Chapter 1973

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Chapter 1973: Bloodline of the Yimo (3)

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Quot; uh … Kill!!! Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai unleashed a terrifying battle, his blood-red eyes locking onto Wang Xingren.

Quot; don’t … Don’t kill me … I don’t want to die … No… Don’t … Quot;

Wang Xingren let out a hysterical scream, and his crotch was instantly drenched.

Xuanyuan tuohai took a step forward, and the saber in his hand cut off Wang Xingren’s head in an instant.

Blood spurted out, splattering all over Xuanyuan tuohai’s face and body.

Immediately after, Xuanyuan tuohai’s body underwent a new change!

His skin gradually turned Scarlet, as if it had been painted red. It was extremely demonic.

His muscles bulged up like steel and rock, sharp and angular, containing explosive power.

Sharp claws grew out of his fingertips, and two demonic horns grew out of his forehead.

Quot; Yimo … That’s the Yimo totem of the ancient devil Kingdom … My God … How can a human become a Yimo … Quot;

“The Yimo totem is the highest form of faith for the demons … The descent of the Yimo … Could it be that the demons are about to rise from the ashes …”

Quot; help … Help … The Yimo are here … The calamity for the humans is not far away … Quot;

The hundred or so Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards in the surroundings all screamed in fear.

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

Xuanyuan tuohai had already turned into a ruthless demon. He wielded his saber and charged in all directions.

In an instant, the domain enveloped in blood-colored flames was filled with human heads and broken corpses. It had directly turned into a hell ruled by evil demons.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei had been observing the changes in Xuanyuan tuohai.

Quot; that old man Shen Ji from the earth-god Realm is indeed quite capable. He could actually predict that Xuanyuan taohai has the blood of the evil demon in his body! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei looked at it carefully and was shocked. Quot; “Xuanyuan tuohai’s speed and strength have increased a lot …”

[ding Yingying’s cultivation State: Solid body state. Lifespan: [1999 years]

“No way! After activating his demon bloodline, Xuanyuan tuohai’s physical strength had reached one million! If his cultivation becomes stronger, wouldn’t his physical body be heaven-defying?”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were wide open. Quot; this bloodline is truly terrifying. If I could also possess this bloodline, that would be too awesome! Quot;

Xuanyuan tuohai gripped his saber with both hands and charged at Chen Xiaobei.

The Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards were all dead, and Chen Xiaobei was the last target they could attack.

“You want to kill me too?”

Quot; this is … Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned and said, ” it seems that this bloodline not only defies the natural order, but also has a huge drawback! Once the bloodline is activated, it will lose its mind and won’t be able to distinguish between friend and foe. It will only stop after killing everyone!”

Xuanyuan tuohai was already right in front of Chen Xiaobei, as if he did not know who Chen Xiaobei was. He swung his blade at Chen Xiaobei’s head.

The power of the attack was immense. Even though Xuanyuan taohai’s cultivation was very low, the strength of his body and the sharpness of his one-star earth-god grade saber were more than enough to kill the defenseless Chen Xiaobei!

Of course, that was if Chen Xiaobei was not prepared for it!

Chen Xiaobei was very focused and had already noticed Xuanyuan tuohai’s attack, so he was not in any danger.

Chen Xiaobei’s left hand formed a claw and he swung it up.

Originally, Chen Xiaobei only had one million combat power.

However, when the primordial Witch King combat enhancement training manual was fully activated, coupled with his 1.3 million physical strength, his actual combat power was directly raised to 1.3 million!

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Chen Xiaobei’s left hand grabbed Xuanyuan tuohai’s wrist.

The overwhelming power caused Xuanyuan taohai’s saber to stop in its tracks, unable to continue slashing.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei’s right hand formed a blade with his fingers and unleashed 1.3 million combat power.

The hand blade drew an arc and struck the back of Xuanyuan tuohai’s neck with lightning speed.

Chen Xiaobei’s combat power was far stronger than Xuanyuan tuohai’s physical body. With a single blow, he knocked Xuanyuan tuohai unconscious.

After losing consciousness, Xuanyuan tuohai’s exploded muscles began to contract gradually, and his skin gradually returned to its original color.

When Xuanyuan tuohai woke up, he would turn back to that ordinary-looking young man.

“Son of the evil demon … Such a strong killing intent …”

Chen Xiaobei kept the one-star earth-god grade saber and looked at the unconscious Xuanyuan tuohai.

Quot; it seems that old man Divine Secrets’s prediction was right … If Xuanyuan tuohai is allowed to grow, I’m afraid it will really bring about an incalculable catastrophe … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows, and his dark eyes were filled with anxiety. Quot; “Since I’ve already accepted Xuanyuan taohai as my disciple, what can I do to help him change his fate?”

Chen Xiaobei had no idea what to do. He could not think of any practical solution with just two prophecies.

“If it really doesn’t work … I can only pry into heaven’s secrets …”

However, after a moment of hesitation, Chen Xiaobei gave up. Quot; “No! Second brother has Shen Gongbao as his backer, but he doesn’t dare to pry into the secrets of heaven himself. Instead, he uses the hands of the clay Bodhisattva to calculate!”

Quot; I’d better not touch this kind of taboo. If Shen Gongbao secretly causes trouble and brings me an unexpected heavenly punishment, it’ll be no joke! Quot;

“With the clay Bodhisattva’s cultivation, he should be able to calculate Xuanyuan tuohai’s fate! This way, I will know how to help my disciple!”

“As for the heavenly punishment, no matter how strong it is, it’ll be the death of my fellow Daoist! I have nothing to do with killing the clay Bodhisattva! Hehehe …”

Chen grinned evilly but quickly frowned.

Quot; however, there is still the biggest problem! Quot;

“The clay Buddha is working for second senior brother!” Chen Xiaobei said. It was very likely that he had already become second senior brother’s loyal dog! Even if I catch the clay Buddha, I can’t control him. It’ll be boring then!”

“Mm! I have to ask the celestial Hound first!”

Chen Xiaobei took out his phone and looked for Xiao Tianquan’s private message.

Chen Xiaobei-Xiaotian! Sky howling! Call for howling sky! I have something urgent to ask you!

Celestial Hound,”God Chen, what’s the matter?”

Chen Xiaobei: ” I want to ask you something. If a person had eaten Tian Peng’s dog food and I gave him another piece of dog food, would I be able to control him? ”

The celestial Hound,”no!” After the first piece of dog food recognized an owner, eating a second piece of dog food would be ineffective!

Chen Xiaobei: That would be troublesome …(Disappointed)

Little Tianpeng: “God Chen, don’t worry. There’s another way to take the loyal dog! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: (All ears)