Chapter 1968

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Chapter 1968: Making a strong move (2)

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“You little brat! What big words you have!”

“Look at your ethereal force,” the warrior leader shouted,”you have at most one million combat power!” Even though I’m not your match, our young master Xingren is a one fire god-refining stage powerhouse, and he can easily kill you!”

“The Wang family of the Vermillion Bird? Wang Xing Ren?” Chen Xiaobei almost burst out laughing.

“What’s wrong? You’ve heard of my family’s young master’s reputation?”

The leader of the Warriors proudly raised his chin and threatened, ” Quot; young master Xingren isn’t as easy to talk to as I am. If he heard that you wanted to snatch slaves, he would definitely stomp you to death, chop you into pieces, and feed you to the dogs! Quot;

“You know what? I hate it when people threaten me!” Chen Xiaobei said, ” Quot; I’ll only give you three seconds. Either you name your price or you fall! Quot;

“Numbing! Don’t be too arrogant!”

“This is the buried city!” The warrior leader shouted angrily. The rules of the city were set by heaven dominating faction and the four imperial cities. If you dare to break the rules, they will not let you go!”

“Oh? There’s such a saying?”

Quot; Oh? ” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows. Quot; the Wang family belongs to the Vermillion Bird continent. Does that mean that this entire area is under the Vermillion Bird Royal city’s jurisdiction? ”

“The southern part of the devil nation is under the jurisdiction of the Vermillion Bird Royal City!” The leader of the Warriors said arrogantly. If you dare to touch me, the aristocrats of the Vermillion Bird Royal City will come and crush you!”

Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. He even wanted to laugh.”I’m not trying to act cool, but the third Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City, mu chenfeng, doesn’t even dare to touch a single hair on my head! How many waves can the Vermillion Bird nobles here cause?”

“This isn’t acting cool? You’re simply a super pretentious person!”

The leader of the Warriors rolled his eyes and cursed, ” “The third Prince of Vermillion Bird, mu chenfeng, is a core disciple of heaven dominating faction! Furthermore, he was a super expert ranked tenth on the minor heavenly fate ranking! The five-fire god-refining realm! Three million and five hundred thousand combat power!”

“You dare to say that the third Prince doesn’t dare to touch you? Your face is even thicker than the corner of the city wall! You’re too f * cking shameless!”

As soon as he said that, the 50000 people around him all nodded in agreement with the warrior leader.

It had to be known that these slaves were the lowest class of the people on the Vermillion Bird continent, and they had been sold as slaves for various reasons.

Because they lived in the lowest level, their vision was not high, and their cultivation was not high.

As such, in their eyes, the aristocrats of the Vermillion Bird Royal City were all Supreme existences! All of them were like gods in the heavens, omnipotent existences!

They worshipped the Vermillion Bird aristocrat! At the same time, he was afraid of the Vermillion Bird aristocrat from the bottom of his soul!

And now, Chen Xiaobei was saying that the high and mighty third Prince of the Vermillion Bird Royal City would not dare to touch him.

There were 50000 people in the crowd, but none of them believed Chen Xiaobei.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiaobei was just acting cool.

Even the youth Yuan tuo curled his lips and said in disdain, ” “This young master, you saved my life, and I am very grateful to you! But to be honest, I really don’t like people who act cool like you …”

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it sooner or later!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged his shoulders, his expression as calm as the wind.

Other people laugh at me for being too pretentious, I laugh at them for not being able to see through me!

Chen Xiaobei had fought mu chenfeng once at the Qin eldest great grandfather’s birthday banquet.

At that time, Mu Chen had brought the clay Bodhisattva, which caused a sensation.

Then, the clay Bodhisattva tried to figure out the power behind Chen Xiaobei and offended the prime of Tongtian. He was punished by the heavens and almost died.

Mu chenfeng had seen everything. He was so scared by Chen Xiaobei that he almost peed his pants. He did not even dare to let out a fart and ran away with his tail between his legs.

This matter had completely disgraced mu chenfeng and the Vermillion Bird Royal City.

The people of the Vermillion Bird Royal City naturally did not mention it.

The other factions that were present that day were afraid of offending the Vermillion Bird Royal City, so they didn’t dare to say a word.

Because of this, the Wang family had no idea what had happened that day.

These 50,000 slaves who had never seen the light of day wouldn’t even know.

Of course, what they did not know was that Chen Xiaobei would use his actions to let them know.

Chen Xiaobei stomped on the ground and dashed forward like a Phantom.

Quot; you … You’re really not afraid of the Vermillion Bird aristocrat?! Quot;

The leader of the Warriors was dumbfounded. He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to disregard the rules and attack him.

Chen Xiaobei already had a million combat power, so he was extremely fast. In an instant, he was already in front of the leader of the Warriors and gave him a tight slap.

The leader of the Warriors let out a shrill cry like a pig being slaughtered. His entire body was sent flying seven to eight meters away. His head tilted to the side, and his teeth and blood spurted all over the ground.

“I originally only gave you three seconds. Now that 30 seconds have passed, I’ve already done my best to be kind to you!”

Chen Xiaobei stood there proudly and said, ” “This little slave is mine! Those who have objections, just stand out!”

The soldiers around them gasped and backed away, not daring to stand beside Chen Xiaobei.

“Young master … You … You’re really not afraid of the Vermillion Bird aristocrat?” The youth Yuan tuo was dumbstruck, unable to believe his eyes.

“I’ve never been a pretentious person! Everything I’ve said is the truth!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. His tone was calm, but it exuded a domineering aura.

Only those who were in control of the overall situation could have such a fearless spirit.

Quot; it seems like I’ve misunderstood young master … Quot; Yuan tuo composed himself and said solemnly, ” “Young master, please take me away! I, Xuanyuan tuohai, am willing to be young master’s slave!”

“What?” Chen Xiaobei asked, ” “What did you just say? Xuanyuan?”

Quot; young master, be careful! Quot; Yuan tuo didn’t have the time to explain and hurriedly warned.

Suddenly, a powerful green wood true essence shot out from the crowd and was aimed at Chen Xiaobei’s heart.

“One fire to refine the spirit! 1.5 million combat power!”

Chen Xiaobei quickly dodged to the side.

With a loud explosion, the spot where Chen Xiaobei was standing a moment ago was blasted into a huge pit. The soil and rocks were shattered, and the ground trembled.

“Young master Xingren is here … Greetings to young master Xingren … Greetings to young master …”

The 50,000 slaves knelt down and kowtowed to a young man with great respect.

“Little brat! You’re too weak! If you want to fight, you will die!”

A well-dressed young man was walking slowly towards Chen Xiaobei, his eyes full of disdain.

This person was the person in charge of this area, Wang Xingren from the Vermillion bird’s Wang family!

Chen Xiaobei was not afraid at all. He smiled and said, ” “You really want to fight? I’m afraid you’ll regret it!”