Chapter 1949 - Society, your big bro bei (4)

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Chapter 1949: Society, your big bro bei (4)

Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru were instantly dumbfounded. Quot; “Elder Hanshan … You … You’re joking with us, right?”

“I never joke!” Yuchi Hanshan’s face was as cold as steel, like an emotionless Iron Man.

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

As soon as he finished speaking, four disciples of the torture chamber rushed in and grabbed Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru.

“What are you guys doing? I’m Jiang Heqing! You dare to capture me! Was he not afraid of death? Let me go … Let me go …”

Jiang Heqing was infuriated and struggled with all his might.

However, the disciples of the torture chamber were specially selected to carry out complicated law enforcement!

Their cultivations had already reached the level of ordinary elders. Jiang Heqing could not break free from them!

The main point was that they would listen to Yuchi Hanshan’s every word!

Nbsp; even if Yuchi Hanshan ordered the punishment Hall disciples to capture the heaven dominating faction leader, they wouldn’t even bat an eye!

“If you continue to struggle!” Yuchi Hanshan said coldly. This Lord will view you as an arrest by force! His crime is three times more severe!”

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Heqing was dumbfounded. He did not dare to struggle anymore.

One had to know that Yuchi Hanshan was famous for being impartial and incorruptible, and the sect’s rules were more important than the heavens!

If anyone dared to break the rules, Yuchi Hanshan would deal with them fairly.

He would not care about any feelings, nor would he care about the identity and status of the criminal!

Because of this, Yuchi Hanshan was the most respected core elder in the entire heaven dominating faction!

The disciples were afraid of his coldness, but they respected his justice!

Originally, Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong had planned to let Yun Ziru frame Chen Xiaobei for molesting him, and then use Yuchi Hanshan to get rid of Chen Xiaobei!

Nbsp; this way, all of heaven dominating sect’s disciples would be convinced.

However, they did not expect that Yuchi Hanshan would not only not arrest Chen Xiaobei, but also Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru!

“What … What is going on?”

Jiang Heqing’s face contorted in anger, as if he had just eaten a pile of hot sh * t.

Yun Ziru bit her lips and begged in a low voice, ” Quot; elder … Elder Hanshan … We do not dare to arrest … But we would like to know, why did you arrest me and Minister he? ”

“Yeah … Why did they catch us? Even if the punishment Hall wants to arrest someone, they should have a reason, right?” Jiang Heqing was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. If he didn’t get an answer, he would be depressed to death.

Even Fang Yuan and Lin Wei perked up their ears at the same time. They wanted to know what had happened to turn the situation around in an instant.

Yuchi Hanshan shook his head. Quot; this is new stuff. I can’t explain it. Let young master Chen explain! Quot;

“Something new? What’s that?”

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were on Chen.

Chen Xiaobei pointed at the cabinet in the living room.

There was a cell phone on the cabinet.

The phone was leaning against the vase, the body upright, the camera on the back facing the crowd, and the screen facing away from the crowd.

If Chen did not point it out, no one would have noticed the tiny phone.

“Isn’t that just a cell phone? Is there anything new?” Jiang Heqing asked impatiently.

“You’ll know soon enough!”

Chen Xiaobei walked over, picked up his phone, and turned on the front camera.

Then, Chen Xiaobei turned the screen over for everyone to see.

The screen was playing the scene in the living room.

What was interesting was that on the screen, lines of text were popping up simultaneously!

Xuanji yunziru was really shameless! She was the one who tore her own dress, and now she’s framing our handsome streamer! I’m also a woman, but I feel ashamed for her!

Jiang Heqing was even more despicable! He didn’t dare to go on the life and death Ring with our streamer, but he used his fiancée to frame the streamer. What kind of man are you?

Our streamer is so smart, she’s broadcasting the enemy’s conspiracy Live! That’s really 66666!

Yingying’s actions were really amazing! He deserved a reward! I’ll reward you with ten flying devices!

I’ll reward you with an ‘earth-god instrument’! Brother streamer! Mua Mua!

I’m a commoner and can’t give expensive gifts. Commoner brothers, let’s give you a wave of ‘low-grade spirit stones’!!!

On the screen of the mobile phone, in addition to the lines of enthusiastic comments, there was also a continuous stream of gifts!

At the same time, many people were asking.

Streamer Qinqin! What’s your stage name? The live broadcast has been going on for so long, but you haven’t introduced yourself yet!

Yingluo, yes! Even the name of the livestream room remained the same!

Yingluo, now that the enemy has been taken down, you can start introducing yourself!

On the screen, many people were asking similar questions, clearly interested in Chen Xiaobei.

Chen grinned at the camera and said, ” Quot; I’m the new streamer on ‘old Wang streaming platform’. My name is’ society, you bro bei’. Everyone, please follow me. I’ll be bringing you the most exciting streams in the future! Quot;

As soon as he said that, the number of fans of the streamer immediately began to soar.

“Live streaming platform? A host?”

At the sight of this, Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru were dumbfounded. Cold sweat poured down their bodies like raindrops!

Quot; so … Young master Chen had placed his phone on the cabinet from the start … Everything that happened just now was already broadcasted live … Quot;

Fang Yuan and Lin Wei swallowed their saliva. They had already roughly guessed it.

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned. Quot; old Wang’s livestream platform has been in operation for quite some time now. The signal is very stable, and it has a wide coverage! Quot;

“When I entered this courtyard, the live broadcast had already started! From me eating desserts with Fang Yuan and Lin Wei, to Yun Ziru tearing off her clothes and framing her, to Jiang Heqing’s interrogation, the entire process was broadcast live!”

“At this moment, the heaven dominating sect disciples are watching! Nbsp; heaven dominating sect’s elder was watching! Millions of people in apocalypse Starfield are watching it at the same time!”

“It’s very obvious that elder Hanshan saw the live broadcast, which is why he’s apprehending the real criminal in a fair and just manner!”

Everyone finally understood what had happened.

“The one surnamed Chen! You’re too sinister!” Jiang Heqing roared hysterically.

“The one surnamed Chen! You’re even more cunning than a Fox! You’re too despicable!” Yun Ziru also gritted his teeth and cursed.

Nbsp; ” ah, today, I just arrived at heaven dominating faction’s base and I felt the threat of death! Quot;

“I’m doing this livestream to protect myself!” Chen Xiaobei said with a smile. The truly sinister and despicable person is the one who schemed against me behind my back! If you guys didn’t scheme against me, how would you have fallen into my livestream trap?

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru were instantly speechless.

Chen Xiaobei ignored them and turned to the camera. Quot; “My brothers! Do you want to see the punishment Hall of heaven dominating sect?”

Of course Yingying wanted to! Nbsp; the punishment Hall of heaven covering sect was something that normal people wouldn’t be able to see in their entire lives! Please do a live broadcast!

A kind-hearted streamer! Hurry up and broadcast the trial of heaven dominating faction! We’re really looking forward to it!

Yes, yes, yes! A live broadcast of the trial in the torture chamber! I’ll continue to send gifts!