Chapter 1950

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Chapter 1950: Super streamer (5)

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In the Grand elder’s yard, Nangong kuirong smashed a phone on the ground.

The phone instantly shattered, and a pit was formed on the hard floor.

It was obvious how furious Nangong Kurong was.

Quot; uncle-master, please calm down … We … We didn’t expect such a situation to happen either … That little fox with the surname Chen is too cunning … She’s actually doing a live broadcast … Quot;

Jiang Zhaoyan and tenhon Shiqi lowered their heads and bowed. Their tone was nervous and they kept swallowing their saliva.

“Two pieces of trash! Even with our combined efforts, we still can’t kill a little brat!”

Nbsp; ” no! Quot; Nangong Kurong said angrily, ” I told you to plot in secret so that everyone will be convinced. We will make our disciples and believers believe that heaven dominating sect is not wrong! Quot;

“Good for you, coming up with such an extremely stupid idea! Nbsp; he had broadcasted the dirtiest and ugliest side of heaven dominating faction! What would the disciples think? What do the believers think?”

“Don’t blame me for not warning you, the higher-ups are extremely interested in the number of believers! If a large number of believers are lost, the two of you will be thrown into the ‘pit of ten thousand demons’ and become food for the Yimo!”

As soon as he said that, Jiang Zhaoyan and Shiqi Tianhong knelt on the ground at the same time, their faces full of fear.

Who dared to think about it?

The leaders of the two top forces fell to the ground and kowtowed desperately while trembling because of Nangong Kurong’s words.

“Martial uncle! I’m going to stop Chen Zhufeng’s stream! Even if I don’t want this old face, I will kill him by force! We can’t let him continue the live broadcast!”

Amazumi Ishizaki stood up, ready to take action.

Nangong Kurong did not say a word and gave him a big slap on the face.

Ishizaki Tianhong was whipped to the ground, as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He asked in shock: “Uncle-master … Why did you hit me?”

“You’re really so stupid that you’re incurable!”

“The whole world already knows about the scandal!” Nangong kuirong cursed. If you kill Chen Zhufeng now, the world will say that heaven dominating sect can’t tell right from wrong! Bending the law for personal gain! Killing innocents! Heaven dominating faction’s rules are like farts!”

“At that time, our heaven dominating sect’s reputation and prestige will be gone. It will make the believers doubt their own beliefs and give up on them!”

Quot; losing believers is the most intolerable result for the higher-ups! Quot; Nangong kuirong enunciated each word clearly, and his words were as sharp as knives. No one was allowed to question him!

“Yes … I understand …”

Amazumi Ishizaki nodded and said awkwardly, Quot; if we don’t stop him … Are we just going to let Chen Zhufeng continue his stream? ”

“That’s right! We have to let Chen Zhufeng continue his stream!”

Nangong kuirong said,”the only correct decision you made today was to let Yuchi Hanshan take action!” Nbsp; with this iron face elder here, the world would be able to see the righteous side of heaven dominating sect! If we continue to broadcast, at least we can earn a good reputation!”

Jiang Zhaoyan suddenly became nervous. Quot; “Martial uncle … If we let Yuchi Hanshan try, what about Minister he? You’ve watched him grow up!”

“You’re the one who got Jiang Heqing involved!” Nangong kuirong said coldly. Now that the plan has failed, you’re sending him to his death! You’re asking me what to do? Who am I supposed to ask?”

“Martial uncle! Please show me the way …”

Jiang Zhaoyan’s expression stiffened and he said, ” “Minister he is a genius descendant of our Green Dragon Jiang clan! He’s also a heaven’s chosen who is ranked thirty-third on the minor heavenly fate ranking!”

“In the near future, Minister he’s achievements will definitely be above mine! Even if he’s an earth level deity, he still has a chance to break through … We can’t let him die young …”

“You think I want him to die?”

Nangong Kurong frowned and said,”apocalypse Starfield, a trillion young men!” He Qing was ranked 33rd! He was definitely a top genius that only appeared once in ten thousand years! Given time, his achievements will even surpass mine!”

