panted heavily as if they had been granted Amnesty.

Jiang Heqing rubbed his numb scalp and realized that his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Quot; Childe Chen … Your aura … It’s too terrifying. We thought the end of the world was coming … Quot;

Xia Longxiang, Xia Jinlin, and Idina were all looking at Chen Xiaobei in awe.

They could no longer look at Chen Xiaobei as if he was their age.

Quot; cut the crap. Take menglu away. I’ll deal with this myself! Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s tone was calm, but there was a domineering air to it.

Xia Jinlin and Idina quickly ran over and pulled Monroe to the side.

Of course, Monroe herself knew that with her status, position, and cultivation, she could not help Chen Xiaobei.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei had the confidence and ability to handle everything that was about to happen!

Due to this, Monroe did not resist and obediently followed Xia Longxiang and the others, temporarily retreating to a distance to observe.

Therefore, only Jiang Heqing and the dozens of ordinary disciples were left.

Nbsp; ” heaven dominating sect disciples are only so-so! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei said nonchalantly, ” “You, Jiang Heqing, are not qualified to speak to me. Call someone who can make decisions here!”

Quot; you … Quot; Jiang Heqing was so angry that his face turned red. But when he saw Chen Xiaobei’s Black eyes, he was so scared that he could not even say a word.

The dozens of people around him were trembling in fear, not even daring to let out a fart.

“Get out of the way!”

At this time, an old and deep voice came from the crowd.

Quot; greetings to Grand Elder … Greetings to Grand Elder … Greetings to fourth elder … Quot;

Nbsp; all the heaven dominating faction disciples knelt down on one knee and bowed to the newcomer.

He saw three old men in gorgeous Daoist robes walking over side by side.

The person on the right had white hair and a thick killing intent.

Nbsp; he was wearing the uniform of the heaven dominating faction, but his hair was tied up in a unique way.

From this, it could be seen that this ‘fourth elder’ should be a member of the Tenshou.

That intense killing intent was probably because of the deaths of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa. He wanted to kill Chen Xiaobei to take revenge.

The person on the left had white hair and a Sage-like temperament, but his eyes were also filled with hatred.

Everyone referred to this man as ‘great elder’, but Jiang Heqing referred to him as’ great-grandfather’!

It was clear that this person was not only the core Grand Elder of heaven dominating faction, but also the highest leader of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! He was the most powerful person in the Jiang family!

The man in the middle had half-black and half-white hair. His face was calm, and his eyes were as calm as an ancient well.

This person was the ‘Grand Elder’ that the disciples had been talking about!

The word ‘Grand Supreme’ meant that this person’s seniority within heaven dominating sect was even higher than the current sect leader!

Nbsp; although he didn’t have as much power as the sect leader, he had seniority. Even the heaven dominating sect leader had to respect him and call him junior uncle!

Nbsp; heaven covering sect’s sect leader was definitely in charge of the sect. This was the highest base on devil earth, so naturally, the Grand sect leader was the one who had the final say!

For such a Big Shot to come out in person, it was clear that Chen Xiaobei’s appearance had attracted the attention of the entire base!

“You little brat! You’re so young, but you’re quite arrogant!”

The fourth core elder, tenhon ishigasaki, glared at Chen Xiaobei and said, ” “Didn’t you want to see the person in charge? The three of us are the Supreme commanders of this highest-ranking base!”

Nbsp; ” so, this is how you treat your guests? ” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked.

The Grand core elder Jiang Zhaoyan said coldly, ” “You’re just a little thief, how can you call yourself a guest?”

“Heh, as expected, a Crooked Stick will have a crooked shadow!”

Quot; of course not! Quot; Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; earlier, I helped a bunch of heaven dominating faction disciples to detoxify their poison. But I was not rewarded for my kindness. They made things difficult for me! Right now, I’m helping you guys to resolve the demon cult’s scheme, but I’m not even considered a guest?”

Jiang Zhaoyan snorted and said disdainfully, ” “Hmph, don’t think too highly of yourself! The demonic sect’s plot was exposed by themselves! You’re just playing a little trick and getting menglu to tip you off! What’s the big deal?”

“Yeah, I’m not that great.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; I can’t stay here, but there’s another place for me! Quot; I’ll leave, don’t think that your heaven dominating faction is that rare!”

“You want to leave? It won’t be that easy!”

Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong roared at the same time.