Chapter 1953

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Chapter 1953: The underground devil Kingdom (3)

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“Childe Chen, are you serious …”

Quot; you better think carefully, ” Yuchi Hanshan said in disbelief. Quot; what kind of terrifying enemies will you face if you do this! Quot;

Quot; heh, those enemies really mean nothing to me. Quot;

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “I don’t need you to fight side by side with me. I just need you to provide me with some information in the dark! I can guarantee that no matter how terrifying the enemy is, you will not be implicated!”

“Alright! Since you’ve already said that, I have no reason to refuse!”

“I, Yuchi Hanshan, am not a coward who covets life and fears death,” Yuchi Hanshan said seriously. Young master Chen is so young, yet he dares to fight a strong enemy head-on. Naturally, I am willing to do my best to help!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and praised, ” “I knew it! Elder Hanshan must be a true man of courage!”

Yuchi Hanshan didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point.”What information does young master Chen need? As long as it’s something I know, I’ll definitely tell you everything I know!”

Quot; first of all, I want to know the information about the core of The Omen Ridge! Quot;

“I’ve asked Fang Yuan and Lin Wei about this before.” They told me that the demonic remains is a huge underground world, and no one knows the exact location of the core of the remains!”

“However, Fang Yuan and Lin Wei are only lower-level ordinary disciples! But elder Hanshan has an extremely high status, so he should know even more detailed information!”

“For thousands of years, countless forces have set foot on the devil’s Land and built one base after another,” Yuchi Hanshan said in a deep voice.”They’ve sent an endless stream of Warriors to search for the core of the demonic remains!”

“To the outside world, we have kept it a secret and claimed that we have no clues about the core of the ruins! Internally, we’ve already deduced that the core of the remains is beneath the underground world!”

“In other words, as long as we keep digging, we’ll be able to reach the core of the ruins!” Yuchi Hanshan said in a low voice.

“It’s that simple?” Quot; huh? ” Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. Quot; then why haven’t we found the core yet? ”

“It’s the size of ten planets,” Yuchi Hanshan sighed.”Even if hundreds of millions of people excavate at the same time, they’ll only be able to dig up the tip of the iceberg.”

“The main point is that the devil earth continent is tens of thousands of kilometers thick! The location of the demonic remains is at the core of the continent, where the land is the thickest!”

“No one knows the location of the core, so they can only keep digging! It was tens of thousands of miles thick! After tens of millions of years, we still haven’t dug up a tenth of it!”

Quot; that’s why it’s more difficult to dig to the core of the relic than to find a needle in a haystack! Quot;

Yuchi Hanshan’s explanation was very detailed, and it was clear that he had a deep understanding of the demonic earth and the demonic remains.

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei was puzzled. Quot; we’re just digging the ground. Why don’t we use earth level deities? ” Or should he use his earth-god instrument? It shouldn’t take long to dig through this continent!”

“It’s not that simple!”

“The demonic remains isn’t just a core Treasury!” Yuchi Hanshan sighed. It’s also a real ‘ancient devil Kingdom’ that was built underground!”

“What? The ancient devil Kingdom?” Quot; what’s going on? ” Chen Xiaobei was shocked. Quot; what’s going on? ”

Quot; the ancient devil Kingdom was an extremely large and powerful empire of monsters and Devils! Quot;

“It’s like a real nation,” Yuchi Hanshan said.”The ancient devil nation had its own civilization, sects, sects, and royalty …”

“At the peak of the ancient devil Kingdom, it could even contend against the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and the four continents!”

“That’s why, tens of millions of years ago, the four continents felt threatened and sought help from the earth-god Realm, joining forces to defeat the ancient devil Kingdom! Turn devil earth into a land of death and remove its name from apocalypse Starfield!”

Yuchi Hanshan paused, then continued, Quot; although the devil nation has been destroyed, the underground world is still full of its ruins! Quot;

Quot; there were many earth level deities who did what you said. They used the power of earth level deities to crack open mountains and split the earth! Quot;

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“In the end, someone touched the magic array of the devil Kingdom and was instantly killed! Someone dug out the poison and was poisoned to death on the spot! There were even some who dug out the Yimo and ate their flesh and bones!”

“After that, no earth level deity dared to dig up devil earth! The major powers only sent ordinary disciples or slaves to slowly excavate!”

Quot; that’s why we can’t increase our digging speed! Quot;

“At the moment, although the core higher-ups of the major factions all know that the core of the remains is buried under the devil earth, no one has been able to dig it out!” Yuchi Hanshan said.

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; as long as we can confirm that the core of the ruins is under devil earth, I will have a way to dig it out! Quot;

“What? You have a way? This … How is this possible?”

Yuchi Hanshan’s eyes widened in disbelief.”Young master Chen, stop joking! I said so much just now to tell you that finding the core of the relic is thousands of times harder than finding a needle in a haystack! What solution do you have?”

“This is my secret! It won’t be effective if you say it!” Chen Xiaobei grinned mysteriously.

Quot; Childe Chen, although you have many outstanding qualities, I really can’t believe this! Quot;

Quot; no! Quot; Yuchi Hanshan frowned. Quot; for thousands of years, countless forces have invested a massive amount of manpower, resources, energy, and time into the devil earth, but none of them have succeeded! This is the first time you’ve set foot on devil earth. I don’t believe that you’ll succeed even if I’m beaten to death!”

Quot; I understand. A normal person would not believe me! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “However, it doesn’t matter if others believe it or not! Because, I will definitely take action. When I show results, others will have to believe it even if they don’t want to!”

“Hmm … It’s indeed not important whether I believe it or not!” “If you really want to take action, what can I do for you?” Yuchi Hanshan asked in a deep voice.

“I need another piece of information!”

“My plan will consume a huge amount of spiritual Qi!” I don’t have enough spiritual energy on hand, so I want to know where I can get enough spiritual energy.”

Quot; a sea of spiritual Qi, ” Yuchi Hanshan said. Quot; only by crushing all the spirit stones in the treasure vault or emptying an entire spirit vein can we get it! Quot;

“But there’s no Treasury on devil earth! Moreover, the devil earth is a dead land, and there is only one known spirit vein. More importantly, ordinary people are absolutely not allowed to approach that spirit vein!”

“In other words, you have to leave the devil earth and go to other places to gather spiritual Qi!” Yuchi Hanshan said in a low voice.

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei denied immediately. Quot; just tell me, where is the remaining spiritual vein in the devil earth? ” I’ll go immediately! We can’t waste any more time!”