Chapter 1965

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Chapter 1965: Black wind shadow (3)

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A ball of black light emerged from Sirius’s head and entered Chen Xiaobei’s forehead.

Then, Sky Wolf lay down beside Chen Xiaobei’s feet as if he had lost all his energy and fell into a deep sleep.

Chen Xiaobei put Sirius back into the ring of all beasts, held the saber in one hand, and fixed his eyes on Tian Peng.

“Chen Xiaobei! What are you trying to do?”

Tian Peng was a little nervous. As a true immortal, he could not see through Chen Xiaobei’s tricks. This was too strange.

Chen Xiaobei had borrowed Sirius’s innate ability, which was the Yin Yang soul summoning Gu’s ability!

The Voodoo art was one of the secret arts of the Voodoo race. The Voodoo race was regarded as a foreign race by the heavenly court, and the Voodoo art was considered a forbidden art!

Apart from a few top-notch Immortals, the ordinary Immortals knew nothing about Sorcery!

Chen Xiaobei did not explain anything and activated Sky Wolf’s special ability!

Chen Xiaobei held the spiritual bursting flames King Sword in one hand and took out his Dragon’s edge with the other.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei sped up and turned into a shadow as he charged towards Tian Peng.

In the space, the spiritual image of the spiritual King of explosive flames was still fighting against the blade of qingxuan tianche.

Chen Xiaobei’s extreme shadow attacked Tian Peng from the other side.

In an instant, Chen Xiaobei had already reached Tian Peng’s side with his spiritual bursting flames King Sword to pin down Qing Xuan Tian che.

Chen Xiaobei used his Dragon’s edge and slashed at Tian Peng.

“Hmph! You’re overestimating yourself!”

Seeing this, Tian Peng’s heart didn’t waver and he said in disdain, ” “If you defend with your life, you can still hold on for a moment! But you actually dared to take the initiative to attack? What’s the difference between this and suicide?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tian Peng shot out a wave of true essence.

Although Tian Peng’s Qing Xuan Tian che had been restrained, he was already a peak four-star earth immortal!

The ethereal force contained enough power to kill Chen Xiaobei!

The ethereal force landed on Chen Xiaobei’s body, and the destructive force shattered his body into pieces!

After all, the master-protecting puppet had already been used once, and it could not protect Chen Xiaobei this time.

Even though Chen Xiaobei was wearing the Nightstalker outfit, this nine-star spiritual instrument could not withstand the canopy great power!

By right, Chen Xiaobei should be dead!

However, Tian Peng frowned and his face was full of surprise, ” “Chen Xiaobei was killed, but why didn’t the image of spiritual King flaming blast disappear? Why can’t I see a single drop of blood on the ground?”

Quot; whoosh … Whoosh … Whoosh … Quot;

At the same time, the sound of wind could be heard from the medium!

Then, six identical extreme shadows appeared!

There was no difference in their appearance. It was as if there were six Chen xiaobeis!

Tian Peng’s brows furrowed and his face was filled with disbelief.

The six Chen xiaobeis attacked Tian Peng from six different directions at the same time.

“Small tricks! Don’t even think about hurting me!”

Tian Peng composed himself and waved his hands repeatedly, releasing six traces of true essence.

Swoosh … Swoosh … Swoosh …

The ethereal force carried the power of a peak four-star earth-god, and each stream of ethereal force could kill one Chen Xiaobei!

But the result was the same as before. Six Chen xiaobeis were killed without leaving a trace of blood!

Those scattered figures were actually only six phantoms!

“Chen Xiaobei! What the hell are you doing?”

“This kind of child trick won’t work on me!” Tian Peng said in disdain.

At this moment, the sound of the wind suddenly became louder. A shadow flashed from the side, holding the Dragon’s edge and pointing at Tian Peng’s heart!

“Chen Xiaobei! Are you done? You’re addicted to such a boring little trick?”

Quot; even if I don’t stop you, the protective Zhen Yuan of a peak four-star earth level deity is still something you can’t break! Quot; Tian Peng said with disdain.

“Then don’t block it!” Chen Xiaobei shouted, his tone filled with provocation.

“Hmph! I won’t block it, let’s see how you can hurt me!” Tian Peng circulated his true Qi to protect himself. He was very confident in his strength!

“Heh, you’ll regret this!”

Chen Xiaobei chuckled as he activated the Dragon’s Edge’s special ability. The blade of the blade was covered in Black Lightning.

“It’s just a three-star earth-god instrument!” Tian Peng said confidently. Even if this isn’t a smokescreen, you still can’t break through my protective Zhen Yuan!”

“All martial arts in the world are unbreakable, but speed is the key!” Quot; die! Quot; Chen Xiaobei growled and swung his saber!

Quot; collapse!!! Quot;

As soon as he finished speaking, the edge of the Dragon’s edge stabbed Tian Peng’s body!

The black Thunder rumbled and was supported by the mysterious ability of the black wind shadow!

Tian Peng heard the sound of an object breaking. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that his body-protection genuine vitality would be shattered!

Without the protection of the Zhen Yuan, the Dragon’s edge stabbed down and almost hit Tian Peng’s heart!

However, Tian Peng was a peak four-star earth-god, and he was much faster than Chen Xiaobei!

One of his hands was holding the Qing Xuan heavenly incarnate tightly, while the other hand had reached the edge of the demonic Dragon’s edge!

Tian Peng’s palm was cut by the blade and blood flowed out. However, the blade could not move any further and could not threaten his life!

“Chen Xiaobei! You’re really awesome! I can’t help but admire you!”

Tian Peng’s eyes were filled with rage and he said, ” “You can actually break the protective true energy of a four-star earth-god! How did you manage to do that?”

“That’s my secret!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

One had to know that Sky Wolf’s talent, black wind extreme shadow, had the effect of breaking true Kang and true Yuan.

With the help of the demonic dragon Apocalypse’s ability to weaken the opponent’s strength, they could instantly shatter Tian Peng’s protective Zhen Yuan!

Of course, this was Chen Xiaobei’s Secret move. He could not explain it to Tian Peng.

“Hmph! If you don’t want to tell me, then you can die with your secret!”

Tian Peng roared with a ferocious expression,”you almost pierced my heart, but you failed!” The price of failure is death!”

Tian Peng controlled Qing Xuan Tian che with one hand and fought with the flame burst Spirit King.

With his other hand, he held the edge of the Dragon’s edge tightly, ignoring the bleeding and pain.

The Canopy’s power was overwhelming. It pulled the Dragon’s edge and Chen Xiaobei was pulled in front of it!

Then, Tian Peng’s right leg kicked out at Chen Xiaobei, trying to kill him!

There was no need to say more about the power of this kick.

“It’s still not certain who will die!”

Chen Xiaobei was not afraid at all.