Chapter 1956

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Chapter 1956: An unexpected surprise (2)

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“Phew! Whoosh … Whoosh …”

The violent storm was like a waterfall from the sky, flying straight down for thirty thousand feet, suddenly pouring into the demon spirit volcano.

The unparalleled power that was comparable to a miracle shook the entire space, and everyone within a radius of ten thousand miles could clearly sense it.

Heaven dominating faction’s highest base.

On the top of a tall building, Yuchi Hanshan stood arrogantly with his hands behind his back. He gazed into the distant night sky, his cold eyes actually flickering with excitement.

Quot; young master Chen … You’re truly a godly man … To be able to trigger such a terrifying miracle … Quot;

Yuchi Hanshan’s lips trembled in excitement. Quot; perhaps, young master Chen is really the one who will change the future … The darkness brought by the demonic sect will be personally ended by young master Chen … This will be a great merit … Quot;

Nbsp; at the same time, in a certain corner of heaven dominating faction’s highest base.

A group of Tenshou Warriors secretly gathered.

They were all wearing white Tengu masks and carrying specially made Ninja magical artifacts.

The leader was a young man wearing a golden tengu mask and a dark red Ninja Blade at his waist.

“Great-grandfather! The great elder! Don’t worry, you two!”

The young man’s tone was haughty, and his voice was filled with confidence. Quot; I, Ishizaki yuuda, swear on the honor of my family and Tenshou God’s name that I will not return until I kill Chen Zhufeng! Quot;

Ishizaki tenhon nodded in satisfaction,”Xiongda, you are the number one genius of our Shiqi family! He was ranked 30th on the minor heavenly fate ranking! There were also eighty-one ‘Shinobu’s’ assisting him! In addition, he had the demon Sword ‘Crimson Moon-slaying saber’! I believe that you can accomplish your mission!”

“Great-grandfather, don’t worry! I promise to complete the mission!” Ishizaki yuuda patted his chest and promised.

Beside him, Jiang Zhaoyan also said in a deep voice, ” “You must be very careful! That Chen brat is even more cunning than a Fox! Qing He has already been killed by him. I don’t want anything to happen to you!”

“Don’t worry, great elder!” Ishizaki yuuda said confidently. I will bring Chen Zhufeng’s head back and offer it to Junior Brother he Qing’s soul in heaven!”

“Good! I’ll be waiting for your triumphant return! When the time comes, there will be great rewards!”

Jiang Zhaoyan paused and shouted, ” “Chen Zhufeng is at the demon spirit volcano! You guys go and set up a trap nearby and wait for him to walk into the trap!”

“As you command! We’ll set off immediately!”

With a wave of his hand, Ishizaki yuuda brought the 81 Inferno along and rushed to the volcano.

The demon spirit volcano.

The molten red lava stopped boiling due to the drop in temperature. It even solidified and turned into hard volcanic rock!

Xiaobai explained,”in some cases, the more you fan the wind, the stronger the fire!” Some wind was specialized in restraining the fire element! The wind from the banana fan was the latter! It’s specially made to extinguish fire!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said excitedly, ” “It won’t be long before the lava completely congealed! Even if the earth Fire hasn’t been extinguished, it won’t erupt for a while, so it’s enough for me to absorb spiritual Qi!”

“No!” “We can’t wait for the lava to completely solidify!” Xiao Bai quickly said. We’re going down to the lava!”

“Why … Why is that?” Chen Xiaobei was puzzled.

Quot; I’ve had a nauseating feeling ever since I arrived at the crater! Quot; Xiao Bai said with a face full of disdain.

“What’s wrong? You’re pregnant?” Chen laughed evilly.

“Pregnant your sister! This King is a Lion!”

Little white said angrily,”in the deepest part of the volcano, there should be a very pure fire attribute treasure!” That’s something I hate very much! The stronger this feeling is, the higher the level of that thing is!”

“Damn! There were treasures down there? What a pleasant surprise!”

Little white said,”the Holy Wind can’t blow the lava away. It will only lower the temperature of the lava and solidify it into rock!” The only way we can do this is to rush down when the lava is no longer boiling!”

“Directly charge? How is this possible?”

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei denied, ” the temperature of the lava in the core of the earth’s lung can melt a three-star earth-god instrument! If we don’t wait for the Holy Wind and rush in, we’ll definitely die!”

“Do you still remember my innate ability?” Xiaobai asked.

“How can you not remember? Your ultimate skill is the heavenly frost domain, you’re awesome!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei was confused. Quot; but the question is, is your ability even more powerful than a three-star earth-god instrument? ”

“Of course it’s not as powerful as a three-star earth-god instrument! However, I’m a celestial immortal beast! My ability is also at the celestial immortal level!”

Little white said,”although I can’t unleash the power of a celestial immortal with my current cultivation level.” However, the heavenly frost special ability of a heavenly immortal could counter the flames of a heavenly immortal! It’s more than enough to restrain the earth-god level flames!”

“You really don’t remember!”

Quot; it’s not like that, ” Xiaobai said unhappily. Quot; my heavenly frost domain can only last for three minutes every time it’s activated. If it’s at its maximum, it can only last for thirty seconds! The point is, the next time it opens will be in seven days!”

Quot; this … Quot; Chen Xiaobei was stunned.

“If I had activated the heavenly frost domain earlier, we would have run away with our tails between our legs!” Xiaobai continued.

“Uh, I really forgot …”

“You should just ‘borrow’ your soul!”

Xiao Bai said,”this time, I have to activate the heavenly frost domain to the maximum. There’s only 30 seconds for me to go and return!” I’m afraid there’ll be a mistake in our cooperation, so it’s best for you to control it yourself!”

“I can control it?” Chen Xiaobei was taken aback.

“Don’t tell me you’ve even forgotten about ‘soul borrowing’?” Xiaobai said unhappily.

“Of course I haven’t! I always borrow Xiao er’s ability to eat, I won’t forget!”

Quot; come! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted.

“Yin Yang, soul borrowing!”

Chen Xiaobei had hidden a Yin Yang soul-borrowing Gu from Taiyin true deity!

The witchcraft power was immediately activated.

There was a flash of spiritual light, and a white ball of light flew out of Xiaobai’s body and merged into Chen Xiaobei’s forehead.