Chapter 1957

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Chapter 1957: Crimson sword bathing in fire (3)

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“You … You only have 30 seconds …” He said.

After the soul transfer, little white fell into a deep sleep.

Chen Xiaobei immediately put Xiaobai back into the thousand Beast Ring. After all, Xiaobai was extremely disgusted by the environment of the lava. It would be more comfortable if he put it away.

“Heavenly frost domain!”

With a low growl, Chen Xiaobei stepped on the somersault cloud and charged into the volcano at top speed!

Even a two-star earth-god level somersault cloud would be burned and destroyed, or even refined by the high temperature.

Of course! Times had changed!

Even without the power of a celestial being, it could still easily suppress the surrounding fire and high temperature!

Chen Xiaobei controlled the timing very well, activating his special ability to the maximum the moment his body could not withstand the attack.

With Chen Xiaobei as the center, the temperature within a five-meter radius of him dropped drastically. It was as if the entire space was covered in a layer of frost!

The originally bright red space had actually become a vast expanse!

This vast space was the heavenly frost domain!

Chen Xiaobei and the somersault cloud were both immune to the threat of high temperature within the territory!

The speed of the somersault cloud was no longer enough!

Quot; die! Quot; Chen Xiaobei growled, and a purple-gold light burst out from his feet!

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei retracted his somersault cloud!

As if he had teleported, Chen Xiaobei charged into the red lava!

“Ling jiuxiao! Ling … Ling …”

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei activated his golden gaze fiery eyes and looked into the lava to look for the treasure Xiaobai was talking about!

With the heavenly frost domain, the lava could not get close to him!

Coupled with the fiery golden eyes, he could see through the lava!

Not long after, Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. He had found the extraordinary treasure!

It was a red sword wrapped in flames!

The temperature of the volcano could even melt a three-star earth-god instrument!

The sword was in the middle of the lava, but it was undamaged. It was at least a four-star earth-god instrument!

“What the hell! I’m rich!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up as he activated his penetrate the nine Heavens and charged forward as fast as he could.

Chen Xiaobei’s strongest trump cards were his three-star earth-god level Dragon’s edge and witch dragon’s flame.

Tian Peng was a peak four-star earth-god, and Qin Wuxin was likely to become a four-star earth-god too.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei’s trump card was far behind that of Qin Wuxin and Tian Peng.

Originally, Chen Xiaobei had come to devil earth to get the map and control the four-star earth-god Soul of Zi Yuan.

He had never expected that a four-star earth-god sword would appear in the lava of the volcano!

This was the thing that Chen Xiaobei needed the most!

This was the biggest surprise of Chen Xiaobei’s trip!

With this sword and the soul of Zi Yuan, even if Chen Xiaobei could not defeat Qin Wuxin and Tian Peng, he would at least be able to fight them!

Chen Xiaobei’s mood was so good that he could fly.

Chen Xiaobei did not pick up the sword. Instead, he put the long sword into his infinite space ring.

After all, there wasn’t much time left, and there wasn’t enough time for the sword to recognize him as its master.

It wouldn’t be too late to control the sword after he was done with his business!

After that, Chen Xiaobei quickly used the penetrate the nine Heavens to retreat to the lava.

With the geothermal heat isolated, the temperature in the space dropped to a level that Chen Xiaobei could withstand.

“There really is a spirit vein here …”

Chen Xiaobei stood on top of the lava rock and thought, ” Quot; the surrounding spiritual Qi is very pure and dense. It’s definitely a large spiritual vein! Quot;

“The point is that no one has set foot here for tens of millions of years! The spiritual Qi would not be consumed, and it would always be in the most abundant state! It’s enough for me to use my trump card!”

Chen Xiaobei took out a yellow flag from his infinite space ring!

The flag was surrounded by a seven-colored immortal aura!

There were ancient runes on the surface of the banner, and it constantly emitted a thick and heavy Yellow Earth aura!

Chen Xiaobei felt like he was in control of a vast land!

It was as if there was nothing that could not be reached with one’s heart!

“What a Good Earth escape immortal puppet!”

Chen Xiaobei clenched the flag tightly.”As expected of a heaven-immortal artifact! Although it’s not an attack-type celestial artifact, its terrifying spirituality has far exceeded the sum of all my trump cards!”

Quot; with this earth escape immortal Gu, the core of the heavenly demon remains will be as easy as taking something out of my pocket. It definitely won’t escape from my hands! Quot;

Quot; however, the level of a heaven immortal artifact is too high. If it wants to exert the power of a heaven immortal for a long time, this spirit vein in front of us can’t be preserved! Quot;

When Chen Xiaobei borrowed Monkey King’s Jingu staff, it cost him 10000 spiritual stones, but it could only unleash the power of a demigod for a minute.

However, this time, the earth escape immortal Gu was really useful!

There must be other treasures in the core of the demonic remains besides the map.

Chen Xiaobei put away the earth escape Holy gourd, summoned the somersault cloud, and rushed out of the demonic spirit volcano.

Chen Xiaobei sat on the somersault cloud, away from the high temperature and toxic area. He quickly took out the burning red sword!

“This is definitely a huge surprise! I’m so lucky to have picked up a four-star earth-god instrument for free!”

Chen Xiaobei held the hilt of the sword. The flames on the blade did not burn his hand. Quot; as long as I establish a spiritual connection with it, this sword will belong to me! Quot;

Just as Chen Xiaobei was trying to communicate with the spiritual energy …

A sudden change occurred!