Chapter 1970

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Chapter 1970: The background of a teenager (4)

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“Only the first piece of heavenly dog biscuit is effective! A loyal dog would only be loyal to its first master! Even if you eat other people’s dog food, it won’t change your loyalty.”

Tian Peng squinted his eyes and looked at mu chenfeng. He smiled evilly and said, ” “I want you to fight Chen Xiaobei. With Chen Xiaobei’s habit, he will definitely make you eat dog food!”

Upon hearing this, mu chenfeng suddenly realized and said, ” Quot; I’m your loyal dog now. The dog food Chen Xiaobei gives me will have no effect on me! Quot;

Quot; you’ll still be my loyal dog! Quot; Tian Peng laughed. Quot; but Chen Xiaobei doesn’t know that! This way, you can play the role of Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog and stay by his side!”

“Chen Xiaobei may suspect anyone but his loyal dog!” Mu chenfeng laughed. When he’s defenseless, I can launch a sneak attack and directly take his little life!”

Tian Peng nodded in satisfaction, ” Quot; this is my plan. As long as everything goes well, Chen Xiaobei will be dead for sure! Quot;

“Alright, mu chenfeng, you can set off now!” Quot; go ahead! Quot; Tian Peng ordered. Quot; clay Bodhisattva, calculate the date of Chen Xiaobei’s death. When the time comes, let mu chenfeng take action! Quot;

Mu chenfeng and the clay Bodhisattva accepted the order and started their own tasks.

“Hmph Hmph! Chen Xiaobei! This time, let’s see how you’re going to fly out of my Five Finger Mountain!”

Tian Peng sat by the bed and was filled with excitement. He couldn’t wait to see his plan succeed.

In the heavenly demon remains.

Chen Xiaobei released the Golden and silver horned wind seeking deer that he had obtained earlier.

The two spiritual beasts ‘original owners were dead. After Chen Xiaobei established a spiritual connection with the spiritual beast bracelet, he became their new owner.

Chen Xiaobei still had the giant barbaric Tiger and the fire cloud Lion.

However, the two beasts were too eye-catching. To avoid trouble, Chen Xiaobei chose to travel with the wind-seeking deer.

Chen Xiaobei and Yuan tuo were each riding a wind seeking deer, heading towards the center of the demonic remains at full speed.

After traveling for half a day, the two of them arrived at a deserted area.

Chen Xiaobei decided to let the deer rest.

After half a day of interaction, Yuan tuo and Chen Xiaobei had established a good relationship.

Not long after he stopped, Yuan tuo leaned over with a smile, ” “Master, can I have some of the desserts you brought?”

Quot; I told you, you don’t have to call me master. You can just call me bro bei. Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

After that, Chen Xiaobei took out all the desserts from his infinite space ring and gave them to Yuan tuo.

Yuan tuo was very stubborn. He still called Chen Xiaobei ‘master’. At the same time, his eyes glowed with excitement. He took the desserts from Chen Xiaobei and gobbled them up.

“Eat slowly, if it’s not enough, there’s more!”

Quot; let’s go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said as he took out a storage bracelet.

This storage bracelet was Ishizaki yuuda’s! There was also a lot of high-quality food!

After the battle last night, Chen Xiaobei had obtained the storage bracelet and the Crimson Moon-slaying saber.

At the same time, he received a million merit points for killing Ishizaki yuuda and the eighty-one ninjas!

In the end, he received the 80000 merit points from killing tenhon Ishizaki.

[your current merit points are 70080000. You need 19920000 merit points to go to the next level.(Charm: 7008000, luck: 7008000)!

Chen Xiaobei left the storage bracelet and Qing Xuan Tian che to Tian Peng.

Chen Xiaobei did not even have the time to check Ishizaki yuuda’s storage bracelet.

Chen Xiaobei was very excited when he checked it out.

There were 20000 upper spiritual stones in the storage bracelet.

After transferring the spiritual stones into the infinite space ring, Chen Xiaobei had 70000 high-grade spiritual stones, 20000 medium-grade spiritual stones, and 120 million low-grade spiritual stones.

To Chen Xiaobei, this was another huge gain!

Unfortunately, other than the spiritual stones, nothing else caught Chen Xiaobei’s attention.

After transferring all the spiritual stones, Chen Xiaobei only left behind food and water.

The rest of the items were thrown into the heaven and earth smelt to be refined.

Chen Xiaobei did not even hesitate to throw the Crimson Moon slaying saber into the heaven and earth furnace.

At this point, the heaven and earth smelt had already refined many things!

The dark red flag of the poison priest! The two Ninja knives of ishiqi kungfeng and ishiqi Chisa! Jiang Shaodian’s Green armor, a Green Shield, and the Green Dragon Mountain-breaking saber!

In addition, there were also their storage bracelets, which included all kinds of spiritual weapons, spiritual objects, spiritual medicine, and spiritual pills. After careful calculation, they could also be converted into a lot of spiritual aura of heaven and earth.

At this moment, with the Crimson Moon slaying sword and Ishizaki yuuda’s storage bracelets, the amount of Heaven Earth spiritual aura could be even more.

After ten days, the witch Dragon heavenly flame would be able to refine everything!

By then, Chen Xiaobei could choose to strengthen his trump card or increase his cultivation!

From the amount of heaven and earth spiritual aura, no matter what Chen Xiaobei chose, this increase would be very powerful!

Quot; master, I’m done. Don’t you want to eat something? ” Yuan tuo chuckled. He seemed to be concerned about Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei shook his head and said, ” “The higher your cultivation, the lower your need for food! At the spirit-refining stage, you’re almost insatiable and it’s fine if you don’t eat or drink.”

Yuan tuo scratched his head in embarrassment,”Quot; my cultivation level is very low, but my body is very strange … So, I’m always like a Hungry Ghost, as if I won’t be full no matter how much I eat … Quot;

[ding Yingying’s cultivation State: Solid body state. Lifespan: [99 years], physique: 300000, combat power: 1000!

Chen Xiaobei’s netherspirit battlescouter gave him a shock.

This Yuan tuo was a slave of the lowest rank, so it was normal for him to have low battle prowess. However, the strength of his physical body was actually three hundred times that of his battle prowess!

This was very, very strange!

“Master? Why are you looking at me like that?” “Is there something wrong with me?” Yuan tuo’s brows furrowed.

Chen Xiaobei did not deny it but exclaimed, ” “No wonder you can do ten people’s work and eat ten servings of food … Your talent is really amazing …”

“My talent is actually closely related to my background!” Yuan tuo said.

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; you mentioned that you’re called Xuanyuan tuohai? ” Also, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for? All of this should be related to your background, right?”

“There’s no one else nearby. I’m willing to tell you all my secrets, master!”

Quot; I just hope that master won’t be afraid after hearing this, ” Yuan said in a deep voice. Quot; don’t leave me behind! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and said, ” “There’s no such word in my dictionary!”