Chapter 1951

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Chapter 1951: A business empire (1)

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The execution ground.

Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru were tied to two firm crosses.

Special talismans had been stuck to their Qi sea and dantian, preventing them from condensing their protective true Yuan.

The two executioners waved their long whips at the same time and whipped Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru.

These two executioners couldn’t use their Zhen Yuan, but their bodies were very strong. Every whip they lashed out carried a huge force.

The main point was that the long whips in their hands were made of cold iron and looked like the bones of a snake with clear edges!

The whipping on the body was like a knife cutting through an axe, and it could instantly tear open one’s skin and flesh.

The first whip made Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru scream like pigs being slaughtered.

Although Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru’s physical bodies were not weak, they still had deep bloodstains on their bodies.

His skin and flesh were split open and blood flowed out.

Without a doubt, such a whipping could only be done if one had a monstrous physique.

Otherwise, at most two to three hundred whips, anyone would be dead!

However, Yuchi Hanshan had already said that even if Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru died midway, they had to continue whipping the corpses until the number of lashes was full before they could stop.

The two disciples who carried out the punishment did not hold back at all. They continued and quickly pulled out the long whips in their hands with all their strength.

Quot; ow ….. Uh ah …… Ow ….. Quot;

Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru kept letting out hysterical screams.

The screams were mixed with the sounds of skin being torn open and flesh being torn apart. The sound of blood flowing out made one’s scalp tingle.

As time passed, hundreds and thousands of whips continued.

Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru could no longer scream because they had already died!

Yun Ziru was still fine. When the whipping was over, although she was badly injured, she still had an intact corpse.

Jiang Heqing was not so lucky. He received a total of 6600 whips!

His four limbs were all broken!

His stomach exploded, and his internal organs exploded all over the ground!

His chest was smashed, and his heart and lungs were torn apart!

His head was smashed, and his brain matter splattered in all directions!

By the time the execution was over, Jiang Heqing’s body had been reduced to pieces. The terrifying scene sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Of course, this was the devil earth continent, a top-tier star field!

People had long been used to the law of the jungle, used to bloody killing!

The hair-raising scene in front of them was actually nothing to the people in the top starfields.

The main point was that Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru deserved it!

Therefore, even though Jiang Heqing and Yun Ziru had died a tragic death, no one would sympathize with them!

On the contrary, everyone who saw this scene would feel extremely comfortable! It was extremely satisfying!

Just looking at Chen Xiaobei’s stream’s frenzied stream of gifts was enough to show the attitude of the majority of people.

Yingluo was too satisfying! B * tches should not die a good death! I’ll reward you with ten ‘heaven-immortal artifacts’!

My bro bei! It was insanely cool! My rich brothers!” ‘Divine artifacts’,’ heaven-immortal artifacts’, hurry up and farm them!

My bro bei! Ruthless people don’t talk much! My Fellow Commoner brothers!” A wave of low-grade spirit stones!

All of a sudden, Chen Xiaobei’s phone screen was filled with gifts from the audience.

It was so numerous that it was almost like the red envelope snatching frequency in the Three Realms red envelope group, and one could not even see clearly.

Instead, they were the code names of ‘virtual gifts’!

First of all, the audience had to go to the Chambers of Commerce in various places to top up the corresponding number of spirit stones.

Only then could he buy ‘virtual gifts’ to tip the host on the ‘old Wang livestream’ platform.

Because old Wang livestream had just started, there were not many Chambers of Commerce that were cooperating with them. Otherwise, the number of gifts that Chen Xiaobei would receive today would have increased by several times.

Quot; I finally understand why live streamers on earth can easily earn a million a month! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei held the phone and grinned. Quot; “By rough calculation, old Wang’s revenue today should be no less than 10 billion low-grade spiritual stones! I don’t have to worry about bei Xuan faction running out of spirit stones anymore!”

In this trip to devil earth, Chen Xiaobei had obtained 50000 high-grade spiritual stones and a large amount of materials that were being refined!

At the same time, after today’s live broadcast, it would at least help ‘old Wang’s live broadcast’ attract hundreds of millions of viewers.

This way, the live streaming company would officially start its rapid development mode.

Even if one used their toes to think, they would know that there would be a large number of Chambers of Commerce looking for cooperation.

As the popularity of ‘old Wang’s livestream’ increased, the number of viewers would continue to increase as well. The gifts given would also increase, and naturally, bei Xuan faction’s income would also increase!

On top of that, he could also promote the two games that bei Xuan faction had developed,’innumerable tribulations glory’ and ‘innumerable tribulations survival’, through the live streaming platform.

At that time, there would be even more people who would crazily top up money to play the game.

Bei Xuan faction’s income would be raised to a whole new level, and they would no longer have to worry about spiritual stones.

As for the cosmetics factory, its reputation had already been established after the Qin family’s eldest great grandfather had personally visited northern city.

However, his fame was limited to the Qin family’s main city.

Later, with the help of the live broadcast platform’s popularity, Beichen cosmetics would be famous in apocalypse Starfield!

The explosive sales had already become a matter of no suspense.

By then, bei Xuan faction’s business empire would be in its embryonic form!

After that, Chen Xiaobei would continue to develop other profitable businesses, such as transplanting the first love peach, alchemy workshops, and refining workshops …

In the near future, bei Xuan faction would be as rich as a country!

The bei Xuan faction at that time!

Even ordinary disciples could use upper spiritual stones to cultivate!

Even if each person had an earth-god instrument, they would have enough spiritual Qi to activate it!

Even if Chen Xiaobei had a lot of heaven-immortal instruments, he could still use the spiritual stones he earned to activate them!

“I’m rich! I can really do whatever I want!”

Chen Xiaobei was so excited that he could not stop smiling.

“Young master Chen, is your live broadcast over?”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” Quot; the trial and execution have ended. I have nothing to broadcast. It can end at any time. Quot;

“I want to talk to you in private!” Yuchi Hanshan growled.

“No problem!” Chen Xiaobei said without hesitation. I was just about to speak with elder Hanshan in private!”