Chapter 1967

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Chapter 1967: Young slave (1)

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Using the map, Chen Xiaobei went all the way to the West and found the demonic ruin at dawn the next day!

The ruins of the heavenly demon were the ruins of the ancient demon Kingdom!

The devil nation was built underground, and its area was comparable to ten planets!

On the ground, there were only endless desolate mountains.

There were tens of thousands of underground entrances surrounding the mountains.

One could imagine that in these tens of millions of years, the number of humans who had gone deep underground had probably exceeded tens of billions!

Apart from the dead and injured, there were probably hundreds of millions of people in the underground devil Kingdom!

Among these people, there were members of powerful sects, self-organized explorers, and of course, most of them were slaves who had been caught to excavate the core of the ruins!

“Let’s go in and take a look first!”

Chen Xiaobei picked the nearest entrance and entered the underground devil Kingdom.

Although it was daytime, the underground world was dark. It was even colder and more humid than the surface.

With the help of the light from his phone, Chen Xiaobei walked down the tunnel. After a few hundred meters, he finally saw the end.

Quot; my God … This … This is the legendary underground devil Kingdom … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was used to seeing such a scene, but what he saw at the end of the tunnel was still shocking.

An incomparably huge underground city appeared before his eyes!

It was probably a few thousand meters deep, and the range was so wide that one couldn’t see the end!

Among them, there were tall and short dilapidated houses with dim bonfires that flickered endlessly.

By rough estimation, there were at least tens of thousands of people living in this area!

However, this was only the tip of the iceberg of the underground devil Kingdom.

How could Chen Xiaobei not be shocked?

It was early in the morning, and people began to come out of the houses one after another.

These people were dressed in rags and covered in mud. They held shovels in their hands and were obviously slaves who had been caught to excavate the ruins.

Logically speaking, these people had been doing physical labor all year round, so their bodies should be very strong.

However, the reality was the exact opposite.

The underground devil Kingdom did not see sunlight all year round. Living in a cold and humid environment, the slaves more or less had skin diseases and hidden diseases in their eyes.

The main point was that the environment of devil earth was special, and it was very difficult to transport food and water. These slaves could not even eat fresh food or drink clean water.

It was precisely because of this that they were almost all as thin as firewood, and their energy was exhausted.

But as slaves, they had no choice!

No matter how thin and weak they were, no matter how dispirited they were, as long as the morning bell rang, they had to pick up their tools and start digging day after day.

“These people are quite pitiful …”

Chen Xiaobei was standing on a high spot, so he could see everything clearly. Quot; Quot; I need to find the core of the relic as soon as possible. That way, I can free them! Quot;

Suddenly, a deafening bugle horn sounded from the square in front of the residential area.

All the slaves quickened their pace and gathered around.

There were about 50000 people, men, women, old and young, all in all, filling the square.

There was a high platform in front of the square.

On the stage, there was a team of armored warriors holding axes.

It was obvious that these Warriors and slaves all belonged to a certain force.

The responsibility of these Warriors was to manage the slaves.

In front of the crowd, the leader of the Warriors kicked a teenager who was about 16 or 17 years old to the ground.

The young man looked thin and weak, but his body was unexpectedly strong.

After taking a kick from the leader of the Warriors, the young man only fell down but was not injured. Moreover, he was still holding the two steamed buns in his hands and continued to Wolf them down.

“Yuan tuo! You little brat! How dare you steal dried food at night!”

The leader of the Warriors roared at the young man, ” Quot; in devil earth, food and water are extremely precious. Those who steal dry food will be sentenced to death! Quot;

“Oh … You said it yourself … If I work for ten people every day, you’ll give me ten people’s share of dry food …”

The young man Yuan tuo was wolfing down his food while protesting, ” Quot; I’ve already done the work of ten people for seven days in a row, but you didn’t give me any more food … I’m not going to steal, I’m just taking back what belongs to me! Quot;

“Numbing! You actually dare to talk back!”

The leader of the Warriors was furious. He raised his battle axe and roared, ” “You’re eating the rations for ten people, are you going to let them starve to death?”

“It was you who promised to give me ten people’s worth of rations. Even if people starve to death, it’s your responsibility!”

Yuan tuo chewed on his steamed bun and said solemnly, ” besides, there’s dried meat, spirit fruits, and even fine wine in your war preparation storehouse. Just a little bit of it won’t starve you to death!”

Quot; no! Quot; the leader of the Warriors roared, ” the food in the war preparation room is for the Warriors! Quot; You lowly slaves, what right do you have to eat it!”

“I saw young master Xingren using dried meat as his pet dog yesterday!” Yuan tuo’s brows furrowed as he retorted. Are we even worse than dogs?”

The leader of the Warriors snorted in disdain. You lowly slaves are like ants from the underground, maggots in the gutter! Don’t say that young master Xingren’s dog is nobler than you! You can’t even compare to a single strand of dog fur!”

As soon as he said that, more than fifty thousand slaves around him all put on sorrowful faces. Their faces were sad and their hearts were hurt.

However, the vast 50000 people all swallowed their anger. No one dared to refute.

Only the youth, Yuan tuo, firmly protested,”I’m not convinced!” Although I’m a lowly slave, I’m only taking back what I deserve. What’s wrong with that?”

“You’re a weakling! This is a mistake!”

The leader of the Warriors raised his battle axe high and roared, ” “Everyone, look clearly! Those who stole dried food would be sentenced to death! Those who talked back to their superiors would be sentenced to death! Those who disobey the discipline will be sentenced to death! Die!”

As the leader of the Warriors roared, his battle-axe, which was shining with a cold light, directly chopped toward the head of the young Yuan tuo.

It was obvious that the leader of the Warriors wanted to split Yuan tuo in half, using the cruelest method to intimidate the 50000 slaves.

However, right at this moment, a sharp beam of vital essence shot over from a distance and directly bounced off the warrior leader’s battle-ax.

Quot; who’s there!? Quot;

The leader of the Warriors was shocked. He gritted his teeth and tried his best to stabilize his battle axe. It was clear that the person who had come had a very high cultivation.

All of a sudden, more than 50000 pairs of eyes were focused on him.

They saw a young Man in Black walking over slowly. He said indifferently, ” “I want this slave! State your price!”

“We are not selling our slaves!”

The leader of the Warriors was furious and shouted, ” “This is the Vermillion bird’s Wang family’s territory. You may be powerful, but you are not strong enough to interfere in our Affairs!”

“You’re really not selling?”

The young man in Black raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, ” “If you don’t sell it, I’ll snatch it!”

Everyone was shocked.