Chapter 1955

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Chapter 1955: Heavenly frost vital essence (1)

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Little white yawned and opened its eyes in a daze.

Looking around, Xiao Bai’s face was full of disdain. He said unhappily,””What the hell is this place? This King hates the heat the most!”

As soon as it finished speaking, a cloud of true essence that looked like white frost was emitted from little White’s body.

The high temperature in the surroundings actually receded in an instant, and it became cool and comfortable.

More importantly, the vital essence little white released had a special restraining effect on high temperature.

Once the vital essence was used, the high temperature immediately dissipated. The remaining cold air in the surrounding space could still resist the high temperature backlash.

After that, he would not feel hot for a long time.

In this way, little white didn’t need to keep running the vital essence to protect its body. The vital essence in its sea of Qi dantian was consumed very little.

“Lazy cat! I didn’t expect you to have already broken through to ethereal cultivation! He even has true essence!” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up in surprise.

Little white waved its paws in anger and protested, ” “If you call this King a kitten again, this King will not want you as his master!”

“Asking for a beating!”

Chen glared at her and said, ” Quot; if I didn’t feed you immortal Beast Food and let you cultivate in the myriad beasts ring, you’ll just be a little kitten. You won’t become a celestial immortal beast in another 800 years! Quot;

Quot; you … You’re right … Quot; Xiaobai rolled its eyes and did not dare to wave its claws at Chen again.

People had to lower their heads when they were under the eaves.

In order to turn back into the sky frost jade lion as soon as possible, little white had no choice but to submit to Chen Xiaobei’s power.

“At least you’re sensible!”

Quot; look at the volcano in front of us. I want to go to the bottom of the volcano. What do you think? ” Chen Xiaobei grinned.

“No!” Whitey shook its head decisively and said,”my heavenly frost vital essence can bring you to the volcano’s mouth! Then, I’ll activate my heavenly frost domain and help you go thirty to fifty meters deep into the volcano! But if we continue to go deeper, we will all be burned to ashes!”

“This … This is troublesome …” He said.

Quot; if I can’t reach the bottom of the volcano, I won’t be able to touch the underground spiritual vein. All my plans will be ruined … Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“Why do you want to find the spirit vein?” “Do you want to draw the ten thousand Beast Ring so that I can use it for cultivation?” Xiaobai asked curiously.

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; I don’t need the spiritual Qi for your cultivation. I have more than five trillion low-grade spiritual stones! Quot; It’s enough for you and all the spirit beasts in the myriad beasts ring to cultivate for a very, very long time!”

“Then why do you still want to find the spirit vein?” Xiaobai asked.

“This is the law of the jungle!” Chen Xiaobei said. The enemy was getting stronger and stronger! If I stay where I am, I will die!”

“No! I won’t let you die!” Little white shook its head heavily, its eyes darting around as it tried to think of a way.

“I couldn’t tell that you, little thing, can be quite loyal at times!” Chen Xiaobei smiled, his heart filled with warmth.

“A hidden ability? What’s that?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Xiaobai explained,”in the past, the banana fan could extinguish the flaming Mountain!” It could even extinguish the true Samadhi fire! Although the talisman can’t be compared to the banana fan, it still has a hidden ability to restrain the fire element!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned and asked, ” how old is this little cat? ” How do you know about this?”

“Why don’t you think about who sent me to you!” Xiaobai asked.

“It’s … It’s the Bull Demon King!” Of course, Chen Xiaobei remembered that Xiaobai had snatched it from Bull Demon King’s Red envelope.

“Isn’t this right?” Quot; I’ve been living by the Bull Demon King’s side since I was young, ” Xiaobai said. Quot; I’ve more or less heard about Princess Iron Fan and red Boy! Quot;

“Nonsense! You may want to die, but this King doesn’t!” “Hurry up!” Xiao Bai said impatiently. Follow this King and head towards the mouth of the volcano!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” Quot; well, I don’t have any other choice. This is the only way. I have to try! Quot;

After that, Chen Xiaobei controlled the somersault cloud and charged towards the volcano.

Along the way, Xiaobai would release her heavenly frost ethereal force to protect Chen Xiaobei from the heat.

When Xiaobai was not around, Chen Xiaobei’s physical body could not withstand the high temperature even though he was still a few miles away from the volcano! If he continued to advance, his skin would be burnt!

But with Xiaobai around, Chen Xiaobei felt cool and comfortable throughout the journey. He was not affected by the high temperature at all and arrived at the volcano without a hitch!

“What a terrifying volcano …”

Chen Xiaobei looked into the volcano and saw that the lava was boiling like molten iron.

The pitch-black smoke was like a heavenly pillar that shot straight into the sky. It was like the flames of war and the smoke of wolves that could not be blown away by the wind!

The most important thing was that this thick smoke contained a huge amount of devil spirit heart-burning poison. The poison was purer and more fatal than the ones used by the demon cult!

Even a five-star earth-level deity had to maintain his vital essence to protect his body at all times. Otherwise, he would definitely die if the poison touched his body!

However, even a five-star earth-god’s vital essence couldn’t last long under such a high temperature!

Because of this, five-star earth-level deities would never dare to come here!

“Hurry up! Burning talismans to cast spells! Otherwise, I won’t be able to hold on for long!” Xiaobai quickly reminded him.

“I’ve already prepared it!”

With Chen Xiaobei as the center, a terrifying storm suddenly burst out!

It was as if thousands of horses and soldiers were charging down from the sky and directly into the mouth of the volcano!

Chen Xiaobei stood on the cloud, like a wind god descending to the world!

Suddenly, the wind blew! The flames were dormant!