Chapter 1947 - Sinister scheme (2)

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Chapter 1947: Sinister scheme (2)

The woman in front of the door had a pretty face, long curly hair, a hot figure, and a red dress that fluttered in the wind, giving people a feeling of a myriad of amorous feelings.

In the eyes of ordinary people, she could already be considered a top beauty.

But in Chen Xiaobei’s eyes, this woman was only better than a high-quality woman. She was not even close to a top-quality woman.

The main point was that this woman exuded a pampered and spoiled aura. When she spoke, she raised her chin and looked at people. Her tone was also very frivolous, and she felt that she was superior to others!

From the fact that she didn’t knock on the door when she entered, it could be seen that she was a very self-righteous woman.

He thought that he would be welcomed wherever he went, so he naturally didn’t need to knock on the door.

Quot; what’s wrong? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, his smile gone.

“This is Senior Sister Yun Ziru,” Fang Yuan quickly introduced. She was the eighth young mistress of the Yun clan of the Azure Dragon! Nbsp; he was also a core disciple of heaven dominating faction! He’s also a Jiang …”

Yun Ziru was extremely arrogant and shouted angrily, ” “Nosy cheap servant! It’s not your place to speak!”

Quot; yes … Quot; Fang Yuan’s face was filled with fear, and she shut her mouth tightly.

Lin Wei, who was at the side, naturally didn’t dare to speak.

After all, Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were just ordinary disciples of heaven dominating faction. Although their family backgrounds were not bad, they were far from being comparable to the top rich family in the Azure Dragon continent, the Yun family!

Her cultivation, status, and background were all far inferior to Yun Ziru’s, so Fang Yuan and Lin Wei could only swallow their anger.

“Two lowly servants! Young master Chen was a distinguished guest! How dare you all sit beside young master Chen!”

Yun Ziru continued to roar, ” you’re insubordination! You’re disregarding the sect rules! The two of you, go to the torture chamber and receive a hundred lashes!”

Quot; Senior Sister, please spare me … Please spare me … Quot; Fang Yuan and Lin Wei immediately stood up from the sofa, their faces pale with fear.

One hundred lashes did not sound like much.

However, the executioner’s cultivation base was extremely high, and the executioner was holding the red flame iron whip, but the executioner was not allowed to use his protective Zhen Yuan!

Even a man with a strong physical body would be bedridden after a hundred whips!

If Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were whipped a hundred times, they might even lose their lives!

From this, it could be seen that this Yun Ziru was not only arrogant and domineering, but also cruel and ruthless!

“What’s wrong? Do you dare to disobey my orders?” Yun Ziru’s face turned cold, revealing a ruthless pressure.

Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were so frightened that they were trembling all over. Cold sweat poured down like rain, pouring down non-stop!

Chen Xiaobei stood up and said, ” “First of all, I was the one who asked these two young ladies to sit down and chat with me! Secondly, I didn’t invite you in, so I’ll have to trouble you to leave the courtyard immediately!”

“What!” Yun Ziru was stunned and said in surprise, ” “I can’t believe my ears! Childe Chen, are you asking me to leave?”

Quot; hehe, since you know that you’re asking me to leave, then go out quickly. Don’t disturb me from chatting with the young ladies. Quot; Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were dumbfounded when they saw the scene before them.

He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to go against Yun Ziru, and he did not even give Yun Ziru any face. He was too arrogant!

“What? I’m obstructing you?”

Yun Ziru’s eyes widened in anger, and he almost fainted on the spot. Quot; I, Yun Ziru, am extremely beautiful, have a noble background, and have an extremely high status. These two lowly servants are like dust and ants in front of me. How dare you say that I’m obstructing you? ”

“Ha, you’re really self-righteous!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “In my eyes, your looks, background, and status can only be considered average! Especially her looks, her face is full of ordinary powder, her body is covered in gold, silver and jade, and she is trying to pretend to be charming, so vulgar!”

Quot; you … You, you, you … Quot; Yun Ziru heard this and almost spat blood on the ceiling.

Fang Yuan and Lin Wei were even more dumbfounded.

It must be known that Yun Ziru had always been self-righteous, and coupled with his good condition, he was treated like a star wherever he went and was surrounded by praises.

But in Chen Xiaobei’s eyes, Yun Ziru was worthless!

Quot; miss Yun, I’m eating some desserts. You’re affecting my appetite by standing here. Please leave! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said impatiently.

“Affect your appetite? Do I make you feel disgusted?”

Yun Ziru’s face turned very ugly, alternating between red and green. Quot; “Chen Zhufeng, you’re definitely the first person who dares to say that about me! Have you thought of the consequences?”

“You’re so long-winded!”

Chen Xiaobei picked up a plate of snacks and said, ” “Little Sisters, let’s go to the back garden! We can’t afford to offend them, but we can hide!”

“Chen Zhufeng! Stop right there!”

Yun Ziru was so embarrassed that she rushed over and grabbed Chen Xiaobei’s collar, refusing to let go.

Chen Xiaobei frowned and said, ” “Are you people from heaven dominating faction all Mad Dogs? You just won’t let go easily?”

“Hmph! I’m giving you face, but you don’t want it!” Quot; hehe, ” Yun Ziru sneered. Quot; next, I’ll make you pay the price! Quot;

“You want to fight?” Chen Xiaobei said, ” Quot; don’t forget, Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong don’t dare to touch me. If you hurt me, you’ll be buried with me! Quot;

Quot; hehehe … Quot; Yun Ziru laughed sinisterly. She grabbed Chen Xiaobei with one hand and tore her own collar with the other. She even tore a few holes in her red dress!

Chen Xiaobei was stunned. Quot; “You really are a Mad Dog? Biting me isn’t enough, so you’re biting yourself?”

Quot; molestation … Help … Chen Zhufeng molested me … Help … Quot;

Who would’ve thought that Yun Ziru would scream hysterically with vital essence in his voice? perhaps everyone in the base could hear it.

“This is bad!” Chen Xiaobei’s heart clenched. He could feel the severity of the situation.

At this moment, the door of the courtyard was kicked open.

Jiang Heqing led a few dozen men and surrounded the entire courtyard.

Jiang Heqing rushed in, grabbed Yun Ziru, and protected him in his arms.

Quot; wuwuwu … Brother he Qing, help … Chen Zhufeng molested me … Help … Quot; Yun Ziru pretended to cry, trying to make himself look pitiful.

Quot; young master Chen … You’re in big trouble … Quot; Fang Yuan said in a low voice, ” Senior Sister Yun Ziru is senior brother Jiang Heqing’s fiancée! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei saw through everything. Quot; “Ha, in order to scheme against me, you guys really put in a lot of effort!”

“Chen Zhufeng! You molested my fiancé! I, Jiang Heqing, will not rest until you die!” Jiang Heqing channeled his ethereal force and roared. Everyone in the base heard his voice.

“Good plan! I can’t even explain it now!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; just say it. One-on-one? Or a team battle?”