Chapter 1972

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Chapter 1972: The Demon’s Eye (2)

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“Master! This is bad! These people are the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards!”

Xuanyuan taohai immediately tensed up and stammered, ” “The Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards are extremely powerful, and they are in charge of managing the southern regions of the devil nation! Anyone who breaks the rules will be killed by the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” Quot; relax, they’re just a bunch of rotten eggs. They’re not even worth mentioning! Quot;

“Master! I can’t be careless!”

Quot; you may have a one-star earth-god instrument, but the head of the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards also has one-star earth-god instruments. With their earth-god level battle formation, they can completely suppress you! Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai said nervously.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and asked, ” Quot; heh, who told you that I only have one one one-star earth-god instrument? ”

Quot; this … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned and asked in disbelief, ” “How many one-star earth-god instruments do you have?”

Quot; I don’t have any one-star ones anymore. I have two-star, three-star, and five-star ones. Is that okay? ” Chen Xiaobei smiled, his heart calm.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Xuanyuan taohai’s eyes widened in shock, unable to believe his ears.

At this moment, Wang Xingren strode over with a sneaky smile. Quot; “You’ve committed a crime and you still dare to stop and rest. Let’s see where you can run to today!”

“Why should I run?” Chen Xiaobei asked with a smile.

“Numbing! Are you blind?”

“There are more than a hundred soldiers of the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guard around here, and the commander is here!” Wang Xingren said angrily. If you don’t run, you’ll be dead!”

Chen Xiaobei’s face turned cold and he asked again, ” “Then, do you want me to run? Or do you not want me to run?”

Quot; I … I hope you die!!! Quot;

Wang Xingren’s expression darkened slightly, and he shouted angrily,”You’ve made me lose all my face in front of 50000 slaves! Only by seeing you die can I dispel the hatred in my heart!”

“In that case, I won’t run!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were cold and murderous. Quot; “As for whether you can kill me or not, it’ll depend on your own abilities!”

“Little brat! You’re too arrogant!”

A middle-aged man in red armor raised his saber and roared, ” “I am the 3rd battle area Commander of the Vermillion Bird royal guards! The saber I’m holding is a one-star earth-god instrument!”

“The Warriors I brought here are all celestial phenomenon ascendants! They could form a one-star earth-god level battle formation! It’s easier to kill you than to kill a chicken!”

As soon as he said this, Wang Xingren suddenly laughed hideously.”You little brat! Did you hear that? With the commander here, you’ll definitely die!”

Quot; sh * t … Sh * t … I shouldn’t have stopped to rest … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai’s face was filled with anxiety and his breath was short. His body trembled slightly and his heart had already turned cold.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei raised his arm and threw a blood-red scroll into the air!

“The person who wants to kill me! I’ll definitely put you to death!”

Chen Xiaobei opened the scroll in the air.

The scroll was several meters long when it was unfurled. The front of the scroll was carefully engraved with the image of an Army charging at full force.

Although it was just a painting, it revealed the majestic aura of iron and blood.

It made the people watching the painting feel as if they were in the painting, and their hearts were shocked.

In the next moment, blood-colored flames were ignited, and the thousands of soldiers and horses turned into evil ghosts and skeletons!

They were like an Army of Ghosts from hell, fierce, gloomy, and full of killing intent!

It was as if he wanted to turn the entire human world into a bloody hell!

“Not good! That … That … That’s a two-star earth-god instrument!”

The commander of the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards screamed in horror as his pupils contracted and his body trembled.

“What? Two … Two-star earth-god instrument … How … How is this possible?!”

Wang Xingren’s face was instantly filled with shock. The sinister smile he had just a second ago instantly stiffened, and in its place was an extreme fear that struck straight into his soul.

Quot; run … Run … That kid has a two-star earth-god instrument … We’re no match for him even if we die … Quot;

The hundred Vermilion Bird guards around him were also trembling in fear.

Gasps of shock could be heard from the crowd.

At the earth immortal realm, even if it was just a small realm like one-star and two-star, there was a huge gap.

The moment Chen Xiaobei took out his two-star earth-god instrument, everyone’s hearts were already in their throats.

Everyone around them felt fear from the bottom of their hearts. They couldn’t even muster up the slightest bit of battle intent!

There was only one word in everyone’s mind-run!

The blood-colored flames had already descended, imprisoning every enemy in the surroundings.

The blood God’s deity-killing painting had already reached the level of a two-star earth-god instrument. Even if the commander of the Vermillion Bird royal guards had a one-star earth-god instrument, he would not be able to break free from the restriction.

As for the others, they couldn’t even move a finger, let alone escape.

“Oh my God … Master … You …”

Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned and swallowed his saliva. Quot; “You’re too, too, too, too powerful! A two-star earth-god instrument had blown everyone up! I’m so handsome!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “Stop flattering me! Do you dare to kill?”

Quot; this … Quot; Xuanyuan tuohai was stunned.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you dare?”

Quot; you … Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; weren’t you pretty bold when you talked back to the leader of the Wang family’s soldiers? ”

Quot; it’s not that I don’t dare to … Quot; Xuanyuan taohai said in a low voice, ” “I grew up in the slums, and I was too timid to live to this day! But …”

“But what?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Xuanyuan tuohai pursed his lips and said anxiously, ” Quot; however, once I see blood, I’ll become a terrifying person … Quot;

“It’s fine. No matter what you become, I will take good care of you!” Quot; don’t touch those people! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; you can take your own weapon! Quot;

“Yes, sir!” Xuanyuan taohai composed himself, and his gaze gradually became determined.

It wasn’t hard to see that Xuanyuan tuohai had been living a hard life since he was young. He must have been bullied a lot, and when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he would inevitably hurt people and even kill people!

At this moment, Xuanyuan taohai walked over and snatched the one-star earth-god grade saber from the commander of the Vermillion Bird Imperial Guard.

Quot; spare me … I was wrong … I won’t do it again … Please … Spare me … Quot;

Quot; no! Quot; the commander screamed, his face filled with despair. His body was confined by the blood-colored flames, and he could do nothing but beg for mercy.

“Those who want to kill my master must die!”

Xuanyuan tuohai’s eyes narrowed. He held his saber with both hands and slashed at the commander’s neck.

With a raise of the hand and a fall of the blade, the head was removed!

Hot blood spurted out of the commander’s headless body like a fountain.

In an instant, Xuanyuan tuohai’s eyes turned blood-red!

It was like a Demon’s Eye, emitting endless evil!