Chapter 1959

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Chapter 1959: Descending from the sky (1)

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“Senior brother xiongda … What’s going on with the demon spirit volcano? I think the engine died …”

The Amaterasu Shinobu’s who were wearing white Tengu masks were all filled with shock, as if they had seen a ghost.

“Nonsense! What did he mean by the engine seemed to have died? It was clearly completely extinguished!”

Ishizaki Yuuta’s brows were tightly furrowed. Under the Golden tengu mask, his tone was very serious. Quot; the demon spirit volcano that has been burning for tens of millions of years suddenly died out … If this was really Chen Zhufeng’s doing … That’s too strange … Quot;

“Senior brother xiongda, why don’t we retreat?”

A few ninjas said in fear, Quot; Chen Zhufeng’s strength is unfathomable. It’s too risky to start a war … Quot;

Ishizaki yuuda’s face was ashen, and he said in a fierce tone: “I swore in front of great-grandfather and the first elder that I would kill Chen Zhufeng! If I run away, not only will I not be able to explain myself, but my family and I will also lose face!”

As soon as he said that, the eighty-one Inferno’s eyes were filled with anxiety and fear.

“Senior brother xiongda is right … But we can’t just die for the sake of our reputation …” The leader of the fire ninjas said in a low voice.

Before he could finish his sentence, Ishizaki yuuda slapped the leader of the ninjas, causing him to fall to the ground.

Quot; Shixiong, please calm down … Shixiong, please calm down … Quot; the leader of the ninjas covered his broken mask with his hand. His entire body was trembling, and cold sweat was pouring down like rain!

“Calm your anger? I’m already being merciful by not killing you!”

“We Tenshou Warriors!” Ishizaki yuuda shouted angrily. The greatest glory was the warrior’s spirit! There are only two outcomes to our battle! Either win! Or die in battle!”

“If I can not win, I can not die in battle! You still have to commit seppuku, which is the same as dying in battle!”

“All of you are living too comfortably under the wings of my ishiqi family!” Ishizaki yuuda said solemnly. He was so comfortable that he had forgotten his own glory! You’ve forgotten your faith!”

“Senior brother, please calm down … I know I was wrong … We know we were wrong …”

The leader of the ninjas and the other ninjas knelt down on one knee and placed one hand on their chest.

All 81 of them shouted out in utmost devotion, ” “We are Tenshou God’s most loyal followers! We are the most glorious Warriors of the Azure Dragon continent! We can only win or die in battle. We will never run away! Never!”

“Very good! That’s more like a Tenshou warrior!”

“All of you, get up!” Ishizaki yuuda said in a deep voice. Although Chen Zhufeng’s methods are unfathomable, we still have a chance of winning this battle!”

The eighty-one ninjas all stood up and listened attentively.

Quot; Chen Zhufeng’s strongest trump card is his wind! Quot;

“What’s your ultimate skill?” Ishizaki yuuda asked. What special ability does the Crimson Moon slaying saber on my waist have?”

The eighty-one ninjas were stunned, but they immediately came to a realization.”The ultimate skill of the eighty-one of us is the [ motionless Flame King formation ]! This battle formation is a three-star earth-god level defense formation, enough to withstand hurricanes!”

Quot; in addition, the Crimson Moon slaying saber is also a three-star earth-god Level demon saber. Its superpower is ‘sharpening edge’! Quot;

“As the saying goes, water will flow even more when the blade is drawn!” The leader of the enduring fires said excitedly. However, the Crimson Moon slaying blade was powerful enough to cut through the flowing water! It’s even easier to cut through the storm!”

As soon as he said that, all of the inferno’s started to get excited.

Quot; Chen Zhufeng is indeed extraordinary, ” Ishizaki yuuda said with a sinister smile. Quot; but this time, we’ve made full preparations. We can completely restrain him! If not for that, great-grandfather and the great elder would not have sent us out!”

“Well said! We were too nervous just now! Now that I think about it, Chen Zhufeng is nothing special!”

“That’s right! Didn’t he only know how to release a violent wind? Our [ motionless King of Fire formation ] can hold him off!”

Quot; senior brother xiongda’s Crimson Moon slaying sword can cut through the storm and directly cut off Chen Zhufeng’s head! Quot;

Quot; first elder and fourth elder are both wise and astute. They wouldn’t have sent us to our deaths if they weren’t confident! Quot;

“We will not lose this battle! When Chen Zhufeng comes out of the demon spirit volcano, he will die … Hahaha …”

Everyone was confident that they would be able to defeat Chen Xiaobei in this battle.

The previous tension and fear were swept away, replaced by a burst of arrogant laughter.

“You guys, were you waiting for me?”

However, at this moment, a frivolous voice came from above.

Quot; who’s there!? Quot;

Ishizaki yuuda and the 81 Inhumans all raised their heads.

They saw a figure descending from the sky!

His black clothes fluttered in the wind! With the black blade in hand, he revealed his sharpness!

Quot; Chen … Chen … Chen Zhufeng! Quot;

As the distance between them got closer, Ishizaki yuuda and the 81 ninjas could clearly see the identity of the person.

Everyone’s heart was instantly shaken!

They did not expect Chen Xiaobei to fall from the sky!

“Those who want to kill, prepare your lives!”

Chen Xiaobei’s dark eyes were like the eyes of a Falcon, sharp and piercing.

The next moment, two purple-gold fireballs appeared in Chen Xiaobei’s eyes!

The fireballs expanded in the wind. They were originally only the size of an eyeball, but in the blink of an eye, they had turned into two balls of raging flames!

Within the flames, a terrifying pressure that was like a Heavenly Fire burning a Prairie erupted!

It was as if he could burn the world with a single glance!

“Oh my God … What … What is going on?”

Seeing the scene in front of them, the expressions on the faces of Ishizaki yuuda and the 81 fire ninjas completely froze. Their pupils contracted uncontrollably, and even their breathing quickened as their bodies trembled!

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Chen Xiaobei did not waste any time. With a thought, two pillars of purple-gold fire shot out from his eyes!

In an instant, purple-gold light enveloped the entire space. It was so dazzling that no one on the ground could look at it directly.

The terrifyingly high temperature also descended on everyone’s body, making them feel as if they were being roasted on a fire, and could be turned into dried meat at any time.

“Get into formation! Quickly get into formation! Hurry up …”

Ishizaki yuuda shrieked nervously. He could already feel that a great disaster was coming!

However, just a few seconds ago, the 81 ninjas were still laughing arrogantly. Now, the two pillars of fire were already in front of them, and they had no time to get into their battle formation.

Quot; ow … Ah, uh … Ah … Quot;

In an instant, two pillars of purple-gold fire had already charged into the crowd.

They were like two fire dragons with unparalleled might, killing and crushing. Wherever they passed, miserable screams could be heard.

In just a few seconds, more than seventy of the eighty-one Inferno had been burned to ashes by the two fire dragons, not even leaving a trace behind!

The few surviving Inferno were all hiding behind Ishizaki yuuda, using the power of the Crimson Moon slash to block the fire Dragon’s attack.

Chen Xiaobei did not waste any time and immediately swung the black knife in his hand!