Chapter 1969

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Chapter 1969: Tian Peng’s scheme (3)

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Wang Xingren sneered disdainfully. Quot; this is the Wang family’s territory. I, Wang Xingren, have a one fire god-Ascension cultivation base with 1.5 million combat power. Do you think this is a joke? ” Regret? It doesn’t exist!”

“Do you have an earth-god instrument?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Earth-god instrument?”

Wang Xingren’s expression froze, and he said unhappily,”Of course I didn’t! Earth-god instruments are extremely rare. Apart from some top forces, no one can have an earth-god instrument!”

It was obvious that the Wang family was only a third or fourth-rate power on the Vermilion Bird continent.

The head of the Wang family didn’t even have the right to attend the Qin eldest great grandfather’s birthday banquet.

Looking at the excavation area that belonged to the Wang family, it was near the entrance to the devil nation, which was equivalent to being at the edge of the devil nation.

Even if they dug through this place, they wouldn’t be able to reach the core of the relic.

From this, it could be seen that the Wang family was one of the weakest forces in the devil country, and could only excavate at the outermost area.

An earth-god instrument was not something that the Wang family could possess.

“You don’t, but I do!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Wang Xingren laughed disdainfully,”you only have one million combat power, much weaker than me!” You think you can own an earth-god instrument? This is the stupidest joke I’ve ever heard!”

“It seems that you won’t shed tears until you see your coffin!” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and took out the chaos Blood Sword.

In an instant, the blood-red light enveloped the surroundings. A ferocious, sinister, violent, overbearing, and terrifying pressure suddenly crushed everyone.

“Oh my God … This … This is really an earth-god instrument …”

Wang Xingren took a deep breath, and his expression became very ugly. He swallowed his saliva as he retreated.

“An earth-god instrument … The Blood Sword in this young master’s hand is an earth-god instrument … My God! Who is this young master … He’s too powerful …”

The 50,000 slaves also took in a breath of cold air and were stunned.

These 50,000 people were all slaves of the lowest level. To them, a high-rank spirit tool was already a very powerful existence.

In the eyes of these 50000 people, Chen Xiaobei, who was holding an earth-god instrument, was like a god.

Quot; young master … You … You actually have an earth-god instrument … You’re the one I’ve been waiting for … Please take me away … Quot;

Yuan tuo threw away the half-eaten bun and kneeled on one knee, looking up at Chen Xiaobei with utmost sincerity.

“Wang Xingren, didn’t you want to fight? Come on!”

Chen Xiaobei held the sword in one hand and beckoned Wang Xingren with his other hand, provoking him.

“I … I regret it … I don’t dare to fight …” He said.

Wang Xingren kept swallowing his saliva, his pupils couldn’t help but contract, and his whole body was trembling.

Even if he had ten thousand guts, he would not dare to start a war with Chen Xiaobei.

God-refining fire against a one-star earth-god instrument, this was simply courting death! Seeking death!

“I told you, you’ll regret it!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged, put away the chaos Blood Sword and said, ” “You don’t have any objections to me taking this little slave, do you?”

Quot; no objections … No objections … Absolutely no objections … Quot; Wang Xingren shook his head like a rattle drum. It would be strange if he dared to have any objections.

Chen Xiaobei ignored him and turned to Yuan tuo, ” “Let’s go, Xuanyuan tuohai!”

“As you command! My master!” Quot; yes, master! Quot; Yuan tuo bowed sincerely and quickly followed Chen Xiaobei.

After Chen Xiaobei left, Wang Xingren quickly took out his phone.

“The Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards?”

“Hello, Sir … I’m Wang Xingren from entrance area No. 33 … Someone just made trouble and robbed one of my slaves …” Wang Xingren said in a low voice.

“A mere slave is worth reporting?” A disdainful voice came from the other end of the phone.

Wang Xingren quickly changed his words. Quot; that person used force and injured the leader of my Warriors. This is a public violation of the rules of the Vermillion Bird Royal City. It is a challenge to the dignity of the royal city! Quot;

Quot; report his location. We’ll send someone over to deal with him! Quot; The commander of the guards coldly said.

Wang Xingren said ruthlessly,”not deal with!” You must kill him!”

“It’s not your turn to teach me what to do!” The commander of the guards said disdainfully.

“No… I don’t dare to teach you … It’s just that that kid has openly violated the rules. If he’s not severely punished, the Vermillion Bird Royal city’s prestige will be swept to the ground! In the future, wouldn’t any Tom, Dick, or Harry dare to run wild in our territory?”

Wang Xingren fanned the flames,”and the most important point!” That brat had publicly humiliated the third Prince! If those humiliating words were to spread within the Vermillion Bird Royal City, I’m afraid that even you would be punished!”

The commander hesitated for a moment before saying, ” “You follow that kid in secret. You can’t lose him! I’ll immediately mobilize my men and kill him on the spot!”

“Yes, sir!” Wang Xingren narrowed his eyes and laughed evilly.

Devil earth continent.

The highest base in the Vermillion Bird Royal City.

The third Prince’s Palace.

“Master, are your injuries better?”

Mu chenfeng, the third Prince of Vermillion Bird, stood respectfully by the bed with a bowl of medicine in his hands.

“Master only suffered a superficial wound, it won’t be a big problem!”

On the other side, the living God clay Bodhisattva also stood respectfully. His tone was humble and he didn’t dare to speak loudly.

It was obvious that their master was Tian Peng!

“Damn that Chen Xiaobei! You could’ve killed me, but you didn’t!”

Tian Peng sat up from the bed and said, ” “He wants me to be grateful to him! This was absolutely impossible! I must kill him! I will!”

At that moment, mu chenfeng’s phone rang.

After the call was connected, mu chenfeng said a few simple words and hung up.

“Master! The latest news! Chen Zhufeng has entered the underground devil Kingdom!” Mu chenfeng’s face tensed up as he spoke in a low voice.

Quot; Chen Zhufeng? ” Tian Peng’s eyes narrowed. Quot; Chen Zhufeng has many tricks up his sleeve. Is your information reliable? ”

“The information should be correct!”

Quot; yes! Quot; mu chenfeng said. Quot; the people below said that Chen Zhufeng took out a blood-red sword. It’s a one-star earth-god instrument! Quot;

“It’s the chaos Blood Sword! This can’t be wrong!” Tian Peng’s mouth twitched and his eyes were filled with hatred.

The reason why Tian Peng lost the battle last night was because the chaos Blood Sword had cut his arm.

When mu chenfeng heard this, he said with a murderous aura, ” “Since we’ve confirmed that it’s faction leader Chen, I’ll immediately order my men to kill him!”

Tian Peng shook his head and said coldly,”I don’t want you to kill him!” I want you to be his loyal dog!”

Mu chenfeng’s expression froze and he said with a dumbfounded expression, ” “Master! I’ve been loyal to you, so why do you want me to join the enemy?”

“Chen Xiaobei is as cunning as a Fox! He even had a five-star earth-god instrument in his hand! It’s almost impossible to kill him!”

Tian Peng’s eyes focused,”we can only succeed if we outwit him!.”

“How do we outwit them?” Mu chenfeng and the clay Bodhisattva were both stunned and full of curiosity.