Chapter 1971

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Chapter 1971: Master of the bloodsword (1)

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“Master is really domineering!”

Xuanyuan taohai composed himself and said seriously, ” Quot; I used to be the 33rd young master of the Xuanyuan family in Videha, the earth-god Realm! Quot;

“The Xuanyuan family from the earth-god Realm!” Chen Xiaobei said. They should be the descendants of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan, and should be a very prominent family, right?”

Xuanyuan taohai nodded his head and said,”the Xuanyuan family is indeed one of the most powerful families in Videha!” I should be the young master of the Xuanyuan family that everyone envies! He should have had a lofty status! They had unlimited resources! We will have a bright future!”

Quot; however, I never had any of these! Quot;

Quot; because of what I said, my family banished me to a slum in apocalypse Starfield and let me live and die on my own! I was lucky to be raised by an old beggar. After that, the old beggar died and I became the lowest slave!”

“Old man Divine Secrets?”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; “Who is he? You can change the Xuanyuan family’s decision with just a few words?”

“Listen to a celestial immortal’s decree?” Chen Xiaobei’s expression changed as he thought of someone.

In the past, it was under the Jade Emperor’s order that Xu Fu replaced the spirit pill used by Ying Zheng for his immortal Ascension with a deadly poison pill!

Of course, this was just Chen Xiaobei’s imagination!

Was that old man Divine Secrets Xu Fu? Or was it related to Xu Fu? There was no evidence to prove these problems, so they could only put them aside for the time being.

“That’s why the old man of heavenly secrets has a huge number of followers in the earth-god Realm!” Xuanyuan tuohai said in a deep voice. The words he says are like the truth, and countless people will believe in them!”

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Quot; back then, if my family didn’t exile me, I’m afraid countless forces in Videha would have joined forces to suppress the Xuanyuan family! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback and said, ” “The more believers there are, the greater the influence! Just a casual word from him can change the structure of the world!”

Quot; that’s right … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai nodded.”Men fight for fate, Buddha fight for incense! In the end, it was all about fighting for believers! This situation was especially obvious in the earth-god Realm! The more powerful a person is, the more they care about the number of believers!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and asked, ” Quot; by the way, you were still a baby when you were exiled. How did you know so much? ”

“When I was exiled, I had an ancient jade in my pocket! As long as I use my spirit to communicate, the ancient jade will transmit the relevant information.”

Xuanyuan tuohai pulled out a piece of ancient green jade from his collar.

The Jade looked ordinary, and its surface was full of cracks. He hung it on Xuanyuan tuohai’s neck with a red line.

Chen Xiaobei looked at it carefully and asked, ” “Is there any other information in this Jade?”

“There’s also a prophecy in the ancient jade,” Xuanyuan tuohai said in a deep voice.”A blood-colored demonic sword will appear in the extreme west demonic land! The master of the demonic sword will take me back to the earth-god Realm and help me break the shackles of fate! Quell the evil demon’s tribulation!”

“The master of the blood devil sword? You mean me?” Chen Xiaobei was taken aback.

“This is the devil earth continent in the far west of the star field!” Xuanyuan taohai nodded. And the blood-colored long sword you just showed was as fierce as a blood demon! This has fulfilled the contents of the prophecy!”

Chen Xiaobei thought for a moment and said, ” “In other words, I have to take you back to the earth-god Realm? You want me to help you change your fate? I’ll be the one to quell the evil demon tribulation?”

Xuanyuan taohai nodded and said in a low voice, ” “Master, are you afraid? Don’t worry! I can wait! We’ll return to the earth-god Realm when we’re strong enough! Please don’t be afraid! I beg you, please don’t throw me away …”

“Don’t be nervous! I’m not afraid!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “I’ll go to the earth-god Realm sooner or later! Besides, my real target is the celestial immortal world! If I can’t even settle the matters in the earth immortal world, what right do I have to go to the heaven immortal world?”

“Master! As expected of the wielder of the blood demonic sword, you’re simply too, too awesome!”

Xuanyuan taohai immediately praised, ” “I thought that you would be afraid after hearing about my background and would abandon me! I didn’t expect that your vision has long surpassed that of an earth immortal! I was too shallow …”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to flatter me!”

Quot; I’m not that strong yet! Quot; Chen Xiaobei waved his hand. Quot; I still have a long way to go before I reach the earth-god Realm! Quot;

“I understand! Understood! I can wait!” Xuanyuan taohai said excitedly,”as long as I can follow master, I’ll be able to see infinite hope!” I can wait as long as I want!”

Quot; alright! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. Quot; since you’re mentally prepared, you’ll have to follow me from now on! Quot; I can take you in as my disciple and teach you cultivation techniques! With your talent, your strength should increase very quickly!”

“I’ve been dreaming of improving my cultivation, but I’m of low status and can’t access any cultivation techniques!” Xuanyuan tuohai said in surprise.

“Kowtow and change your words.” Chen Xiaobei said.

Without hesitation, Xuanyuan tuohai kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Chen Xiaobei, ” “Disciple Xuanyuan tuohai greets master!”

“Our faction is called bei Xuan faction!” I’m the faction leader, my surname is Chen, my name is Xiaobei, and my name is Zhufeng! From today onwards, I’m your master! And you will be my fifth personal disciple!”

“This disciple will remember!” Xuanyuan tuohai was extremely excited.

Quot; although it’s slightly inferior to my Scripture of heaven and earth, it’s definitely better than all the other cultivation techniques in the human world. Practice well and you’ll definitely achieve great things! Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai received the technique with both hands and kowtowed three times.

“I’ve found the target! They are over there! Hurry … Hurry up and inform the third Prince!”

At this moment, shouts came from all directions.

A few seconds later, hundreds of people gathered around Chen Xiaobei and Xuanyuan tuohai.