Chapter 1966

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Chapter 1966: I’m giving it to you (4)

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Quot; die! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted, and a blood-red sword light shot out from the night sky.

It was the chaos Blood Sword that had just been sent flying!

The sword was connected to Chen Xiaobei’s mind and he could control it from a distance!

The chaos Blood Sword had not joined the battle after it was sent flying.

But now, when he slashed back with his sword, it was enough to kill!

Tian Peng’s expression changed and his heart clenched.

One must know that at this moment, Tian Peng’s hands were not free. Moreover, he had just lifted one leg and only had the other leg to support his body.

More importantly, Tian Peng’s protective Zhen Yuan had just been shattered and could not block the blood-red sword light at all.

Whether it was piercing his heart or cutting his throat, it would be enough to take Tian Peng’s life.

However, the chaos Blood Sword only made a small cut on Tian Peng’s arm before it flew back to Chen Xiaobei.

Tian Peng’s face was filled with shock and he asked in disbelief, ” “Chen Xiaobei! You clearly had the chance to kill me, so why did you intentionally miss this strike?”

“I told you, I won’t kill you!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “It’s not that I’m trying to act cool, nor that I’m incapable! If I really want to kill you, I have many ways! However, my heart doesn’t want to kill you!”

“Don’t give me that!”

Tian Peng roared,”don’t think that I will be touched by your words!” My heart is already as hard as iron! No one can move me!”

“Ha, I expected you to say that. But it’s fine.”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “Back then, Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo seven times! He captured Meng Huo seven times and released him seven times, and finally convinced Meng Huo! Now, I can also capture Tian Peng seven times! I don’t believe that second senior brother’s heart is made of stone!”

“Hmph! Just you? You still want to capture me alive seven times?”

Tian Peng gritted his teeth and roared, ” you didn’t kill me with that sword. That was an extremely stupid decision! Quot; Because if you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you!”

Tian Peng’s right leg, which had been raised, suddenly exerted force. He wanted to get closer and kick Chen Xiaobei to death.

Tian Peng was a peak four-star earth-god, and he could easily kill Chen Xiaobei with his physical strength alone.

“Uh … Hmm? Why don’t I have any strength at all … Hot … So hot … This … What’s going on?”

However, before he could kick out, Tian Peng fell to the ground.

He couldn’t circulate his true Qi, and his body couldn’t exert any strength.

More importantly, Tian Peng felt as if his body was being burned by fire.

His blood was rapidly heating up, and his heart felt like it was about to explode.

Seeing this, Chen Xiaobei put away the Dragon’s edge, chaos Blood Sword, and flame burst spiritual King Sword.

Quot; just now, after the chaos Blood Sword was blown away, it didn’t hide nearby but flew far away! Quot; Chen Xiaobei stood where he was and smiled.

Tian Peng didn’t understand and asked anxiously, ” “What do you mean? What fly to the far end? You … What did you do to me … My body is about to explode from the heat …”

“There’s a demon spirit volcano not far away! The surroundings of the volcano are filled with demonic spirit heart-burning poison!”

Quot; I don’t think so! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; the chaos Blood Sword flew around while we were talking and fighting. That’s why there’s some poison on the blade! Quot;

Tian Peng’s pupils couldn’t help but contract. He looked at the wound on his arm and said in fear, Quot; you mean, I … I’ve already been struck by the demonic spirit heart-burning poison!? Quot;

Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; you’ve been poisoned. Very soon, your body will be at an extremely high temperature. Your blood will boil and your heart will explode. You’ll die a horrible death! Quot;

“Chen Xiaobei! You’re so sinister! “You … You used poison …” Tian Peng’s face was ashen and his body trembled. He had completely lost the ability to fight.

Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; I don’t want to play dirty. But, I’ve let you off so many times, and yet you still want to kill me. I had no choice but to have a backup plan! Quot;

“No… I can’t lose to you …” He said.

Tian Peng couldn’t accept the result in front of him and wailed,”The clay Bodhisattva clearly predicted my good fortune today … I can’t lose … I can’t die … Impossible! That’s impossible!”

“Don’t be nervous! I’ve said it before, the clay Bodhisattva still has some skills!”

Chen Xiaobei walked over, took out the cleansing Bodhi and said, ” “You are indeed very lucky today! But you have to remember that this ‘fortune’ is not destined by the heavens. It is a gift from me, Chen Xiaobei!”

Quot; you … What do you mean by this?! Quot; Tian Peng did not understand what Chen Xiaobei was trying to do.

“I will detoxify you and keep you alive!” Chen Xiaobei said. I’ll leave the storage bracelet and the five-star earth-god instrument, the Aurum heliotrope behind for you!”

“What? You … You must be joking … Quot; Tian Peng was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe his ears.

Chen Xiaobei squatted down and started to use the cleansing Bodhi to cure Tian Peng’s poison. Quot; “Once for the Qin family, once for today! I’ve already captured you alive twice and let you go twice! Is this enough to move you?”

“Impossible … There will definitely not be a next time!”

Tian Peng gritted his teeth and said,”the next time we meet, I will be fully prepared. I will make sure you die without a burial place!.”

“Alright, I’ll see you next time!”

Chen Xiaobei stood up and put away the cleansing Bodhi. Quot; “Most of the poison in your body has already been removed by me! As for the remaining small amount of poison, you only need to sleep for a night. The soul of a peak four-star earth-God will help you get rid of the poison!”

Chen Xiaobei then summoned the somersault cloud and soared into the sky, leaving the battlefield in an instant.

Quot; Chen Xiaobei … Chen Xiaobei … Chen Xiaobei!!! Quot;

Tian Peng used all his strength and screamed.

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The storage bracelet and the five-star earth-god instrument, the Aeon tianta, were quietly placed to the side!

In this battle, not only did the canopy great country not suffer any losses, but they also gained two huge gains.

However, Chen Xiaobei’s words kept echoing in Tian Peng’s mind-Quot; this ‘great fortune’ is not destined by God. It is-gift from me-Chen Xiaobei! Quot;

This sentence reverberated like thunder and struck Tian Peng’s heart!

Chen Xiaobei took out a map and said, ” Quot; next, I should enter The Omen Ridge. I hope I can find the core Treasury! Quot;