Chapter 1946

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Chapter 1946: A Big Shot’s scheme (1)

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In the base’s VIP courtyard.

Just like the villas on earth, it was built in the quietest and safest corner of the base.

The exterior of the house was exquisite, and the interior was luxuriously decorated. Even in a dead land like devil earth, fresh flowers and green grass were planted with special floor heating and water supply devices.

The two female disciples who were sent to serve Chen Xiaobei were both very beautiful! There was also a lot of good wine and food.

From the perspective of others, the Grand Elder of heaven dominating faction had indeed treated Chen Xiaobei as a guest of honor and was grateful to Chen Xiaobei for his actions in breaking the demonic sect’s plot.

While Chen Xiaobei was staying in the courtyard, the three leaders of the base entered the secret meeting room.

“Martial uncle Nangong …”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s brows furrowed and he said anxiously, ” “The higher-ups have ordered us to get rid of Chen Zhufeng! I’m already prepared to kill them, why did you stop me?”

Quot; that’s right … Quot; Ishizaki Tianhong’s face was also filled with worry. Quot; the order from the top is very strong. If we don’t get rid of sect leader Chen, there may be a huge change in our plan! Quot;

“Of the two of you, one is the Azure Dragon Imperial city’s Lord! One is the head of the ishiqi family!”

Nangong Kurong narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, Quot; you are in charge of hundreds of millions of people. Don’t you understand the importance of the People’s hearts? ”

“Furthermore, the higher-ups want believers! It was incense! It’s fate!”

Quot; what if I ask you to kill Chen Xiaobei like what you did just now? ” Nangong Kurong said. Quot; you can’t tell right from wrong and return kindness with enmity! Quot; The result will definitely chill the hearts of the people!”

“By then, the number of believers will be reduced, and it will be difficult to absorb new believers in the future! Even if we kill Chen Zhufeng, it’s not worth it for the higher-ups!”

As soon as he said that, Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong both frowned, their faces full of confusion.

Quot; uncle-master, are you saying that we should not kill Chen Zhufeng? ”

Quot; this kid can cure the demon spirit heart-burning poison, ” Jiang Zhaoyan said in a deep voice. Quot; if we let him live, it will be endless trouble for the higher-ups! Quot;

“Other than being able to detoxify poison, this brat also has a deep foundation!” He actually managed to counter the heavenly Wind Tiger taming formation by himself. Letting him live is equivalent to raising a Tiger!”

“I’m very clear about what you’ve just said! Chen Zhufeng can’t be left alive!” Quot; of course not! Quot; Nangong Kurong said indifferently, ” but you have to think of a better way to get rid of Chen Zhufeng! Quot; Let everyone be convinced!”

Quot; it’s easy to kill Chen Zhufeng, but it’s difficult to convince everyone … Quot; both Ishizaki Tianhong and Jiang Zhaoyan were stunned, their faces filled with embarrassment.

Nangong Kurong waved his hand impatiently and said, ” Quot; you can leave now. If you can’t even handle such a small matter, your futures will end here! Quot;

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong gasped and quickly bowed, promising, ” “Martial uncle, don’t worry. We’ll immediately go and plan! I’ll definitely handle this matter beautifully!”

After saying that, the two of them retreated.

At this moment, they were indeed in a difficult position.

However, they were all existences at the top of the Green Dragon continent’s pyramid. They had long lived to become human elites, stratagems, wisdom, conspiracies, and intrigues. There was nothing they weren’t proficient in!

It was not an unsolvable problem for them to plot to kill a young boy.

In the guest courtyard.

Quot; two little Sisters, it’s quite tiring to stand at the door. Come and sit down, let’s have some snacks together! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was sitting on the soft sofa with his legs crossed and a cynical smile on his face.

Nbsp; ” young master Chen, you are too polite. You are an honored guest and we are just normal disciples of heaven dominating faction. We are not qualified to sit on the same level as you! Quot;

The two women were very respectful to Chen Xiaobei, and there was even a hint of fear in their eyes.

Obviously, they did not know what the three magnates were really thinking. They only knew that Chen Xiaobei was a distinguished guest who was highly valued by the Supreme elder and they could not afford to be rude to him.

“Come over and sit! It’s true that I’m a distinguished guest, but we’re the same age, so I’m not that old-fashioned. I’m actually feeling uneasy if you keep standing!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled.”Why don’t I hold some desserts and stand with you?”

“Don’t! Don’t! You’re a distinguished guest, how can you serve us? We’ll come over now!” The two girls quickly ran over and sat beside Chen Xiaobei.

Quot; I’m Chen Zhufeng. What about you guys? ” Chen Xiaobei asked with a smile.

The two girls were initially in awe of Chen Xiaobei, but now they saw that he was handsome and easy-going.

“I’m Fang Yuan, I’m Lin Wei,”

The two women relaxed a little and introduced themselves.

“You two little Sisters are a few years older than me, so just treat me as your little brother, don’t be restrained! Come! Eat more snacks! It’s delicious!” Chen Xiaobei was smiling like a spring breeze.

Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were cautious at first, not daring to open their hearts to Chen Xiaobei.

But as time went by, they realized that Chen Xiaobei was very sincere and easy to get along with. They could even make friends with him.

“Young master Chen, why did you come to the devil earth this time?” Fang Yuan asked with concern.

I’m going to the demonic remains. Quot;

Quot; since we’re on this topic, I would like to ask the two of you, do you know where the demonic remains are? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Is this young master Chen’s first time in the devil earth? The demonic remains are right in front of us!” “After we leave the base, head west for another 10000 miles, and you’ll reach the border of the demonic remains!” Lin Wei said.

Quot; Oh? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” then, do you two ladies know where the core of the demonic remains is? ”

Fang Yuan furrowed her brows, amused.”Young master Chen, you really know how to joke! The demonic remains was a huge underground world! The area was comparable to ten planets! So far, no one has been able to find the core!”

“Underground world? An area comparable to ten planets?” Chen Xiaobei was shocked. He had thought that he could find a way to find the core of the ruins, but it seemed like he was looking for a needle in a haystack!

Quot; Childe Chen, for thousands of years, countless forces have set foot on the devil’s Land, built bases one after another, and sent a steady stream of Warriors. But until today, no one knows where the core of The Omen Ridge is! Quot;

Quot; you want to find the core the first time you set foot on devil earth … Quot; Lin Wei laughed. Quot; I can only say, wake up, stop dreaming! Quot;

Quot; of course not! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shrugged and smiled. Quot; I still have to have dreams. What if they come true? ”

At this moment, a charming woman’s voice came from the door.

Chen Xiaobei looked at her and laughed, ” “What good day is it today? Another big sister is here to accompany me?”

He saw a beauty in a red dress walking in.

Her appearance, figure, and temperament far surpassed Fang Yuan and Lin Wei in all aspects.