“Yeah! Martial uncle is right!”

Jiang Zhaoyan begged, ” martial uncle, please think of a way to spare Minister he’s life. I’ll definitely make him work for the higher-ups in the future! Quot; Force of death!

“I can’t think of a way! We can’t think of such a method!”

Nangong Kurong sighed. Quot; although Minister he is an excellent material, it’s a pity that his mistakes are known to the world. If we don’t give him a fair trial! Quot; The higher-ups will be furious and your entire Jiang family will be exterminated!”

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan’s entire face was twisted. His heart felt as if it had been struck by lightning, and he actually spat out a mouthful of blood.

Quot; alright … You can leave now … Quot; Nangong Kurong sighed.”Adjust your mood and prepare for Minister he’s funeral …”

Quot; pfft … Quot; Jiang Zhaoyan was extremely depressed and spat out blood again.

“After all, the top ten of the minor heavenly fate ranking are led by the three heroes of the Jiang family!” Nangong kuirong said in a deep voice. The loss of Jiang Heqing, who is ranked 33rd, is not enough to shake the foundation of the Jiang family!”

Jiang Zhaoyan nodded weakly and said through gritted teeth, ” “Chen Zhufeng! You’re lucky today! However, you won’t be able to escape death!”

Quot; the whole thing has been broadcast live. The video is the physical evidence, and the audience is the witness! Quot;

Yuchi Hanshan stood on the stage and coldly said, ” “The witnesses and evidence are all here, there’s no room for argument!”

Quot; the trial process is meaningless. I hereby announce that the criminal’s crimes are as follows! Quot;

Quot; Yun Ziru, you’re shameless. You’ve disgraced the sect’s reputation. You’ll be punished with a hundred whips! Quot;

“Yun Ziru, you didn’t respect the Grand elder’s dharmic decree and showed disrespect to our honored guest. For framing an honored guest, an additional penalty of six hundred! Threatening the life of a noble guest, you will be fined a thousand!”

“Yun Ziru, a total of two thousand lashes!” Yuchi Hanshan said solemnly. Men, bring her down for the execution!”

“Elder Hanshan, please spare me … Please spare me, elder Hanshan …”

Yun Ziru screamed, ” my bones are so weak! Even 200 whips can kill me! Let alone 2000 whips! Quot;

“Every family has its rules, and every house has its rules!”

Yuchi Hanshan’s voice was incomparably cold.”Even if you die, you will be whipped until the number of whips is full!”

Quot; hiss … Quot; Yun Ziru gasped and fainted from fear.

Yuchi Hanshan’s expression didn’t change as he continued,”Jiang Heqing, you disrespected the Grand elder’s decree and showed disrespect to our honored guest. For framing an honored guest, you will be fined an additional thousand! Threatening the life of a noble guest, you will be fined 2000!”

Jiang Heqing’s expression changed drastically, and he almost peed his pants. Quot; “Why do I have to be punished so much … You’re going to make me die without an intact corpse …”

“Because you’re the mastermind behind Kumoko’s accomplice!”

“I’ve missed out on one!” Yuchi Hanshan said coldly. Jiang Heqing, you’ve used your Junior Sister and caused her death. You’ll be punished with an additional three thousand Yuan!”

Quot; this … Quot; Jiang Heqing’s face turned green. Not only would this whipping claim his life, but it would also tear his body into pieces!

Chen Xiaobei stood at the door of the torture chamber with his phone in his hand. Quot; “Move your little hands! Ask the streamer to increase his fans to five million, and I’ll show you the whipping scene! I’ll give you a ‘heaven-immortal instrument’ and I’ll do a livestream of whipping the corpse!”

Brothers! Quickly follow bro bei! If she became bro bei’s fan, she would have even more exciting live streams in the future!

Hurry up! A God-level nouveau riche is sending gifts!” Heaven-immortal items were being sold!