Chapter 1954

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Chapter 1954: Devil spirit volcano (4)

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“Why not? The safest way was to search for the spirit vein and the treasure vault elsewhere! This is the only way!”

Quot; that’s the only spirit vein left in the devil earth, ” Yuchi Hanshan said in a deep voice. Quot; even a five-star earth-god can’t get close to it, let alone you. Otherwise, you’ll be dead for sure! Quot;

“I can’t go anywhere else because I’m running out of time!”

Quot; there’s no portal in the devil earth! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; it’ll take more than 20 days to get there! Quot; The point is, even if I use the returning bracelet to go to other places, it’s impossible for me to find an ownerless spiritual vein or a huge treasure vault quickly!”

Chen Xiaobei’s goal was to find the black hole mist map in the core of the demonic remains!

The purpose of the map was to help Chen Xiaobei find Qin Wuxin’s blood pool!

It was obvious that the canopy great sect would use this time to help Qin Wuxin digest the blood essence of the blood ancestor!

If Chen Xiaobei wanted to obtain the blood essence, he had to race against time. He could not waste a single second.

Otherwise, once Qin Wuxin completely digested the blood essence in the blood pool, he would be able to obtain the nine special abilities of the blood ancestor. At the same time, he would obtain the cultivation of the blood ancestor when he was alive and reach the four-star earth-god Realm, becoming a new blood ancestor!

This way, Chen Xiaobei would have one more powerful enemy.

More importantly, if he did not get the blood ancestor’s blood essence, Chen Xiaobei would not be able to write the primordial spirit blood contract and control the soul of Zi Yuan!

The enemy’s strength was increasing, but Chen Xiaobei’s strength was not.

If Chen Xiaobei went up against Tian Peng and Qin Yitian again, he would be dead!

Because of this, Chen Xiaobei had to reach the blood pool before Qin Wuxin and Tian Peng to get the blood ancestor’s blood essence!

If he wanted to be fast, he couldn’t go to other places to find the spirit vein or the treasure house. He could only rush to the only spirit vein in the devil earth as soon as possible!

“Young master Chen! This was not a joke! You can’t risk your life just to save time!”

“The only spirit vein of the devil earth is right under the devil spirit volcano!” Yuchi Hanshan said solemnly. The surrounding space is full of demonic spirit heart-burning poison. Even a five-star earth-god would die if he touched it!”

Chen Xiaobei laughed and said, ” “Heh, elder Hanshan, haven’t you heard that I can remove the demon spirit heart-burning poison?”

“The demon spirit heart-burning poison near the volcano is even more powerful than the demon cult’s,” Yuchi Hanshan said with a frown.”Are you sure you can cure it?”

“I’m sure!” Chen Xiaobei said.

Yuchi Hanshan was still not at ease, and continued to persuade,”Good! Even if you can cure the poison! But how are you going to get to the bottom of the volcano? The high temperature in the volcano can melt a three-star earth-god instrument!”

“Young master Chen, what did you say?” Yuchi Hanshan didn’t hear him clearly.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Quot; no matter what, I still want to go to the demonic spirit volcano. If I really can’t think of a way, I’ll come back. Quot;

“Alright, since you can think like this, I won’t stop you!” Quot; alright! Quot; Yuchi Hanshan nodded. Quot; come back if you really can’t handle it. Don’t act rashly! Quot;

“Alright!” Chen Xiaobei nodded.

After that, Chen Xiaobei received a map from Yuchi Hanshan.

As night fell, Chen Xiaobei used the Nightstalker outfit to sneak out of heaven dominating faction’s base.

Stepping on the somersault cloud, Chen Xiaobei used the speed of a two-star earth-god to fly to the demonic spirit volcano.

The demon spirit volcano was not difficult to find.

When they were still a hundred miles away, Chen Xiaobei could already see a huge volcano that looked like a burning torch!

The mountain was tall and abnormally huge!

The blazing fire on the top of the mountain lit up the night sky as if it was daytime!

More importantly, as he got closer, Chen Xiaobei could clearly feel the terrifying heat of the volcano!

“I’m still a dozen miles away from the volcano, and my body can’t take it anymore. I have to use my true Yuan to protect myself, or my skin will be burned!”

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and controlled the somersault cloud to retreat ten miles before he felt better.

After all, the true essence in the sea of Qi dantian was limited!

The closer they got to the volcano, the more terrifying the temperature was and the faster the consumption of their protective true Yuan.

Because of this, Chen Xiaobei had to retreat to a distance that his body could bear to save the ethereal force in his dantian.

“What should we do about this?”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; the cleansing Bodhi is already immune to the demonic spirit heart-burning poison in the medium. But how do I deal with this high temperature? ”

Quot; with my cultivation, before I reach the volcano’s mouth, my true Yuan will be completely worn out. If I force my way into the volcano, I’m afraid I’ll be burned to ashes in an instant! Quot;

The situation before him gave Chen Xiaobei a headache.

If they couldn’t reach the bottom of the volcano, they wouldn’t be able to touch the underground spiritual vein.

This meant that Chen Xiaobei had to leave devil earth and look for the treasure vault or spiritual vein elsewhere.

Before Chen Xiaobei could find his target, Qin Wuxin and the canopy great sage had already finished digesting the blood.

Then, Tian Peng could order the clay Buddha to track Chen Xiaobei’s location.

By then, Chen Xiaobei would be in deep trouble.

“No! I don’t have a choice! If I can’t find the spiritual vein at the bottom of the demonic spirit volcano, my recent plans will be completely ruined!”

“But the problem is that the high temperature of the volcano comes from geothermal energy! I can only blow out the fire on the surface. If the underground lava erupts, I’ll still be dead!”

Quot; think carefully. What other trump card do I have that can resist the high temperature? ”

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and thought hard, ” “There must be a way! I’ve recently earned millions of merit points, and my luck has soared. My fate energy is at its peak, so I can’t be helpless!”

Chen Xiaobei carefully counted his trump cards one by one.

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up and his face lit up. Quot; “I really do have a trump card that can counter high temperatures!”

With a thought, Chen Xiaobei shot out a beam of white light from the ring.

The next moment, a small white cat appeared in Chen Xiaobei’s palm.

Chen held the cat in one hand and scratched its furry head with the other. Quot; “Lazy cat! Don’t sleep! It’s time to get up and move your muscles!”